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Capricorn Solstice 2015


On December 21st, as the world revolves, we reach another turning point called the Capricorn Ingress which is the end of the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere. We are reminded, once again, that we are on a round globe spinning on our axis around our own Sun/Star which is one of trillions and trillions in the greater Universe. We do, however, pause to celebrate the return of the light here in the North.

This year for our clan/family it is a truly joyous occasion as we welcome a new baby boy into our midst; son of our youngest daughter and her husband. The miracle of life shines forth, and we look in awe at the mystery of life. We are also reminded of the continuity of life and time-honored traditions which endure with the ebb and flow of the life force. Those of us older know our days in our bodies are numbered, while new babies are born whose lives may extend far into the future we will not know. Solstice time brings these motifs into high focus. For many there is merriment and rejoicing, while for others there is loneliness and bereavement this time of year. All the festival of lights, however, remind us to ever renew our faith in the light that sustains us all.

Many astrologers view the Capricorn Solstice as the beginning of the year itself. It is certainly the chart we look at for viewing the promise of the next three months as least. So let’s take a look.


We always look at the Sun first, and interestingly it makes but one major aspect which is a square to the Nodal axis. I apologize for the fact that I computed this chart before the Sun had actually reached 0 degrees of Capricorn, but it graphically illustrates the dilemma of how to deal with the Virgo/Pisces nodes. Pisces evokes the old paradigm of the ‘Age of Pisces’ where suffering, martrydom, and victimhood now need to be released as we reach for Virgo’s can do approach which is much more self-reliant and pragmatic as I wrote in a previous article. It’s probably time for our humanity to grow up a bit more and take responsibility for our own ills rather than blaming them on some evil, devilish force beyond our control. It’s also probably time to roll up our sleeves and tackle the messes we have created and clean them up in an organized and systematic way. That would be the Sun in Capricorn pulling forward with a Virgo-like agenda rather than following the line of least resistance in the hope that someone will rescue us or save us from ourselves.

Next we look at all the major and minor configurations that this chart displays in quite a beautiful way. It’s quite an amazing chart. There are some major configurations worth noting.

The Grand Trine in Earthis a good place to start with Jupiter in Virgo trine Moon in Taurus, trine Pluto/Mercury (and Athena) in Capricorn. Like a tripod we have the promise of balance and harmony between emotional needs for security with the aspirations of service-minded workers all combining with a deeper consciousness of structure based on time-honored traditions. See if this Earthy tripod configures somewhere worthy of attention in your own chart.

The Cardinal T-Squarefirst formed by the long-lasting square between Pluto and Uranus is now activated and triggered by Mars in Libra opposite Uranus, and includes Mercury and Athena next to Pluto. This is a highly dynamic configuration which ignites more action, hopefully based on truths which can no longer be ignored like the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the refugee crisis, or even all the issues now arising out of COP21 and the need to address climate change with more emphatic and responsible action.

It’s worth noting that the apex of this T-square—Pluto/Mercury/Athena in Capricorn—is also one of the points in the Earth Grand Trine. Perhaps there are ways out of the intense, friction producing T-square through the more buoyant, happy, and confident feelings of the Moon trine Jupiter. Think CALM to sooth the agitated mind!

We actually have a House configuration here. Can you see it? It’s rather upside down but the ‘floor’ is that Moon trine Jupiter, and the peak of the roof is the Capricorn trio. Forming the side of one wall is Venus in Scorpio in sextile to both Jupiter and Pluto/Mercury. Here lies further possibilities of artistry and a deep sense of beauty, along with the optimism of a deeper trust in the power of love rather than the love of power. With Mercury involved we have possibilities for inspiration in various means of communication and expression. On the other side of this ‘house’ we have magical Chiron in Pisces forming sextiles to the Moon and the Capricorn trio raising the possibility of bridging through common ground emotionally, as well as seeing ways to heal heretofore unknown or ignored. Just imagine the house that linking Jupiter–Venus–Pluto/Mercury/Athena–Chiron–Moon could shelter. It could be a strong and vibrant shelter for humanity, could it not? Astrology is a symbolic language and it’s important to bring alive these symbols in new and productive ways I feel.

Last, but not least, there is within these walls a Mystic Rectangle which harmonizes the polarities of Venus opposite the Moon, and Chiron opposite Jupiter. It would seem that the feminine is strong here and women need to increase the scope of their participation in the whole. Did you notice how few women were visible as prime leaders at COP 21? What if that ratio was reversed? Would it possibly be different? If you look closely right where you’re at you may see very basic changes taking place. For example, where I live men are increasingly involved in the raising of their infant children, and even at the hospital, where our grandson was born, they strongly encourage fathers to participate in all aspects of the new born’s care, even working together with breastfeeding Mama. How beautiful!

There is one last aspect important to mention; that square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Strangely they stand by themselves. I’ve written about this aspect in past articles and it will be with us awhile longer. As I write this I’m reminded of the Dicken’s tale A Christmas Carol rich enough to engage young and old. If we, as Scrooge, heed the warnings of this classic tale, we will not hoard our money and ignore those less fortunate than ourselves. If everyone shared there is truly plenty to go around for all. That’s the basic message and, with this Capricorn Solstice chart interlocked with so much earthy energy, it’s is a good reminder to put it into practice.

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