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Three Eclipses in a Row


(As I publish this we are reeling from the tragic Boston Marathon bombings with the on-going reminder of this explosive Uranus/Pluto square.  We’ve had Mars in Aries in the mix increasing the volatility and danger of this transformational configuration.  In the light of this it behooves us all to go deep into our value systems with these next Eclipses and do the spiritual work necessary to continue the transformation towards greater love and unity rather than separation and destruction.)

Between April 25th and May 25th of this year (2013) we have three eclipses giving us a one-two-three-punch as we focus on our values (Taurus and Scorpio) and points of view (Gemini and Sagittarius).  I’m going to keep this article simple.  For more technical explanations of the phenomenon of Eclipses go to NASA.  For further astrological details and explanations see my articles on Eclipses in February, July, and August of 2008 especially.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 4-25-13


This first Partial Full Moon eclipse will occur in Washington DC at 3:57 PM EDT.  Keep in mind that Full Moon Eclipses are times when you can let go of the past.  Why?  Because the Moon (representing the past accumulation of stored memories) is being ‘eclipsed’.  Full Moons, in general, are good times to do ceremony or ritual, but especially during an Eclipse.

Eclipses generally are in alignment with the Nodes of the Moon (but not always!) This first Partial Lunar Eclipse shows Moon, Saturn, North Node all in Scorpio opposite Mars, Sun, Venus, and South Node all in Taurus. If you have any planet within two degrees of 5 Scorpio/Taurus, that energy is also highly involved.

Here are possible themes and polarities for this Eclipse:

Your sexuality and sexual relationships

Your money/assets and possessions and those you share with others

Attachments and Loss

The intimate connections between money and sex

Life and Procreation vs. Death and Regeneration

These are just a few of the themes implied in this Lunar Eclipse.  One suggestion I often give my clients that is simple to do on a Full Moon Eclipse is to write out everything you wish to release relating to these themes.  Spend some time carefully contemplating the depth of that which you wish to release.  Then burn that piece of paper.  Next write out everything you desire to bring into manifestation and place that list under a potted plant, vase of flowers, etc. representing something you wish to see come more fully into form.  This will be a good Eclipse for that simple ceremony with yourself.

Annular Solar Eclipse 5-9-13

On May 9th the first Solar Eclipse of 2013 occurs.  This is New Moon remember, so before you can move forward, something from the past must first be dealt with since it is the Solar light that is being temporarily over-shadowed by the Moon (the past).

This Solar Eclipse at 19+Taurus will emphasize for the next 6 months to a year the area of your chart where-in it falls.  If you have any planets in Taurus or Scorpio within 2-3 degrees of this 19+, they will also be emphasized in the year ahead.

Important themes involving Taurus are:

Appreciation and enjoyment

Fertility and Procreation



Your ‘gifts’


Use this Solar Eclipse to support the area of life represented by Taurus in your chart by focusing strongly on what you must first deal with from the past before you can move ahead into your future.  A good time to make some positive resolutions!

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This final Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of this series, shifts us from Taurus/Scorpio into Gemini/Sagittarius repeating briefly the last cycle of the Nodes in those signs which we left behind in 2012.

The Moon is at 4+ degrees of Sagittarius opposite the Sun at 4-Gemini.  Again, if you have any planets falling within 2 degrees of these two signs, they are temporarily being emphasized.

Gemini-Sagittarius themes may involve:

Reason and Revelation

Knowledge and Wisdom

Mind-set and Philosophy

Left brain-Right Brain



All (Gemini) is One (Sagittarius)

Because this Eclipse shows a T-Square involving Neptune at 5+Pisces, I suggest doing a serious meditation either by yourself or within a group setting to further contemplate the theme of Oneness.  How can each of us let go of separation and become more connected with the Oneness that links us all?

May each of you be blessed as you consciously work with these eclipses.  No one of them is particularly powerful in and of itself this time because the Lunar ones are considered ‘shallow’ and the Solar is not a total eclipse, but together in sequence they create a field wherein we can each accomplish a great deal of spiritual momentum in our lives.

April 17, 2013  9 Comments
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1 Elouise { 04.18.13 at 8:46 am }

April 25 eclipse finds North node in Scorpio.

2 Anonymous { 04.18.13 at 9:27 am }

Whoops! Thanks for the correction Elouise.

3 Vanessa { 06.07.13 at 3:50 pm }

Hi Genevieve…
Gosh these eclipses were hard! Especially the May 25th one, because it fell right on my birthday! Goodness! The theme of travel and relationship really caused an internal uproar for me. It sure made me pay more attention to eclipses from now on!

