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Glorious Venus in Leo!


Since early June we’ve all been experiencing Venus in Leo and she will continue to lend her grace to our lives until she finally leaves on October 9th. That’s a full four months of opportunities to shine! She begins her journey as the evening star, shining immediately after sunset, and ends her passage through the golden sign of Leo as the morning star, visible before sunrise. She just conjoined Jupiter exactly on July 1st, blazing brightly for several days before and aft, though July 1st was also a Full Moon.


What are the most outstanding qualities of Venus in Leo? Watch a few episodes of ‘The Borgias’ and you’ll see for yourself the epoch of High Renaissance in Italy that epitomized both the glorious and infamous style of this signature: Beauty on a lavish scale, often demonstrated for the sake of effect;  passions from the most exquisitely erotic to the most depraved; pride and self-confidence in abundance manifesting as magnanimity or narcissism; artistry on every level from architecture to the fine arts to the design and craft arts, including the clothing of Nobility, Courtesans, Cardinals and the Pope himself.  And don’t forget the excessive cost of it all. This era expressed intensity and pride in life and love, in death and hate— all of it.

Are we seeing this range today? Of course we are. We live in a time of extremes and Venus in Leo can glorify both ends of the spectrum. Remember, Venus is about VALUES. In Leo these values can run the gamut from the highest to the lowest denominators of consciousness. Irregardless, Leo is about shining and exteriorizing the energy. Leo doesn’t like to hide out unless it is wounded or has been humiliated. Venus here through early October will want to radiate.


So where in your life wheel is this going to manifest? Look to the house where Venus is passing through to find that out. Do you have planets in Leo, and aspects from other energies to those planets? Venus will add her energy now to your patterns.  As you can see from the above transit wheel for the United States, Venus is still closely conjunct Jupiter on July 9th in the USA 9th house indicating the beliefs, laws, and philosophy of this nation.  I see it is presently opposite the Moon in Aquarius, sextile Mars in Gemini, and inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  A major theme seems to be emerging now over human rights and the African-American right for equality.  The legacy of slavery continues as a dark shadow on this nation’s conscience and Venus/Jupiter may be shining some light on what values are important now, 240 years since the inception of this ‘land of the free’.

Bree Newsom

Bree Newsom

 Bree Newsom is a shining example of the new Venusian woman who stands for justice in such a land.

What are the highest manifestations of Venus here? Jeff Green says it’s about ‘deep and intense inner focus desiring absolute creative self-actualization’. Ronnie Dreyer in her book Venus says it’s about ‘unabashed passion, spontaneity, and joy’. Is it time for a ‘Magnificent Love’? Say yes to warm-heartedness, generosity of spirit, self-confidence, and your own artistic talents!  Say yes to your optimism, enthusiasm, and simply feeling good!  Say yes to the radiant child within who wants to come out and play more!  Say yes to keeping romance alive!

Roger Ramsaur with Bali children

Roger Ramsaur with Bali children

And how can we avoid the pitfalls of lower consciousness? By acknowledging that we are part of a larger group, community, society, and global spectrum we will avoid being too self-centered. Then we can unleash our immense creative powers to joyfully participate in that whole. A good example I’d like to share is a loving enterprise started by two young men in the town where I live: OfferingsWholesale and The Innocent Garden Project, founded by Roger Ramsaur and River Jensen. The best way to learn about their generosity of giving is to watch some of their YouTube videos explaining their work in both Bali and Napal.  Leo rules children, among other themes, and the work they are doing in Bali for these underprivileged children is truly inspiring and yet another way to bring the best out of Venus right now. If you buy products made in Bali you are contributing, for example.

I love to see how new enterprises are flourishing as people get creative and innovative with Venus, planet of enjoyment and money. Any business you begin now will have Venus in Leo. Think about that! But try to get that business started before she goes Retrograde.

So here’s the time-line and dates to be aware of, acknowledging that these are approximate depending on where you are on the globe:
Venus entered Leo June 6th
Venus enters Virgo at 0 degrees on July 19th
Venus turns Retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th
Venus re-enters Leo at 29 degrees Retrograde on August 1st
Venus turns Stationary Direct at 14 Leo 25 on September 6th
Venus finally leaves Leo, entering Virgo on October 9th

Want to know some famous people born with Venus in Leo?


They run the gamut from Pamela Anderson


to Mother Theresa. There’s no shortage of actors and actresses: Lindsay Lohan and Sylvester Stallone with Suns in Cancer; Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Radcliffe with Suns in Leo; Salma Hayek, Greta Garbo, and Lauren Bacall with Suns in Virgo; and Gwyneth Paltrow and Clive Owen with Suns in Libra.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

The musicians I found are Selma Gomez and 50 Cents with Suns in Cancer; Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Niall Horan with Suns in Leo, and Amy Winehouse with Sun in Virgo as well as Glenn Gould with Sun in Libra.


Others of note in the entertainment, arts, and design fields include Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurant, and Coco Chanel with Suns in Leo, Dr. Phil with Sun in Virgo, and Barbara Walters with Sun in Libra.


World Leaders include Julius Caesar and George W. Bush with Suns in Cancer, and Louis XVI and Segolene Royal with Suns in Virgo. Ms. Royal is a more exemplary example of how Venus in Leo can shine for common good. Ms. Royal, born September 22, 1953 in Dakar, is now the Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in France. She has also been the first woman in France to be nominated by a major party. Her accomplishments are extensive including having served as Minister of Environment, Minister of School Education, Minister of Family and Children, as well as Disabled persons. She has been bold and uncompromising (more Leo words) in her advocacy for human rights, and especially those of women and children.



With Venus emboldened by her conjunction with Pluto, I’m not surprised.

In her own words (taken from random quotes): “I am profoundly shocked (after reading statements by Pope Benedict XVI which claimed that the distribution of condoms will not stop the spread of AIDS)…..the responsibility of any religious leader is to defend the principle of life, and certainly not to urge human beings towards their deaths.”
“There is a strong correlation between the status of a woman and the state of justice or injustice in a country.” And regarding the LGBT movement: “…opening up marriage to same-sex couples is needed in the name of equality, visibility and respect.”


How many ways can Venus now shine in Leo? Counting the ways can and should be fun and enlightening. To encourage your own awareness of wherever Venus is in your life, here are some ways to get more acquainted with this planet whose glyph is the circle of spirit elevated above the cross of matter:

Write down a list of I likes……..
Write down a list of I appreciate….
Write down a list of I find attractive…

You may also want to write down a list of ‘I dislike….
And you can even go further by writing down a list of I find repulsive….



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1 Vanessa { 07.09.15 at 1:52 pm }

As always a thought provoking and rich article. Great examples too! Interesting that the theme of JOY has been on my mind for some months and with this transit, it’s feeling even more emboldened. 🙂

I hope this is a time for us to bring forth the positive aspects of Venus in Leo.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 07.09.15 at 10:06 pm }

Yes Vanessa! I couldn’t agree more that we need true Joy now more than ever.

3 Lisa Nigro { 07.09.15 at 5:08 pm }

A wonderful, inspiring article- thank you Genevieve!

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