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Mars in Libra for 8 Months! Part II

Celtic Mars by B.A. Vierling

Celtic Mars by B.A. Vierling


As you read this, Mars has already entered Libra for nearly 8 months.  In this article we’ll look at Mars in its relationship with some of the other planetary energies, especially those moving through the Cardinal signs:  Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Cancer.  Then we’ll move on to look at possibilities for you personally as Mars either supports or challenges your own energies.  We’ll look at the Mars Retrograde period, and finally the transit of Mars in the USA chart.

For a review of Mars in Libra, both its positive and shadow qualities, and how it impacts your own house/arenas, please read Part I published a couple weeks back.

First an outline of Mars passage through Libra now through July, 2014:

December, 2013:  Mars enters on December 7th and moves to 11 degrees Libra by December 31st.

January, 2014:  Mars from 11 degrees to 23 degrees of Libra

February, 2014:  Mars is now slowing down from 23 degrees to 27 degrees of Libra

March, 2014:  Mars turns Retrograde on March 2nd at 27 Libra 32 and ends the month at 22 Libra.

April, 2014:  Mars Retrograde from 21 degrees to 11 degrees Libra.  This IS the most critical month!!

May, 2014:  Mars begins Retrograde at 11 degrees, turns Direct on May 20th at 9 Libra 02

June, 2014:  Mars Direct begins at 9 degrees and ends the month at 18 degrees Libra.

July, 2014:  Mars now speeding up begins at 18 degrees and leaves the sign at 29 degrees Libra on July 25th, 2014.

Mars in relationship with the other planets
The most important relationships are going to be with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter, all in Cardinal signs.  These aspects are considered challenging and dynamic.

Mars in Libra is basically inconjunct both Neptune and Chiron during part of its passage. This is a waxing aspect requiring physical adjustments which will play out on the world stage possibly in terms of global and environmental changes, but perhaps also in terms of mass migrations of people displaced by wars, turbulence or increasing environmental catastrophes.

Mars in relationship to Saturn will be in its 12th house phase indicating release patterns of what can no longer be sustained or even endured (Saturn).  This alone seems difficult for the collective unless there is a greater resolve to reflect and become more conscious through spiritual pursuits.  The closer Mars moves toward Saturn the fewer egos there can be.  Saturn in Scorpio in its lower manifestation may desire absolute control.  Mars in this phase simply can not carry out that desire for renunciation and surrender are implied in this final phase before their next conjunction in August of 2014.

Mars square Pluto in Capricorn is also a waning square aspect implying the need to re-evaluate Pluto’s meaning and agenda.  As I mentioned in Part I, Mars in Libra encourages the use of diplomacy and mediation rather than adversarial actions when power issues are on the table.  The waning square aspect certainly encourages this even more.  The key periods of time when the aspect is closest to exact will be end of December, 2013 into the New Year, the second half of April, 2014 when both planets are Retrograde, and finally mid-June of 2014 when Pluto continues to be Retrograde, but Mars is finally direct.

What are some of the possible meanings when Mars squares off with Pluto?  The assertion of power with all of its possible obsessive/compulsive drives in tow could be one theme.  The eruptions of buried rage, long suppressed both in individuals and in the collective could be another.  The fight to survive may be a theme just as fighting to the death may accompany such a drive.  Terrible acts of sadism accompanied by fanatical extremism is a grave danger especially when fueled by the collective unconscious, and most especially when there is a desire for revenge or domination adding toxicity to the fires.

Ouch!  Can there be any positive actions or developments emerging from this Mars/Pluto duo?  While we are combining passion with intensity perhaps courageous acts where the will is engaged consciously may help to transform what has become corrupted.  Perhaps the development of decisive action based on right use of the will can access those deeper strata’s of immense and invisible strength to help right the wrongs now emerging everywhere.  Where are those invincible Souls who wish to champion truth and justice for all?  These will have to be brave warriors indeed!  There are actually many already active and some of the ones I admire the most are visible in Eve Ensler’s organization 1 Billion Rising for Justice.  Please try to read Zillah Eisenstein’s powerful article “Imagine a World with Justice”.

Mars opposite Uranus in Aries is considered a culmination phase; a full flowering of what began when Mars was in Aries conjoined to Uranus.  This cycle began back in March of 2013, but of course Mars will also be triggering the longer cycles of Uranus square Pluto and their current relationships with Jupiter as well.

Just in terms of armed conflicts and attacks there was plenty going on in March in Central Africa, and the Middle East especially in Syria, Israel and Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, and Afghanistan, even Turkey.  There were the increasing drone attacks in Pakistan, violence in parts of India, and conflicts in lower Malaysia.  The drug wars in Mexico were also in the news.  How will these conflicts evolve/resolve ahead?

The opposition will strongly occur at the end of December 2013, again towards the latter part of April, 2014 when Mars is Retrograde, and finally towards the last week of June, 2014.

