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Global Shifts and Awakenings



In my last article I addressed, once again, the Pluto square to Uranus which is intensely upon us as I write this entry. When we as a collective are under monumental shifts such as this, I am always on the look-out for news and information that bring something fresh and alive into my consciousness that I can grasp and work with. Vidya Frazier’s Awakening to the Fifth Dimension; A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift is just such a book.

Vidya Frazier

I have known Vidya for several years now and, believe me, she is a totally down-to-earth sort of woman; a solid Taurus. She has that quality of calm centeredness, as well as joyfulness that feels good to be around. I’ve been reading her book at night before falling asleep, chapter by chapter. It relaxes me and I fall asleep looking forward to processing through my dreams what I have just read. There are so many suggestions in this book on how to reach that feeling and state of conscious well-being that usually comes only when we are fresh in love and blissed out. She’s basically saying, “Why not have these experiences every day in every way for the rest of your life?” And you know something? I AM experiencing that state more and more in such simple ways as feeling joyful just to wake up in the morning and start a new day, or driving to work and feeling excited and grateful for what the road ahead brings me as I hum along in my ‘silver sprite’ Honda. Enjoying life and loving others is such a natural high.

Because of my own personal experience with reading her book and learning from it, I’ve wanted to share it with you as well. Here’s a brief interview with Vidya to wet your appetite, for I can’t recommend a better guide book for our time than this little gem:

Genevieve: Could you explain for the lay person what exactly the ‘Fifth Dimension’ is?

Vidya: This is a term given to a state of consciousness we are all currently moving toward at a rather rapid rate due to the phenomenon of Ascension that is taking place on the planet. It’s a level of awakened, heart-centered consciousness that many of us have known and lived in before, many, many thousands of years ago before what’s known as the “Fall of Consciousness” into Third-Dimensional reality.

It could also be called full awakening, enlightenment, or full consciousness. It’s a state of being fully aware of whom we are as multi-dimensional beings, living on many different levels of consciousness—a reality in which fear, separation, judgment, duality, and suffering are all absent. And love, joy, peace and harmony are all natural states of being.

The Earth, itself, as well as all of humanity, is moving toward the Fifth Dimension at this time. At some point in the not-so-distant future, wars will be obsolete. Harmony, justice, kindness and compassion for all life will be present across the planet. We will have entered what’s been called a “Golden Age”—a period of time the Earth has been in other times in the past whenever it’s entered the middle of the Milky Way, as it now has.

Since December of 2012, we have been living in the “Fourth Dimension”—which is serving as a bridge between the Third and Fifth Dimensions. Our time here will be relatively short—probably for a couple of decades. It’s a time that will involve a lot of rapid change and transformation—both for each of us individually and for the world at large. Old domination-based structures are beginning to crumble, and there will likely be a period of time in which there will be some degrees of chaos in many of the economic and governmental arenas world-wide before new, more-enlightened structures are set in place.

Many people, especially those who are part of the “first wave of Ascension” are experiencing a great deal of loss and a need to step—or even leap—into the unknown. It can be unsettling and scary if you don’t know the larger picture of what’s going on.

At the same time, it’s important to note that extraordinarily beautiful changes are also happening for many people. Awakening on all levels is occurring, and periods of unusual joy and peace are being experienced. New psychic abilities are showing up. Karmic relationships are completing themselves. People’s hearts are opening in phenomenal ways. All this is what is important to focus on.

Genevieve: How did you come to write this book?

Vidya: I have been aware of the phenomenon of Ascension into the Fifth Dimension for some time—both in my own personal life and in seeing what’s happening to others and to the world in general. But it wasn’t until last year that I quite suddenly felt the impetus to write a book about it. I say down and the book flowed out of me in a month’s time. The editing took another month. And the publishing, a third. I was stunned at how quickly it all happened. When something is supposed to happen, it happens!

Genevieve: You say it is “A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift”. Do you explain what this global shift is in your book? What are the best reasons for reading this guide right now?

Vidya: Yes, I go into detail about the Shift and what it involves. I describe some of what’s happening on the planet world-wide in a broader sense, but my focus is on what is happening within people in their individual experiences. There are many things people are experiencing which could be called “Ascension symptoms”, and I describe these. To read these, it can help you realize you’re not crazy!

I also offer many suggestions on how to “surf the waves” of the Ascension process—what to focus on, how to handle loss and change, how to hold any physical symptoms that may be occurring, and what shifts are necessary within your consciousness to make the transition to Fifth-Dimensional consciousness with as much ease and grace as possible.

If someone is feeling their whole world shifting, their relationships morphing, and even their actual sense of identity disappearing, the book can help guide them onto a path which feels more steady and firm. Many people have reported that they feel the book is speaking directly and intimately to them and have felt a transmission of peace and joy comes from the book itself.

Genevieve: What is your background in the consciousness movement? How did you come to experience and understand this ‘Fifth Dimension’ yourself?

Vidya: I have traveled on a path within the consciousness movement for over four decades at this point. I’ve studied and been involved in many different traditions and teachings, both from the East and the West—and I’ve taught classes and workshops, and offered individual counseling based on these teachings.

Back in the early 1970s, I first encountered the teaching about the coming Golden Age which would be starting to unfold after 2000, and this teaching always spoke to me. Somewhere within me, I positively knew the reality of this. It was as if I was remembering the point right before I incarnated this time in which I knew what I would be experiencing in this lifetime. And it also opened a memory of a time when I had lived in a Golden Age on Earth somewhere in the distant past, in which everyone was spiritually awake.

Back then in the 1970s, I don’t remember the terms “Fifth Dimension” or “Ascension” being used. But when I started encountering these words about eight years ago, the same memories opened for me—and eventually began claiming my interest and passion.

book cover 9-14 200

Genevieve: Where can readers purchase this book? How can anyone get in touch with you personally?

Vidya: The easiest way to buy the book is on Amazon—it’s available as an e-book as well as a paperback.

To read more about what I offer, I have two different websites: About Ascension Counseling and events go to   And about Quantum Healing sessions I offer:

I am happy to receive emails at  I am currently offering a free 20-minute consultation for exploring whether an Ascension counseling session or a healing might be helpful.

Genevieve:  Thank you Vidya!  I hope many will be drawn to read your enlightening book.

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1 Marion Culhane { 02.19.15 at 8:24 pm }

I’ve read Vidya’s book and thoroughly enjoyed it too!

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