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Posts from — February 2014

March Forecast with Kathy Rose

I’m including both of Kathy’s latest:  The March Forecast and The New Moon in Pisces



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February 28, 2014  No Comments
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Who’s in Charge of Your Chart?


This is a rather interesting question to pose.  You might say, “Well, I am”.  Perhaps this is so as you get to know yourself by living your life.  I am, however, posing a rather technical question relating to the strength and influence of the planets that constitute the energies of … [read more]

February 19, 2014  60 Comments
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Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces; then Back It Goes into Aquarius!


Three times a year we move through a time of Mercury Retrograde.  Here we go again, this time with Mercury at 3+ Pisces turning around and moving back through Aquarius until it once again turns direct on February 28th at 18+ Aquarius.

Because Mercury has also almost touched Neptune at [read more]

February 7, 2014  12 Comments
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