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Astrology and Money


With Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all lined up in Virgo it seems like a good time to look at the themes of money within the hallowed halls of astrology. A simple topic this is not! I wish I could give you a nice neat formula to follow in understanding how you can find money through the use of astrology. Clients come to me asking about their finances and each one is unique requiring my own sleuthing skills and analysis to synthesize the many factors that comprise a complete picture of potential and actualization through the natal chart, and then progressed and transiting cycles.

There are now a host of financial astrologers out there with the ways and means to get rich using astrology. Pick and choose one carefully if you’re interested in the stock market. I have a large stack of books on the topic.  There are countless web sites as well.  With today’s changing world it’s no longer as simple as looking at Saturn/Bearish and Jupiter/Bullish markets.  Like the chaos theory in physics, our world is changing rapidly and the financial markets are super Uranian even as well as Neptunian.  Nothing seems to be as it appears anymore!  Lord Pluto can vouch for that.


What I will do in this short article is give you a few tips gleaned from one of the best, Lois M. Rodden. She wrote a comprehensive book entitled ‘Money, How to Find it with Astrology’ back in 1994 and I haven’t found a better personal resource guide on the subject. Ms. Rodden was the data gathering astrologer whose legacy benefits us all with her web site Astro-databank. She was a pragmatic astrologer giving tips on work, career and money in her 253 pages of sound advice culled from years of experience and observation.

Here are but a few of those tips which I am paraphrasing.

Tip # 1: Fire-Earth is the best $ maker combination with Earth-Water a close second. Fire gets creative and enthusiastic about practical Earth ventures. Water senses the emotional needs for security that Earth provides.

Tip # 2: Use the Equal House System when looking for money matters in the natal chart. The mundane patterns of life stand out more graphically with this system. The MC (Midheaven) is always included even if the 10th house cusp is different because it indicates the public persona or reputation whereas the 10th cusp shows the life path.

Tip # 3: The closer the ASPECT, the stronger the influence. Here’s a list with my short-hand explanations:

Conjunction: Prominence (like the Sun)
Opposition: Maximum (like Saturn). Both planets demand attention and resolution simultaneously.
Square: Obstacles (like Mars). This aspect implies tension and challenge; desire and stress with the motivation and drive to overcome.
Trine: Luck (like Jupiter). Rewards come easily.
Sextile: Opportunity (like Venus). Pleasant
30 degrees: Growth (like the Moon)
Semi-square: Friction (like Mercury). May show where we vacillate
Sesquisquare (135 degrees): Disruption. (like Uranus). May suddenly break-up and reform in a new compound.
Quincunx (150 degrees): Adjustment (like Neptune). Nebulous and subtle situations often requiring re-calibration.
Parallels of Declination: Intensity (like Pluto). ‘What we see is the tip of the iceberg.’ where these energies are applied.
Tip # 4: Work
Employment requires looking at your 6th house and Mercury placements
Self-employment requires a study of your Sun and Uranus especially with Mars, Pluto, and Saturn also needing to be factored in especially if any are posited in angular houses.
Unemployment is a 12th house theme. Why? Because ‘financial reward is neither the reason nor goal of 12th house activity.
Planets in the 6th house. These are indicators of every day life and work dealing with mundane realities primarily.

Tip # 5: How do we feel about money? Our financial attitude is indicated by Venus and the Moon and then perhaps the Ascendant and Sun signs. Venus, however, is the key because she is the natural ruler of the 2nd house of resourceShe shows us what we are attracted to and how we attract.  She shows what gives us pleasure, what we truly enjoy.  She is the key to what we value.

The Moon shows what we instinctively need to feel safe and secure. It is an ever present influence guiding our habits and feelings about possessions as shown by its position and aspects. As Ms. Rodden states, “The damaged child may spend a lifetime trying to satisfy a hungry Moon.” I’ve seen this is some of my wealthier clients whose childhoods were marked by neglect or abuse.

Below are the lists with additional comments.  I am also including examples from the super wealthy class because their charts are readily available to study publicly.

