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Posts from — May 2014

Your Forecast for June and New Moon in Gemini with Kathy Rose





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May 28, 2014  No Comments
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, Gemini is a good place to start.  This mercurial sign is depicted in all its glory and complexity right here without words.

Do you Gemini readers see yourself in any of the symbolism shown here?  Study it carefully, and if you do … [read more]

May 22, 2014  7 Comments
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“It’s Not Over Til It’s Over!”: The Grand Cross Energies that Linger On


How are you all faring having lived through the April ‘Grand Cross’?  Are some of you wondering what all the fuss was about?  I bet many of you, however, experienced some very definite changes; changes which I would characterize as break-downs, break-ups, or breakthroughs—-or perhaps a combination of any of … [read more]

May 13, 2014  12 Comments
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Kathy Rose’s Forecast for May (plus her New Moon/Solar Eclipse video)

Here is Kathy’s forecast for May!


Here is her New Moon Video for the Solar Eclipse in Taurus:



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May 1, 2014  No Comments
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