4 Genevieve { 06.08.13 at 10:44 am }

It’s so true Vanessa! People don’t realize how powerful they are, especially when lining up like that and/or hitting sensitive spots in one’s birth map. Thanks for sharing! Looks like big changes are coming into your life!

5 Vanessa { 06.10.13 at 8:10 am }

I feel that eclipses are like transits on steroids! Change is a funny thing really, it’s a bit like suffering culture shock. The biggest change that I had recently was that I moved homes, into a bigger space. I’m still adapting to my new space. I do see lots of change happening around me, in my friend and coworkers lives. I do have a question though: what’s your take on Neptunian transits and one’s sleep rhythm. I feel that with all these changes around me, and Neptune transiting my Natal Moon, I have felt so sleepy! 8 hours of sleep isn’t enough like it used to! So I’m wondering if change, all the eclipses and a long Neptunian transit really affects our sleep pattern and what does it mean to feel so sleepy when all around is change? I have some thoughts on this, but I’d like to hear your opinion.
Thanks for these lovely posts (and images!).

6 Genevieve Vierling { 06.11.13 at 12:52 pm }

I actually DREAMED about you last night!! So you’ve obviously triggered something in me around Neptune, sleep, and dreaming. Neptune is at the outer edges of going over my Sun, so many thoughts and images are circulating in me as well.

Yes, I agree that a Neptune passage activating your moon will require more sleep. There are probably many reasons for this depending on the aspects to your Moon, it’s house placement and even Chiron moving along in Pisces just ahead of Neptune now.

For some, Neptune to the Moon can impact one’s health and perhaps feeling ‘draining’. Obviously, the body restores itself through sleep. For others, Neptune may increase their sensitivity and therefore the unconscious needs more attention through the dream life. I know that people with Moon in Pisces are incredibly empathic and hyper-sensitive, as a rule. Now that Neptune is in that sign, Lunar Pisces people really need to pay attention and allow for more ‘time out’ to reflect, be in reverie, dream, sleep, and generally move into more meditative states. Probably dream journaling is called for in such times to take advantage of the messages arising from the unconscious and other dimensions of the soul.

I feel the lure of the unseen realms are calling you more now. You certainly wrote eloquently about Neptune in your article on the movie about Pi.

These are a few of my thoughts today on the subject. I hope other readers see this and respond as well.

7 Vanessa { 06.12.13 at 2:54 pm }

Hi Genevieve!
Thanks for the reply! How interesting about the dream! I used to keep a dream journal for a long time, but for the past couple of years, it’s been hard to remember them. But since I was a kid dreams have always been a big thing for me.
My natal Moon is in my 10th, conjunct my MC, squaring my Sun and Neptune, inconjunct Pluto. It also has a 8 degree conjunction to my Mars. So I guess no wonder I feel drained.
And you are so right about the sensitivity and the need for ‘time out’. I’m really feeling the need to have some down time and just be, because my mind seems pretty foggy at times. (I do have 4 planets in Gemini and my Sun and Mercury are getting the square from transiting Neptune.)
I have been trying to find ways to work with Neptune, but I’m finding that the Saturn vocabulary (work) just won’t do. However, using Saturn to help create a vessel for Neptune’s ethereal force is a way that I’m finding possible. In this manner, I do see how they can work together.

Yes, the unseen realms are calling me, but I’m still learning to trust their call, while helping my ‘saturnian’ self loosen the grip a bit.
Thanks again Genevieve! Great website and articles!!! 🙂

8 Genevieve Vierling { 06.14.13 at 10:37 am }

I would think the artist in you will now really move in new directions! I know my son, Benjamin, who has Neptune in Sagittarius in his third house says ‘My paintings are my sermons’. I hope I’m not misquoting him. Every painting says so much without words. Of course you are right; words can’t convey Neptune very well except through poetry perhaps. Even the dream world lends itself to working with the imagery in various ways other than just words and analysis. I feel that Neptune is so experiential and vast like the ocean and space, you simply can not pin it down to specifics.

9 Vanessa { 06.15.13 at 7:17 am }

I love this quote! Thanks for sharing. Yes, there’s something nonverbal about Neptune, and that’s probably why it’s so difficult. It invites us to BE and not analyze – hard for a Gemini. That’s where the surrender comes in. At times it feels its about giving oneself to this bigger process – whatever it may be. And by being fully in this process, that’s when the metamorphosis will happen – the artist’s will change, the writer will dabble in poetry, the stock broker will have a spiritual experience. This is all possible.
You are right about equating it to the ocean, because even when we try to explain our own neptunian experience, it gains oceanic proportions, because it isn’t made to be described in 144 characters, as our fast Information Age wants us to do.
Does your son have a website with his paints? I’d like to see it, if its ok.

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