Moon or Venus in Aries = Here we have a pragmatic and self-determined money sense. There is a desire to keep things moving, improve one’s position, and stay independent in making money and working with initiative. I think of a local acupuncturist who is an astute business woman with her combo of Sun in Pisces and Venus in Aries. Naturally, she is her own boss!

Moon or Venus in Taurus = These people can be good managers aware of fiscal realities. They may be practical and materialistic. Their security needs are strong and they tend to hang on to their money. They enjoy the good life without ignoring the bottom line in business matters. I think of a wonderful Cancer Sun sign coach who loves to help people achieve their ‘next step’ in business with her Venus/Mars conjunct Taurus in her 10th house.

David Koch

David Koch

Moon or Venus in Gemini = Here are people who may gain from lucky breaks or lose from gullible persuasion. They have a need for variety so may be less stable perhaps experiencing the ups and downs of life financially. Multiple career changes can show up, especially if the Sun is also in Gemini. Here we see a tendency to be poor at savings and better with investments. Certainly David Koch with his Saturn/Sun/Uranus in Taurus and Mars/Venus in Gemini illustrates the ability to accumulate vast wealth through his diversified companies and investments.


Moon or Venus in Cancer = These are people who generally like to hold on to their money and make it grow. They may have gained financial assistance from family members or through marriage. They are often drawn to interact with the public and know how to appeal to public tastes. Cancer connects with women, children, real estate, foods, and many of the basic necessities of life. But the lunar influence shows a phasal nature where money can fluctuate like the tides; sometimes in, sometimes out. An interesting example of Venus in Cancer is Meryl Streep whose chart shows many other indicators of outstanding success. With Venus in her 12th house she probably values her privacy so that, in spite of her fame, her fortune has afforded her the luxury of maintaining that privacy whatever the cost.

Moon or Venus in Leo = We’ve just had this past summer a rather spectacular display of what both together can display combined with Jupiter in Leo for both love and enjoyments whether we could afford it or not. Grand generosity is possible with either placement, but so is the ability to manage money. Discretion is usually shown, however, by those with large wealth. They don’t, as a rule, disclose their net worth. The people I have known privately with these signatures are super generous even as they are good managers of their assets. I haven’t seen the gambling instinct in them, but this is considered another characteristic.


Moon or Venus in Virgo = By contrast to Leo, this is a modest sign and these are possibly people who are good at handling fiscal details and all manner of data. They may love bargains. Ms. Rodden states that they are better as supportive workers rather than bosses, but I have three examples from the top ten wealthiest people in the United States who refute that premise. Larry Ellison of Oracle presently worth 54.3 billion has a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo along with Chiron/Mercury/Mars also conjunct in Virgo. Pow! He has a power chart all right with Moon combust Pluto in Leo and Sun in Leo as well. Attention to detail is probably one of his fortes. We have a family friend who helped to build an authentic Japanese Tea House on an island of one of his estates here in Northern California. Everything was hand-crafted to perfection. Certainly Ellison has that Fire/Earth combo in spades.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch

Another example is Charles Koch worth 42.9 billion with his Venus in Virgo close to Neptune semi-square his Sun in Scorpio and square his Chiron in Gemini. One wonders what his vision entails since so much of his chart is criss-crossed with trines and sextiles. He has been blessed in this life with ease and opportunities. Has he given back in kind? What does this man value???? He has the classic Earth-Water combo which shows many many secrets kept hidden in his lair.


The final example is Sheldon Adelson that gambling casino tycoon, again with Neptune/Venus conjoined in Virgo and Venus widely conjoined with Jupiter in Virgo as well. He’s a Leo. Note that Venus in Virgo can team up with two fixed signs. When it is Leo, Venus is the evening star and Mr. Adelson gives his heart last to whatever he determines is necessary to accumulate more wealth, now at 31.4 billion strong.

Warren Buffett the Worlds 3rd richest man still lives in the same house he bought the home in 1958 for $31,500.