What are some of the possible meanings when Mars opposes Uranus?  Certainly unusual speed can characterize actions and reactions.  Some of these actions may be uncontrollable while others are inspired and even guided by superb intuition.  There may be rebellious acts of violence, and there may be sudden highly aggressive and violent eruptions by both individuals as well as groups.  Certainly new technologies may be used to either violent or peaceful ends such as drones aimed to kill soft targets, or drones delivering medical supplies to difficult places.  The fight for freedom will certainly run its course both in the streets and city squares and in the courtrooms.  Mars and Uranus are a revolutionary duo; they are electrical by nature.  Sparks will fly!  Again, making love could be a whole lot more beautifully exciting than making war!

Mars square Jupiter will be in a waxing phase of high growth and even inflation.  It kicks off exactly in the first half of January, 2014, repeats with Mars Retrograde in the third week of April, and never quite reaches exactness again as Jupiter gains speed ahead of Mars by June/July.

Some possible meanings of this dynamic configuration could be further fights for ideology everywhere erupting like the ‘Holy Crusades’, or attacking the beliefs of others.  The urge to win at all costs may drive the stakes higher and higher as the players take greater and greater foolish risks.  This could also become manifest in how people deal with money and economics.  Bold and aggressive moves where the winner takes all could become rampant, especially when coupled with Uranus and Pluto in the mix.

More positive possibilities certainly do exist if there is no hubris involved.  There could be successful fights for higher ideals should the struggles for justice and human rights be fought both locally and globally through legal means. The greater the honest conviction, the greater the commitment to fight the good fight.  Promoting worthy causes may also gain momentum.  Even new innovations and becoming entrepreneurial have a high chance of succeeding during times like these.


I ran nine charts month by month starting with December 8th when Mars is solidly in Libra for the first time.  It’s not until January 1st, however, that we see the dynamic tension of Mars interfaced with the other Cardinal signs and the planets in them.  This chart shows extreme tension manifesting in tight oppositions and squares with an enormous stellium in Capricorn to give even more clout to the challenges facing all of us on planet earth.  My first thought is of Fukushima and the attempt to remove all those uranium rods.  Will one small company succeed in such a monumental task?  Why aren’t the nations of the world rallying to implore, convince, and even demand that Japanese pride capitulate for the greater good of all????  Shouldn’t this be a joint effort with the brightest and best scientists and engineers pooling their talents together to solve an enormous problem? This is one huge issue facing the planet and it is immanent!  I encourage you to go to Stop Japan’s Fukushima Censorship and join with others to put pressure on those who can help to turn this in the right direction.


The second chart worth showing is for April 22nd, 2014 calculated for Washington DC where there is an EXACT CROSS aligning at 13 degrees of each sign.  To truly go deeper into the meaning of this I highly encourage all of you to obtain access to the current The Mountain Astrologer December/January 2014 issue and read Tem Tarriktar’s most excellent article “Riding the Rapids through the Heart of the Uranus-Pluto Square” as well as Bill Herbst’s highly insightful article “Uranus-Pluto and the American Grand Cross”.  It is pointless to be redundant in what these two have so expertly stated.  We are living in momentous, unprecedented times.  We absolutely can not afford to sleep at the wheel in 2014 for the combination of all four of these energies is volatile, explosive, disruptive, and potentially life-altering in the extreme.

Mars aspects to your Natal planets/energies
Those of you with some skill at interpreting your own natal chart and tracking transits should have no trouble spotting the hot spots as Mars moves back and forth through Libra and triggers your own energies.  Pay attention especially to where the challenges are going to hit such as anything in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.  Keep in mind that the ‘hard/challenging’ aspects are the most dynamic.

We have a nice Saturn in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer going on to bring in some harmony and balance, but Mars in Libra will challenge that Jupiter.  Those of your with Air planets or Fire planets may benefit without as much stress the Mars in Libra transit, though again you’ve got to factor in the opposition to Aries and even out-of-sign aspects.

For those of you less skilled or simply not interested in the labor of calculating all Mars transit positions coming and going in the next 8 months I will be doing this for all of my clients in their regular sessions.  I will also be offering a special ‘Mars Report’ looking specifically at both Mars and the Cardinal Cross as it impacts your own life with an additional “Mars Transit Guide” accompanying it for your use with all Mars transits in the future.  This offering is posted under my Services if you are interested.

In general, Mars tends to move rather quickly along spending usually two months in a sign, so the aspects worth noting are usually the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions to your own energies.  This time around Mars will perhaps aspect a specific energy three times over the course of the eight months.  That is an enormous trigger!  In this case you may also want to factor in the softer aspects of sextiles and trines.

Mars Retrograde
Every two years Mars goes Retrograde in one particular sign.  This time it will be in Libra.  Two years hence it will be in Scorpio.  I’ll probably write another shorter article at the beginning of the Mars Retrograde period because by then we’ll have a better idea of what it’s all about.  As Mars retrogrades it is important to be more careful with how we use our energies.  We truly have to get more thoughtful and more reserved, OR we pay the consequences!

