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Saturn in Sagittarius; It’s Time to Refocus Our Aim


Saturn first entered the Tropical sign of Sagittarius just before Christmas 2014 and it won’t fully leave Jupiter’s natural realm until late December of 2017. It’s time to refocus our aim. Sagittarius is a sign which invites a quest, an adventure, and exploration. Where do you want to go next? What quest in your life demands a serious focus? These next nearly three years are years of opportunity to get your priorities straight and work hard to achieve new levels of excellence in your personal quests.


Sagittarius traditionally has several areas that quests, adventures, and explorations can take us on. The physical world invites an enormous range of possibilities from sports to travel to geographical explorations including the exploration of space and the universe. The intellectual realm invites all the myriad avenues of higher educational pursuits in colleges and universities as well as expanding through the publishing realms to read, learn more, or broadcast and teach more. The spiritual realm offers religious traditional paths as well as the more mystical and occult paths which lead individuals and groups towards the discovery of meaning in life. The emotional realm, less obvious in a fire sign perhaps, is decidedly whatever inspires, and motivates each of us to reach out and expand ourselves into the bigger world and universe that we find ourselves in. Sagittarius is made of fiery elements and it’s a place which may fire us up for more of whatever lights us up.

Saturn 1

Saturn is really ‘that old Devil’ which brings us to a gradual awareness of what it means to be in a physical body that is dependent on certain defenses to survive, and eventually will succumb to age and mortality. (See my two past articles on Saturn: Saturn in Scorpio: Teacher and Guide or Devilish Taskmaster?/ Feb. 2013, and Learning to Make Friends with Saturn/August 2013). Saturn can certainly be experienced as that which snuffs out our fire while in this sign. It may put some halts on too many inflationary and unrealistic expansions. It may also test for reality the beliefs and dogmas that we fervently hold dear. It is also quite possible that it could further fortify rigid dogmas and beliefs if we hold too much fear in our psyches.

I like to entertain the belief that each of you reading this are more evolved souls who want to use the energies available in an enlightened way. That is why I say that it is time to refocus your aims. Saturn is a solid energy to work with in organizing and structuring your pursuits in life. If you are going to school this will be an excellent time to apply yourself with discipline and perseverance. If you are attempting to master a sport these next three years will potentially bring you to a new level of mastery. What about that book you’ve always wanted to write? Dig in and do it. If you want to travel for business or to learn something, this will be an excellent time to do so. Your quests, adventures, and explorations can get serious now. Is there a spiritual practice calling you to devote more time and energy to it? What better time to apply yourself?

I have a lot more to write about, but I realize I have the next two years to do so. 🙂  I may just measure this writing out over time as I restructure my own aims in life. I’ve been researching the cycles of when Saturn was last in Sagittarius and these are the time periods: 1956 to end of 1958, and late 1985 to late 1988. If you are old enough, it might be worthwhile to review those periods in your life. I have begun to do that for myself to better understand this next period of time ahead. It’s interesting to note that Saturn dipped back into Scorpio in May of 1956 for several months just as it will do this cycle from June 15th to September 18th, 2015. You may find greater levels of meaning by noting the degrees of these Saturn passages as they impact your own natal planets. The older we get it feels like we need to reflect more to extract the meaning of the life we have already lived so that we may live wisely the years that are left. If you’re young and this is your first round with Saturn moving through Sagittarius, I suggest you enlist a qualified astrologer to help you to navigate the course ahead.

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign so all of you with strong Mutable planets or angles will need to see where the most discipline and structure needs to be applied. Those of you with Fire and Air planets may experience ease or opportunity from Saturn’s focus with the exception of Gemini which gets the brunt of Saturn in an opposition. I’ll cover possibilities with all the other signs in a future article. Of course, feel free to ask questions!

Here are the dates to be aware of for this year:

Saturn enters Sagittarius December 23rd/24th
Saturn turns Retrograde at 4+degrees Sagittarius on March 14th, 2015
Saturn re-enters 29 degrees Scorpio retrograde on June 16th, 2015
Saturn leaves Scorpio (for the final, final time!) on September 17/18th, 2015
Saturn moves from 0 Sagittarius (on September 18th) to 11+ Sagittarius by Dec. 31st, 2015

This means that any planets that you have from 28 Scorpio to 11 Sagittarius may be aspected by the transit of Saturn this year.

Here are future topics that might interest you which I will cover in the months ahead.

Saturn in Sagittarius as it relates to the other elements and signs
Saturn in aspect with Neptune
Saturn in aspect with Chiron
Both Saturn and Jupiter in Fire signs
Past Saturn cycles in the mid-fifties and mid-eighties
The role of Saturn in today’s world where religion and politics converge on an unprecedented global scale.
Examples of Saturn at work: at look at the charts of Bill Cosby and Pope Francis

May you aim high and straight!!



January 13, 2015  2 Comments
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1 Vanessa { 01.23.15 at 4:33 pm }

As usual a great article. I’m looking forward to the next ones!
As a Gemini, I have to say that with Saturn crossing over my DESC and opposing my Sun and squaring my Moon, I’m actually unsure yet as to will come out of this transit. For the next 2 or so, Saturn will be journeying through my 7th house. The energy I’m picking up is of ‘walking the talk’ and making a commitment to my vision/dreams. 🙂

2 Genevieve Vierling { 01.24.15 at 10:44 am }

Thanks Vanessa! You always make a wonderful contribution with your comments. I believe you and I are the reverse mirrors of each other. 🙂 I, too, will have a nice run with Saturn next two+ years. Saturn, for me, defines things clearly which I truly like. No fuzzy, fuzzy stuff! Yes, I better get going on the next follow-up article!

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