Venus or Moon in Libra = Beautiful objects and the ability to buy them is often seen in people with these signatures. They may also find a life of ease more important than the stress of pursuing a living, though I have examples to refute that assertion. My own Mother had Moon in Libra and she worked hard her entire life as a teacher, though I must say she knew how to create a beautiful home and was always dressed elegantly. I have found in my own practice that a lot of interior designers have this signature or Sun sign in Libra. Attractive and stylish are the key words in terms of what these people will spend their money on. Often a measure of luck from family, mate, or friends may come into play in their lives. But here’s an example that makes one smile coming from our top billionaire’s club: Warren Buffet has Venus in Libra at the very top of his chart. He’s a Sun/Neptune Virgo with Moon in Sagittarius. Yes, he’s worth 72.7 billion by today’s count. Does he enjoy style, art, attractive surroundings? Not by the looks of his modest home. (relative to his vast wealth, that is!) Something else motivates this man and we’d have to look deeper into his chart to see that Uranus opposes Venus and Pluto/Jupiter in Cancer square it. He probably enjoys the process, the action of it all, as well as the social position it affords him as patriarch of an American made empire.


Venus or Moon in Scorpio = Can indicate people who are beneficiaries of the goods and labor of others through marriage, loans, family business or even under cover deals. I’ve known a few with these signatures all right. They might have an undeclared reserve or a hidden income source. They can be shrewd managers of their own funds. Bill Gates comes to mind with his 79.2 billion not entirely made by his own efforts. He is a Scorpio with Venus conjoining Saturn in Scorpio and he also has the drive of an elevated Moon in Aries.

Liliane Bettencourt

Lilliane Bettencourt also has Moon in Scorpio and has benefited greatly from her family-run L’Oreal cosmetic empire.


Venus or Moon in Sagittarius = These folks may show money luck, or even the cliff-hanger aspect where money comes through at the last minute. They may know a lot of affluent friends and work with or for wealthy people. They probably spend generously when the money is there, but are not considered the best managers. Like all Jupiter signatures, they can be indulgent and extravagant, living beyond their means, though I have known types with strong Taurus or Scorpio to be more stable. What I find is that they like to spend money on traveling, and advancing their education. Money may buy them freedom. Warren Buffet has his Moon in Sagittarius trine his Uranus in Aries.


David Bezos also has Moon in Sagittarius in sextile to his Venus in Aquarius. Amazon started out with books (Sagittarius) and now encompasses a vast array of products (Aquarius). Lilliane Bettencourt has Venus in Sagittarius and her brand name is decidedly international.


Oprah Winfrey has the same signature as David Bezos (Moon in Sagittarius/Venus in Aquarius) and her media empire thrives on dispersing information and products related to education/books and now spirituality (more Sagittarius). I find that in regular folks either signature supports a free spirit where money matters are concerned, as well as an optimistic attitude!

Venus or Moon in Capricorn = Highly organized and tight financial managers are found here even though some may experience Saturn periods of restriction or even poverty teaching them the importance of money. They like to spend on quality. They may even translate money into position and status. Basic security may be property ownership or collectors items. Charles Koch has Moon in Capricorn in great sextiles to both his Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces, as well as trines to Neptune in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. Accumulation of vast wealth through basic resources keeps him grasping for more. (Jupiter trine Pluto).  Being a public servant and serving the good of the whole is what I also see in some of the people that I know with either of these placements.  These are people who take extra care in their responsibilities.

Venus or Moon in Aquarius = There is often a contradiction of extremes showing up here with big wins and drastic losses possible. These people might be materialistic and shrewd in business. They might even be brilliant, but they will do it their own way preferring to spend their money on interests rather than necessities. They may also ‘let someone else worry about money’. Oprah and David Bezos both have Venus in Aquarius while Sheldon Adelson has the Moon in Aquarius opposite his Sun in Leo with Mars making a nice trine to the Moon and a sextile to the Sun. Certainly the people who frequent his addictive gaming houses show the extremes of win and lose while his Jupiter sextile Pluto keeps the upper/under hand going at all times.

