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Jupiter Enters Leo While Mars is About to Enter Scorpio


As I write Jupiter has barely entered Leo and Mars finally leaves Libra, where it has been since December 7, 2013, and enters Scorpio on July 25th. These two will continue to ‘square off’ ever so briefly before Mars forges ahead toward the end of August and finally enters Sagittarius by September 13th. Just be aware that an energy shift from Cardinal to Fixed is occurring and both the tensions and high energies of a Mars/Jupiter square will intensify in the Leo/Scorpio configuration.


Playful passion anyone?  Wouldn’t it be grand if this dynamic duo lit up your life with high energy in a creative and passionate way?  Life is too short to always be scrapping, warring, and in angst.  Why not try having more fun?   This may be my polyanna wish, but see where you can incorporate this while the energy is bursting to go somewhere.

If you have been striving to succeed in any enterprise, this energy may give you an enormous push or enormous resistance depending on how it aspects your own energies. You may feel bolder to really go for the gold in your life. If in conflict with others, however, the stakes may go higher. This can be the energy of holy wars and dogmatism par excellence, so be on the alert for those who are fanatical and intolerant. We can already seeing this coming onto the world stage between groups of people and nations. Inflamed emotional reactions will be high no doubt as certain conflicts escalate. Just think high energy quotient and be aware that it can move up or down on the scale from positive to negative.

Let’s break it down by looking at each in turn:


Jupiter in Leo is here to stay for nearly one year. I’ll devote an entire article to its passage just as I did with previous signs, such as Cancer. Personally, I would love to see this become a year when the child becomes a dominant theme, whether it becomes a year for children and their rights and safety, or a year when our inner child is encouraged to be supported both in playful recreations and creativity. All of you with strong Leo signatures will get the boost of jovial Zeus to gain greater confidence in your expression of Sun, Moon, or personal planets. Leo rising souls will also be supported to launch with greater confidence something that has been percolating while Jupiter was in their 12th house.

Let us encourage the more benevolent aspects of Jupiter in Leo which can be charitable and optimistic in supporting and promoting others. Warmth and kindness are needed more than ever to antidote coldness and cruelty. These are human choices, for Jupiter in Leo can encourage tyranny and despotism in those souls already filled with too much ego or the need for self-aggrandizement. We live in a time of extremes right now which we witness on a global scale thanks to our digital access age.


Mars in Scorpio will increase the passion and zealousness as Jupiter inflates. Mars is in its Dignity in Scorpio and thus a formidable energy with tough stamina that drives and drives with single-minded intensity. Again, it depends on the consciousness of the individual or the collective as to how this energy will manifest.

If you want to make strong gains and harness your will power, do it during this passage. You will have perseverance and strength if you know your goal and envision it well. Moving forward with resolve.  Staying the course is easy for Mars in Scorpio types, but all of us can benefit from this energy by accessing it during these next two months.

Again, watch out for dangerous, nasty people! Sadism abounds on this planet right now and it requires vigilance to be aware and pro-active rather than naïve and passive in the face of those who would rather destroy life than preserve it.

Mars will increase the sexuality of all Jupiter in Leo expressions for awhile. Passion with playfulness, passion with drama, and passion with creative expression……I’m sure you can think of other combinations here. This is not necessarily wild abandon however, because Mars in Scorpio is too controlled as a rule.

Obviously, I could keep going with possibilities here, but I do want to bring up the issue of global warming once again. Jupiter/Mars mirrors a potentially hazardous combination here in the West where drought is creating tinder-dry conditions for conflagrations over the next 2-3 months. In other parts of the globe it could be typhoons or destruction by water.

In conclusion, we now have two fiery planets in a fire/water combination. This is dramatic and volatile energetically so be on the alert, especially through approximately the end of August. On the other hand, have some fun!!

More on Jupiter in Leo soon….


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