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Capricorn Solstice 2013—Find Yourself Some Magic!

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!


Here from my perch on the Western slopes of the Sierras we’ve had our first snow and the nights are ever lengthening and it’s been brrr cold for the past week or so due to an ‘Arctic blast’ that descended upon us from our northern neighbor Canada.  I was loving the silence during the night of that first gentle snow fall, and the absolute darkness since my husband and I live far from town lights near the top of a mountain.

The Solstice in the Northern Latitudes brings such scenes into people’s lives while the Solstice in the Southern Latitudes may be the first beckoning of the descent into darkness.  Interesting isn’t it, living on this ball in space?  We are more and more in need of being aware of the polarity as our global village gets smaller due to the digital revolution and the inter-net.  What was once talked about as the longest night of the year and the coming of the light at ‘Winter Solstice’ isn’t actually true for those living in places like Australia.

Even so we are entering the time of Capricorn, the sign most associated with ‘the State’ and all collective structures and institutions designed to contain the individual.  This containment can be either protective or controlling.  We are increasingly witnessing repression of the individual as an enormous problem where human rights and justice are concerned in this modern hierarchical world.  I will explore these themes more in my next blog when, once again, the ever increasing Pluto/Uranus square becomes more and more intense through the first half of 2014.

For now, however, let’s find some magic in this special time of the year whether we enjoy the solitude that Capricorn can bring, or the time-honored traditions of gathering together as family with others to celebrate the light returning in the North.


This Solstice Chart shows a beautiful Neptune in Pisces sextile the Sun.  That’s a magical, mystical message!  It softens the effects of that high-voltage T-square with Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra squaring the Sun.  Let’s just focus on Sun/Neptune for a bit and find ways to relieve ourselves of stress and strife.  How about a float in a spa pool?  Or a walk in the woods?  How about a magical ritual in a loving circle of people you trust?  Then there’s dancing, music, poetry, and art to immerse oneself in.  Just find something for the rest of this month that brings alive the magic still existing in this world and in your own life.

I know this chart looks like a dazzling web of intricacies and paradoxes, which it is.  But that Neptune sextile the Sun is where I plan to focus to keep dreams of loveliness alive.  Just look around you, wherever you are.  Try to find the magic and beauty, because it IS still there.

Winter in the Sierras

Winter in the Sierras

With this theme in mind I’m going to present to you a wonderful new oracular tool that you can buy (or gift to another) for a pittance and use practically forever; that is, as long as we have cell phones, ipads, and APPs.  A wonderful client of mine shared this with me, and I’m delighted to share it with you.  It’s called Sourcerer (as in “Source” Energy).  Please go to the link and see for yourself.

Here’s a bit of background as to how it was created:  Back in the summer of 2010 Steven Knox and his friend, Steven Walker, met and began working on an idea, a nascent dream.  As Steven puts it, “Whenever we got together, we inevitably got on these huge topics of conversation about consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics, you name it.  We have always shared that deep connection for the love of delving into the realm of ideas and concepts that were more etheric in nature.

Steven then went on to explain to me that they first created a framework for the oracular messages they would be creating.  Steven, being a gifted artist, helped to create the image of an astrolabe (an ancient compass-like device used by astronomers and navigators to track the positions of the stars) with its three wheels/dials which a user can spin as they consult the oracle for an answer to their query.

The main categories of the first wheel are Love, Personal Growth, Friends & Family, Work, Finances, Health, Fun & Creativity, and My Environment.  The second wheel includes the sub-categories for each of the main ones, and the third wheel/dial encompasses the moods, tones, or aspects ‘of these ideas that are common for anyone who is living a Life in modern-day society (i.e. Change, Uncertainty, In the Flow, Clarity, etc.)’

Then the really hard, yet super rewarding, work began in which the two friends wrote all of the messages that comprise the ‘answers’ to the myriad queries posed by those of us who use this divination tool.  Voila!  Well, not quite so fast.  It took them three long years to complete this process, but during that time a deepening connection with their own ‘Source’ unfolded.  It was really during the editing and revising portion of their work that they began to experience… “an upliftment unlike anything else we’d experienced before.  We were being re-filled with the energies of the writing we’d produced, and experiencing all kinds of mysterious synchronicities manifesting in our daily lives that were all showing how connected we were to our Life experience and to Source and our angel guides and our Higher Selves.  We then knew that if we were being affected by the messages we had been writing, we also knew that our friends and loved ones would too.”

I can certainly vouch for that.  My husband and I consulted the Sourcerer, during the time we were snowed in, and found it to be completely inspiring and helpful.  I’ve been a devotee of the I Ching and other divining tools for multiple years.  This is one that I’m sure I will use again and again, and I encourage you to take a look and treat yourself to this easy to use divination tool with timeless wisdom.

Have a blessed Solstice and find yourself some magic!

December 14, 2013  5 Comments
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1 Tim Rubald { 12.14.13 at 9:07 pm }

Always lovely to pause with your offerings, Genevieve. A very blessed, peaceful, and happy Solstice Season to you and yours.

2 Sara (Sulis) { 12.16.13 at 1:44 pm }

Having been snowed in myself, I can sense the glow of magic you’re writing with here! I love that you acknowledge ‘the solitude that Capricorn can bring’ as well as ‘ the time-honored traditions of gathering together’, since the former is usually what I long to immerse myself in at this time. As I get older I become a little less uncomfortable about that, and the celebration of the winter solstice seems to support it too. Wishing you and your husband much magic there.

3 Genevieve Vierling { 12.16.13 at 3:00 pm }

Thanks Tim and Sara!
Yes, as we approach the time of Capricorn it does feel more natural to go within and bask in solitude. Modern life so often goes against the grain of the natural more earth-centered cycles. I’m gratified to see many returning to those more natural cycles however, and I know many who read my blog are in resonance.

4 Kate { 12.17.13 at 7:49 pm }

Not quite snowed in here in New England, but maybe 10 inches of snow the last week, and some fairly serious cold. Lovely post, thank you. Some neighbors do an annual solstice night bonfire where everyone writes their “grumps” on a piece of paper; all get put in a paper bag, the bag gets tossed on the fire taking last year’s grumps with it.
I am a natal Pisces but with a t-square of Mars 3° Aries, Uranus 5° Cancer, and Saturn 0° Libra (4th, 8th, and 10th Koch houses)– so I’ve been following your blogs about the various activities with great interest. I can vouch for power plays at work.
I’m also working two outside, retail jobs and desperately longing for the time when I was able to do my art at home and work with the natural cycles, as in your comment above. The inflexibility of the working world is psychically a serious detriment.
Take care and enjoy the winter peace……

5 Genevieve Vierling { 12.19.13 at 11:43 am }

Hi Kate,
You’ve given us a great share! My husband and I are going to do the ‘grumps’ list this year and toss it into our wood stove. I like that word better than ‘what I want to release’.

It looks as though the Cardinal Cross energies have pretty much finished with your t-square—-even Mars. So you can sit back and watch all those with the mid-degrees, especially around that lucky 13th degree, go through their changes.

That said, the ripple effect is felt wherever any of us have Cardinal planets for awhile longer.

I wish you good fortune in leaving behind the 9-5 world and doing what your heart tells you is right. Blessed Solstice!

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