Venus or Moon in Pisces = As a rule these signatures in people are not so realistic about money, but do operate on feelings and hunches that can be surprisingly accurate. They may even show a business genius in their ability to respond to public tastes. Money confusion or evasion is possible and when the money is there they can also be extremely generous and often devoted to philanthropy. Strangely, David Koch has the Moon in Pisces in trine to Pluto, square to Mars/Venus in Gemini, and opposite Neptune.  Perhaps he does have a more charitable side.  I would hope so anyway considering his seeming disregard for environmental issues.

Tip # 6: The Houses

I won’t go through all the houses, but rather the most pertinent ones relating to money matters. However, any planet involved with money could be in any of the 12 houses so it can get complex.

1st House: Successful people often have strong placements in this house with good aspects. A gifted 1st House gives the native an edge.

2nd House: This house shows how we make our living and the importance we place on material things. It is the house of values whereas self-worth is the sum of the composite of the entire chart. This house will reveal what our material goods are and how we attain them, how we handle them and what we do with them. This is the cash flow house. Our personal possessions are shown here. If there are many planets in this house, such as a stellium, a gradual rate of progress toward the achievement of a comfortable life is shown unlike the drive for acclaim as shown by a grouping in the 10th house.

4th House: This is the house of fixed wealth and real property. People with real wealth own property such as land, a home or homes, farms, factories, stores, or businesses. This is where one builds a stable and secure base. Ones residence will always be symbolized here.

5th House: This realm presides over speculation where money is concerned. Some people are fortunate here, others are not. I well remember giving my landlord a consultation many years ago. He wanted to know good days to gamble. I looked at his chart and especially 5th house aspects and told him he shouldn’t gamble. Period. He had worked hard all of his life and had a beautiful home which we were renting while he lived in a smaller cottage in the back. He was set for the rest of his life with a comfortable income from his savings and property. He didn’t take my advice sadly. Under the urgings of his friend they went to Reno. On the way back he suffered a mild stroke on the Freeway, but the hospital staff didn’t know he was a diabetic and administered high glucose into his veins. He then suffered a massive stroke which completely paralyzed him and he could not even speak. He returned home a broken man. Sad indeed!

6th House: This is the work house and the tools and equipment we use to maintain ourselves in daily life. Aspects to this house and its planets are indicators of the ease or difficulty of our daily toil.

8th House: This is where either our savings or our debts accumulate. It shows credit purchases either through buying or selling. It indicates our jointly held resources with others, including our spouse. It rules our partner’s income and our joint accounts held with them. When applying for credit, it is our net worth. It even shows how we fit into the national economy we are a part of. Bankruptcy is an 8th house crisis that often follows a long period of ‘easy’ aspects to it. Aspects between both the 2nd and 8th houses to the MC and/or 10th are essential for determining financial success in business.

10th House: This shows our standing and status in the world. It is our route to success though ‘a good reputation is more valuable than money’ to some.

12th House: Here are our hidden assets, or incomes not declared. This is the house of social security and retirement plans. It indicates the type of place we retire to when our work is done. It may also indicate unemployment or people who do not have to work for their income.

Lois Rodden seemed to feel that wealth showed up most frequently in the earth/water houses and that ‘the attainment of wealth, either by one’s own means or by the fortunes of the universe is shown by the water houses.’ You’ll have to study yours and those whose charts you know to determine whether you find this true or not.

In truth there is no one formula from my experience, though there are strong indicators. There are many ways to procure wealth including professional wealth, working life wealth, business wealth, performance wealth, and inherited wealth. Each has its own sets of determinants.

Jupiter and Pluto have not been discussed here though they certainly factor in. Jupiter shows where we get our rewards and how we expand ourselves outwardly towards others and life in general. Pluto may show our obsessions and where we may experience the extremes of life. In the lives of the super wealthy Pluto seems to be a dominant force either through prominence as an angular planet, or by conjunction with another, or at the apex of some major configuration such as a T-square.

I also haven’t covered the dynamics of progressions and transit cycles that draw forth new qualities and relationships as we move through life.  Ms. Rodden spends quite a bit of time on this aspect in her book if you want to delve deeper.

In conclusion, think about money matters in your life.  Are you obsessed with them?  Troubled by them?  Content, happy, and satisfied with just enough?  Spend some time truly studying your own Venus and Moon signs, placements, and aspects to get a better handle on your own inner attitudes, then go ahead and see how the dots connect to your ways of manifesting your values and needs in the outer aspects of your life.


