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New Moon in Aries plus April Forecast with Kathy Rose

It’s going to be quite the ACTIVE month!!




March 28, 2014  2 Comments
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1 Paul { 05.13.14 at 8:43 pm }

Hi Genevieve,
I would like to know how once can literally tell when the moon is in a certain zodiac sign. I know that the zodiac wheel never moves though the houses do every 4 minutes. Can you personally observe when a planet is in retrograde or something similar? If not, do you rely on old charts?

When I look outside I see the moon following the same ecliptic amongst the same constellations.
Thank You

2 Bluelightlady { 05.14.14 at 4:03 pm }

Hi Paul,
The best way to track the movement of the Moon is with a good ephemeris or even better a good astrological calendar such as Jim Maynard’s CELESTIAL GUIDE which is the one I rely on. Each day within this calendar lists the sign the Moon is in, the aspects the Moon is making for that day, the phases of the Moon, and whether it is Void of Course, and what time it is. This calendar has times for Eastern and Pacific time zones only, so if you’re in Mountain Time or another Time Zone you have to add or subtract the hours difference. Today, as I write this, we had a Full Moon in Scorpio at 23 degree + at 12:16 PM (PDT). Right at that point the Moon went Void of Course (v/c). It will enter Sagittarius at 10:44 PM tonight for us. Now that’s about as exact as you can get! So get yourself one of these calendars!

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