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Total Lunar Eclipse April 4th, 2015


Following the recent Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th we can look forward to a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.  Note how this eclipse is tracking the lunar nodes with the Sun still conjunct the south node in Aries, and the Moon conjunct the north node in Libra.  This eclipse will be visible at moonrise from Asia, western Australia, Oceania, and the Indian Ocean.  It will be visible at moonset in North and south America, Antarctica, and the Pacific Ocean. (from Celestial Guide 2015).

Let go of the past.  That’s the message of a Lunar Eclipse.  Why?  Because the Moon is being blotted out, and the Moon is the repository of conditioning and memories.  So think about what in your life you’d like to release.  You may want to do some sort of simple ritual on the 4th to aid this process in your life.  On the East Coast of America this eclipse occurs close to 8 am in the morning.  On the West Coast it will occur close to 5 am.  Figure out the time differential for where you are.  You may want to work on this the night before or later in the morning after, just so long as it is within the approximate time-frame of the peak energies.

A simple ritual I do and suggest to my clients is to simply write out what you are ready to release and let go of, and then burn the list.  Watch it go up in flames—-poof!  Then write out your new intentions stating what you want to move forward with into your future.  Take that list and place it under something that is growing.  Some people like to take it right into the garden and put it in the earth under a growing plant.  You can also just place it under the pot of an indoor pot.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Keep it simple!


Aries versus Libra axis means that the principles of Self and Others have been a major theme with the Lunar Nodes moving through these signs for well over a year now.  With the North Node in Libra it is time to embrace others and honor their values.  It’s time to bridge from Self to Others in harmonious, diplomatic, and equitable ways.  Being overly aggressive and self-centered is not the way to go.

With Uranus still conjunct the South Node in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn in square to both nodes we are both witnessing and experiencing the mighty struggles to bring into balance right relationships.  We are witnessing and perhaps experiencing mighty power struggles!


Take a look at this Eclipse with the United States Chart and you can see the Moon exactly conjoining the US Saturn in Libra, and the Sun in Aries opposing it.  This Eclipse is also in square to the US Sun at 13+ of Cancer.  Just watching the unfoldment of power issues in this country gives you a good lesson in how these eclipses manifest.  Fairness and justice are major themes right now with rising tensions between opposing forces ever on-going.  Extremism is on the rise again, so watch for where you see a more Libran approach being taken.  Who will have the courage to be more inclusive rather than exclusive?

Cardinal signs are always about relationships.  We’re still learning how to walk in balance in all of our relationships: with our own self, (Aries) with those who care for us and as well as whom we care for (Cancer), with our beloveds, our partners, and all of our 1:1 relationships (Libra), and finally with the collective of which we are part of, or for whom we have social responsibilities for (Capricorn).  This Total Eclipse right in the middle of Aries/Libra is one more reminder to be mindful of what constitutes right relationship.

Let’s discover a new reality of beauty and harmony together with all of our relationships!  Let’s use this Eclipse to punctuate our intentions!


March 27, 2015  2 Comments
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1 chandelle { 04.01.15 at 10:12 pm }

How do we go about in ‘punctuate our intentions’?
How can we figure out how to be mindful of what constitutes right rrelationship? And how is ‘This Total Eclipse right in the middle of Aries/Libra is one more reminder to be mindful of what constitutes right relationship’?

My business parpartner and I have been doing moon rituals for our business building and self work. If you have any tips. Or educative reads so we can understand the lingo and or the moons etc… Ease do share. And thank you for your beautiful contribution.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 04.06.15 at 3:57 pm }

Dear Chandel, I may have to respond some more to all your great questions once I’ve researched a bit. Getting in touch with intentions and ‘punctuating them’ requires engagement with your WILL. It’s certainly important to be mindful of each exchange with others to see where you are in balance and where you are not when it comes to relationships. This last Eclipse brought home for me the awareness of what I need to do to take care of myself (Aries) as well as being in relationship with others (Libra). Both sides of the polarity need to be acknowledged and honored I feel.

Good for you in doing Moon rituals with your business. There are good books on the Moon. One of my favorites is by Demetra George entitled, “finding Our Way Through The Dark”. There’s also Donna Cunningham’s classic “Being A Lunar Type in a Solar World”. The ‘We Moon’ Calendar has a great guide for working with the moon through-out the year. I work with Jim Maynard’s ‘Celestial Guide 2015’. Not sure where you guys are living. Let me know! Depending on the nature of your business you’ll need to know which Moons are compatible. I know in my business, I prefer to work alone when the Moon is in Gemini, for example, because I get alot done. If I’m with people, we talk too much! Just pay attention to the Moon signs that you and your partner are compatible with and which ones you have more of a challenge with. Pay attention to New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter as well. See how you are with each, and how your business does. If it is a retail business pay attention to when the best phases are for sales, etc. Make it a fun game! Hope this helps for now. You can always write to me privately as well if you don’t want to share certain personal information publicly.

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