Birth data of famous people used in this article:

Charles Koch:  November 1, 1935, Wichita, Kansas, sunrise chart

David Koch:  May 3, 1940, Wichita, Kansas, sunrise chart

Meryl Streep:  June 22, 1949, 8:05 AM, Summit, New Jersey

Sheldon Adelson:  August 6, 1933, Boston, Massachusetts, sunrise chart

Larry Ellison:  August 17, 1944, New York, New York, sunrise chart

Warren Buffet:  August 30, 1930, 3:00 PM, Omaha, Nebraska

Lilliane Bettencourt:  October 21, 1922, 9:00 AM, Paris, France

Bill Gates:  October 28, 1955, 9:05 PM, Seattle, Washington

David Bezos:  January 12, 1964, Albuquerque, New Mexico, sunrise chart

Oprah Winfrey:  January 29, 1954, 4:30 AM, Kosciusko, Mississippi

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1 Tim Rubald { 10.23.15 at 3:19 am }

A nice review of a modern classic on the subject with spot-on BLL tweaks and additions. I fuzz out on money topics and will have to come back to read the Houses section.
With 7th House Venus, Vesta, Jupiter in Aquarius, and Venus a powerful 8th factor, smack on the 8th Cusp; Capricorn Moon with Mercury on the 6th side of the 7th Cusp; Venus opposite a 2nd House Pluto disposed by Sun, disposed by Jupiter, disposed by the Moon, disposed by Saturn in alliance with Mercury in Saturn’s Capricorn (whew), my relationship with money includes a lot of fragments of inheritance, medium to good job incomes (especially service, 6th Sun, ruler 2nd), giant pancake flips of sub rosa (Venus/8th), and currently the “entitlement” (Not. I paid in since age 13) support of Social Security (not much though since self-employment, and “under the table” did not add a lot to my fund).
And I zone out once again (Moon/Mercury square Neptune sextile Pluto. Sigh. Money. I try not to think about it, and leave it to the abundant Magic, “the universe,” to provide for me as it will. I give and so does It.
One criticism of the article is the same as of my comment. It might do with a bit more ‘splainin’ of the astro-babble. I think, for example, the mention of combust might call for the suggestion of the distortion, or even weakening of a planet’s themes, when so close to the Sun as to be buried in its rays. There are suggested distances to distinguish that from “under the sunbeams” that affect the planet less still, and “the bingo conjunction”, within 17 minutes of the center longitude of the Sun. Avoiding astro-babble is hard for astrologers, but I think the BBL’s goal is for many to partake of her wisdom, and so I mention it. BLL, no problem with delete after read. My comment may not be worthwhile here, but when I saw “no comments,” well, I know how that feels when I’ve worked on a post. You are marvelous.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 10.23.15 at 10:41 am }

Thank you so much dear Tim for your astute, as always, comments. Yes, it’s difficult to completely know what to write to favor one’s readership. Some want all the astro-bubbies 🙂 and some haven’t a clue what we’re saying! I try to go back and forth with my articles, and that’s why I often bold face sections so people can skip through the details if they like. But, like it or not, we have a slew of details to deal with these days. Not sure Jupiter likes Virgo that much! Not sure Virgo likes ole Zeus/Jupiter either! It’s back to that Mutable Dilemma we go!

3 Tim Rubald { 10.23.15 at 3:22 am }

bingo-conjunction? . . . sorry, cazimi, “Arabic for in the heart of the Sun.”

4 Genevieve Vierling { 10.23.15 at 10:41 am }

Thanks! I’ve also heard it called ‘combust’.

5 Jesse { 10.25.15 at 1:19 pm }

TY, I loved all the astro-babble, although I did waffle out a bit for those that were not my own. 🙂
I intend to come back for a closer examination with my chart in hand. I also appreciated Tim’s comments.

6 Paul { 10.26.15 at 8:24 pm }

“Millionaires don’t use astrology; Billionaires do…” 😉
-JP Morgan

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