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Revisiting Neptune and Chiron in Pisces



With the Grand Cardinal Cross breathing hot and heavy at our backs you’d think I’d be writing about that!  However, since it’s still in the month of Pisces, I’ve decided to take another look at this long 14-year passage of Neptune presently accompanied by Chiron through this mysterious and oftentimes confusing sign.

We are seeing in the headlines, as I write this article, the story of the Malaysian Airlines that mysteriously disappeared in the wee morning hours of Saturday, March 8th.  Notice all the Neptune in Pisces phrases and words used to described this very sad incident:  ‘confusing and contradictory reports…..aviation mystery…….every new lead seems to evaporate…….the plane simply vanished.‘  Watch for other news stories that reflect this theme.  Remember, we are still working with Mercury moving through Pisces having first entered back on February 1st, and then turned retrograde back into Aquarius by February 13th.  Mercury will re-enter on March 18th and finally leave Pisces by April 7th, just in time for joining Uranus in the Grand Cross explosion.

For those of you highly interested in the Grand Cross and the coming Vernal Equinox I highly recommend checking out William Stickevers latest article 2014 Aries Ingress Horoscope:  Global Revolution Going ‘Full Throttle'”.  He is a mundane astrologer and quite the amazing researcher of historical cycles.  The article is long and thorough.  That being said, no one seems to really know what this Grand Cross will bring where the United States is concerned.  Lots of theories out there for sure.  For my individual clients I am seeing tremendous breakthroughs in spite of upheavals along the way.  So this Cross can really be a good thing for many.

The Fog Warning

The Fog Warning

But let’s get back to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces:

Neptune creeps along with a net gain of only about 3 degrees per year.  In 2014 it begins at 3+ Pisces, moves ahead to 7+, but ends the year at 5+ Pisces due to its retrograde phase between June 9th and November 15th.  Chiron is now moving ahead of Neptune from the 13th to the 15th degrees of Pisces.


Perhaps this is a good time to check your own birth map for planets/angles/asteroids at these degrees particularly in your Mutable signs and most specifically in Pisces.  These points in you and your life experience are being sensitized this year.  That quality is neither positive nor negative.  The force of Neptune is often felt as a loss of boundaries, greater permeability to outside forces, and a dissolving away of egoic forms.  The force of Chiron may further complement or complicate this experience through shifts into other dimensions as well as heightened sensitivity to that which either unifies or wounds.


When moving through Neptune’s realm you can never be sure of what is real and what is not as long as you are attempting to only use your five basic senses.  It’s like a hall of mirrors distorting the reflections you attempt to perceive as authentic.  The only way to navigate is to quiet down the stimulation from outside sources and go deeper into your own inner recesses.  Quiet your mind.  Go into stillness.  Perhaps then you will perceive what is true and real for you.  You see, Neptune is not of this realm and neither is Chiron.  Together they beckon us to connect with the unseen realms; what we may call the realms of the Soul.

With all the hoopla and distractions of this era it may be quite a challenge to separate ourselves from the maddening crowd, or the digital din of everything electronic which is basically now the realm of Uranus.  We’ve had over a century of what began as the conjunction of Neptune/Pluto in Gemini followed by the 60’s revolution of Uranus/Pluto in Virgo.  Both Gemini and Virgo challenge Pisces, and most obviously Neptune in Pisces.  With Chiron in Pisces we are experiencing a deep wound to the collective experience of oneness, unity, and mysticism.  This is a cynical time and age.  Fragmentation is everywhere as shattered dreams compound the misery and impoverishment of an age of alienation and compounding divisiveness.

Is it no wonder that the dark side of Neptune prevails for so many?  The dark side is escapism through addictions primarily.  These addictions may be sexual/pornography/pedophilia; gambling/frenzied stock trading/speculations; entertainments where escapism is prime whether ‘big screen’ or five to six hours daily in front of the ‘home theater’ screen; video games; alcohol and drugs.  Ah yes!  The drugs.  We are inundated with every conceivable pharmaceutical that keeps one in an altered zone yet disconnected from one’s Soul and core.  I truly see more wounds related to drug use than almost any other type of wound in my practice of late.


Our biggest collective addiction, however, is to Neptune’s OIL. We in the developed world don’t seem to be able to live without it whether in the form of gas for our automobiles, or in the form of plastics or other derivatives from oil that comprise our modern-day objects of consumption. Yet we know that fossil fuels are destroying our planet.  We know that.  Probably the reason our collective addiction continues unabated is because the producers and manufacturers of these energy sources and derivatives are still run by greedy people who care not a whit for developing alternative sources of energy until the last drop is dredged from land and water.  Of course we are seeing some progress in hybrid vehicles, solar and wind power, etc, but our corporate owned governments and leaders are still aiding those who profit most from oil products rather than saying enough is enough.  The Tar Sands oil/Keystone pipeline in the United States is a glaring case in point.

Perhaps Neptune in Pisces, along with Chiron, now says to us that we truly all are one.  We sink or swim together on this planet of waters.  We are on this space ship Earth together voyaging into unchartered waters as both the issues of Global Warming and Fukishima converge impacting all of us.  Where now can we escape to?


We know that Pisces is symbolic of that which is oceanic.  It was pointed out by Jeremy Hsu on LiveScience that Fukishima’s radioactive plume would reach the U.S. by 2014.  The latest I have heard is that April is the month when the California coastal waters will begin to receive radioactive cesium-137 (Pluto), and that this wave upon wave of contaminated water won’t peak until 2016.  This does not account for potentially more contamination should something further go wrong at the Daiichi nuclear power plant.