Please note that Mars moves very fast forward to almost the end of the sign before finally turning Retrograde on March 2nd at the 27th degree of Libra.  Then it moves backwards to the 9th degree before once again moving Direct on May 20th, 2014.  So March, April, and May will be the definitive months in terms of Libran themes.  Will right action, human rights, social justice, harmony and peace win the day?  Will peaceful movements and diplomatic channels further move use towards unity in a good and positive way?  Will we create a better world for future generations to come by harnessing our own good will and championing that which is the best of humanity rather than what is the worst of our natures?  We are all called to some form of action in the months ahead.  We can all be proactive rather than destructive or passive.


Mars as it transits through the United States map
I include the Exact Cross chart to show the arena where Mars will energize, trigger, and catalyze this nation’s chart.  We can see that it is going to be spending most of its time in the 10th house.  In Mundane astrology the 10th arena represents the President and his administration.  It may also represent the actual government itself.  This is also the arena of the nation’s reputation, credit and power.  So there’s going to be a wallop of energy going on in this field especially as Mars activates Saturn in Libra in the nation’s chart and squares the nation’s Sun in Cancer in the 8th house.  Again, please read Bill Herbst’s very comprehensive article for a much fuller assessment of the underlying meanings and implications of what is beyond the scope of this one article.

In Mundane astrology the Sun is also representative of the President, his cabinet/administration and even the judges in high courts (Supreme Court possibly).  Saturn, on the other hand, has come to represent land-owners and even farmers.  Hmm.  This country was first built by land-owners and small farmers, but is more or less now in the hands of big agri-business.  Saturn also represents mines, coal and industries connected with metals and minerals.  What about the ‘fracking’ industry?

What is going to happen as these areas get hit hard by both Pluto and Uranus and joined in 2014 by Jupiter and Mars?  What is going to crack, implode, get triggered, get blown up ‘bigger than life’ and become intensified with the stress of revolutionary changes beyond anyone’s control?  What indeed?  The United States is entering a highly stressful time and this will partially continue through 2015.  Mr. Herbst feels the orbs allow for basically all of 2013 through April of 2016.

With the nation’s Sun in either the 7th or 8th houses depending on house system foreign affairs, all relationships with other countries both friendly and hostile, including financial relationships are on the table.  What is exactly the United State’s reputation now in the greater world?  That will be triggered powerfully by Mars during the Cross line-up.  The most exact trigger aspects of Mars to the USofA Sun/Saturn will be January 4th through 8th, April 19th through the 24th (Mars Retrograde), and finally June 16th through the 21st.

I agree with Mr. Herbst that the illusion of democracy in this country is no longer the reality.  The plutocracy and its many secret layers have usurped most of the power of the people.  This occurred more swiftly starting in the ‘70s and most especially, I feel, when the transit of Neptune crossed over the nation’s Moon in Aquarius (from the late ’90s through 2011) and lulled the general population to sleep via the media and recreational drugs.

These next 8 months Mars will be hammering home all the messages of Saturn in Libra for an entire nation.  Is this truly a nation of equal rights for all where justice prevails irregardless of gender, race, or creed?  Libra seeks to balance the scales.  What will need to come more into balance?  Before that can happen, what will become more and more obvious that is no longer in balance?  We will be witnessing a great deal very, very soon.  Perhaps some of us will be called to take action as well both here and abroad.

I wish this could be a more joyful article.  I truly do.  But sobering realities are upon us all and we best roll up our sleeves and tackle whatever the task is that Mars will present ahead for each of us in working towards a more peaceful, loving, and —-yes! —-joyful world.

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1 Vicky { 02.28.14 at 2:44 am }

The information furnished in this website is incorrect. Mars is entering into Libra on 5th Feb 2014. It gets retrograde on 2nd March 2014 and on 26th resumes its forward motion and enters into Virgo.

2 Genevieve { 02.28.14 at 10:12 am }

Whoa Vicky! Not sure which Ephemeris you are working with, but Mars has decidedly been in Libra according to the Tropical Ephemerides I work with since December 7th, 2013. Yes, it does turn Retrograde on March 2nd, as I have correctly stated above, at 27 Libra 32, but continues its Retrograde motion right on to May 20th, 2014 when it will be at 9 Libra 02. How could it possibly move forward into Virgo???? Scorpio follows Libra, and Mars will finally enter that sign on July 26th, 2014.

3 Linnea Bowman { 07.24.14 at 7:47 pm }

Hello Genevieve,
I really enjoyed reading your article, especially now that Mars is in the verge of entering into Scorpio 0 degrees for a few days…I am hoping to receive a bit of a reprive with a libra stellium including Mars and moon..and yes nationally and globally speaking, everything you described has been documented in the news. When I looked for somthing that might validate current events, I found you. Thank you. L

4 Genevieve Vierling { 07.25.14 at 8:58 am }

Hello Linnea, and Thank You for your comments. Yes, you’ll fill the lifting of all that Mars pressure soon! It’s sad that on the world stage, Mars in Libra brought us little or none diplomatic solutions to the conflicts raging right now. The Collective patterns are very difficult to change it would appear. Hopefully, individuals who are evolving found this Mars energy helpful in tackling on-going relationship patterns.

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