A Fukishima casualty

A Fukishima casualty

True to Neptune’s tendency, it is difficult to ascertain the truth here.  When you Google for Fukushima Updates, you get primarily ‘official sites’ going so far as to state that low levels of radiation may possibly be good for human’s health!  (We know that TEPCO is now making profit again to the tune of 772.90 billion yen in the last 8 months).  I suggest that you search through sites such as Greenpeace or even smaller alternative blogs to get a broader perspective on what is probably going on below the radar of the propaganda spin meisters.  Amy Goodman, for example, on Democracy Now interviewed the former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, who stated unequivocally that all Nuclear Power Plants should be shut down.  Period.  It’s too high of a risk he states, plus we don’t really need nuclear power as an energy source.

Another famous Japanese, Masaru Emoto, the author of healing water books, has an interesting YouTube video wherein he states, “It is the suggestions to plant a lot of hemp in the land of Fukushima.  Hemp is prohibited in almost all places in the world, but I am supporting the movement for hemp to revive…I think it has the…potentiality to purify the environment…I believe hemp fields will bring the eradication effect…So I would like to cooperate with people around the world…so we can advocate…hemp revival globally.”

But let’s move on to Global Warming where the water issues are further compounded.  We know the weather patterns are changing.  We don’t need meteorologists to tell us that.  I live in California where we have been experiencing severe drought conditions that are simply beyond the range of normal cycles here.  What we in the Sierras are concerned about will be forest fires this summer.  In Southern California enormous brush fires may threaten the expanded build-up of residences surrounding the Los Angeles basin.  Elsewhere there may be too much water.  We know the storms are becoming more extreme.  That’s the word—-extreme.

I found an article while searching the web by Josh Clark entitled Exactly what happens if we run out of water?  He gives some important facts such as only three percent of the water on our Earth is fresh water and less than one percent is freely available as clean, safe water to drink.  Gulp.  So with our increasing population boom and the added stress of Global Warming we are quite likely to have a future of water wars because ‘water is inequitably dispersed on a global level.’  Gulp again.  Water may become in the not so distant future a luxury item.  He does go on to provide some potential solutions such as desalinization plants, but this is an expensive way to go.  He even suggests that our food will have to be created in laboratories some day.  Yuck!  That’s not really the kind of world I would want to live in.

It is obvious that I have moved from the personal to the collective in my effort to fathom this voyage through Piscean waters via Neptune and Chiron.  The real question should probably be whether we as a collective can bridge and heal through peaceful unifying means the needs of humanity on a planet now deeply wounded by the destructive forces we humans have unleashed since Pluto and Neptune met up in Gemini back at the end of the 19th century.  The age of technology symbolized by that inception has also opened a Pandora’s box of ills primarily created by fossil fuels (Neptune) and radiation (Pluto).  I would like to believe that we humans still have a divine spark in us which will awaken in time to move towards healing and restoration of our increasingly fragile eco-systems.  We certainly have the intelligence and ingenuity to roll up our collective sleeves and tackle this mess we are now in.


If we are unwilling to confront these forces that are destroying our planet, perhaps Neptune is going to sweep us all on to another realm.

In my follow-up to this article I’m going to look at two Solar Twin Pisces:  Justin Bieber and Harry Belafonte.  Can you believe that one???  It’s a rather fascinating study of two Pop Stars; one whose life ahead is a ‘wait and see’ while the other has already set a sterling example of what a Pisces can do if they follow that ‘still small voice’ of purity and truthful conviction without compromise.

I may need to write a third article on the Spiritual Dimensions of Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and how, as individuals, we can take advantage of this passage.  Most of you reading this article are probably already working with the spiritual realm and I do encourage you to write in to share how you are using Neptune and Chiron in your own life to move closer to Soul, Spirit, and Healing modalities.

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1 Karuna { 03.15.14 at 1:31 pm }

Hi Genevieve~

I so enjoy reading your blog and sometimes find myself wishing it had a wider audience. Maybe Tem and Kate should consider using some of your “episodes” in the TMA. That would be cool.

It was a real delight to have a little time with you recently.
Much love, Karuna

2 Judith Carrell { 03.15.14 at 3:11 pm }

Wow, this is so true. Thank you!

You write:

“With Chiron in Pisces we are experiencing a deep wound to the collective experience of oneness, unity, and mysticism. This is a cynical time and age. Fragmentation is everywhere as shattered dreams compound the misery and impoverishment of an age of alienation and compounding divisiveness.”

I see this in my own deepest core with my emotional responses (at least at times) with what is going on globally.

At the end, and at the beginning of each day, I place my hands upon my body and channel healing. But I also “see” that I am a wounded surrogate for the Earth and for each living being therein. The shattered web that has caused this deep wound, may also be our hope and, also contain within it, our healing. Namaste!

3 Kathy Gibbens { 03.15.14 at 6:51 pm }

You are an awesome writer, Genevieve! I enjoyed the article and am grateful for the insights you share. Best regards! Kathy

4 Genevieve Vierling { 03.16.14 at 11:40 am }

Thank you both Karuna and Kathy for the kudos and encouragement, and another thank you to Judith for sharing from such a deep place in yourself. There is a growing consciousness regarding all the healing that is needed and how to go about doing what will matter the most. I am often in awe of the compassionate surge I see now.

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