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Your Mars Guide for 2016


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Which do you prefer? Mars in Scorpio or Mars in Sagittarius? We’re all getting a good dose of both in 2016 due to the retrograde cycle of Mars that occurs every two years. This year Mars will be in Sagittarius in mid-April when it turns retrograde. It will travel back into Scorpio before turning direct in that sign towards the very end of June.

Here’s the entire run-down of Mars in the signs for 2016: (this is the technical stuff)

Mars entered Scorpio January 4th.
By January 31st it will be at 14+ Scorpio
February: Mars from 15 Scorpio to 27+ Scorpio direct
March: Mars from 28+ Scorpio to 29+ Scorpio; entering Sagittarius on March 6th
April: Mars from 7+Sagittarius to 8+ Sagittarius when it turns SR (stationary retrograde)
on April 17th and ends the month at 7+ Sagittarius retrograde
May: Mars retrograde from 7 Sagittarius to 0 Sagittarius, entering Scorpio again on May 28th at 29 degrees.
June: Mars retrograde from 28 Scorpio to 23 Scorpio, turning SD (stationary direct) on
May 30th.
July: Mars direct from 23+Scorpio to 29+ Scorpio the entire month.
August: Mars direct from 29+Scorpio, entering Sagittarius, once again, on August 3rd
And ending the month at 13+ Sagittarius
September: Mars direct from 14+Sagittarius, leaving this sign on September 26th, and
Ending the month at 2+Capricorn
October: Mars direct from 2+Capricorn to 23+ Capricorn
November: Mars direct from 24+Capricorn, entering Aquarius on the 9th, and ending the
month at 15+ Aquarius.
December: Mars direct from 16+Aquarius, entering Pisces on December 19th, and ending
year at 9+ Pisces.


To sum things up: Mars is now in a Scorpio/Sagittarius zone where it will stay until September 26th. That’s most of the year! Mars will be in repeating degrees from 23 Scorpio to 8+ Sagittarius from February 18th until August 22nd. That’s a long six month rite of passage.

Any of you readers with planets between 23 Scorpio and 8 Sagittarius will receive direct hits each time Mars passes through those degrees. Any of you readers with planets in Fixed Signs from 23 to 29 degrees will receive strong hits. And any of you readers with planets from 0 to 8 Mutable Signs will also receive strong hits. Keep in mind, for all of you, this is THREE times; direct, retrograde, and finally direct again.

Now, what does all of this mean? I’m sure that’s why you’re really reading this article.

Mars represents energy applied. It is testosterone. It is our drive, our motivating force to move in a certain direction, in a certain style. Mars also rules our adrenal glands, so it is our fight or flight mechanism. The Sun represents our basic energy and purpose, but we need Mars to carry out the directive of the Sun. Those of you with Sun in Water or Earth signs will probably find Mars in Scorpio easier to work with, while those of you with Sun in Fire or Air signs may prefer Mars in Sagittarius. This is rudimentary astrology at work. Of course each of you is a combination of much energy and complex patterns, so it may not be that simple to figure out. Just watch where your energy wants to go and how it wants to move between now and end of September. You may learn a lot about yourself by simply observing your actions.


Mars in Scorpio is the epitome of passion. Here Mars can feel powerful and in control with unflagging energy released in a disciplined manner. If other factors create conflict Mars may turn insatiable and ruthless. It’s dark side would be domineering, caustic, even sadistic. Mars is said to be in its dignity in Scorpio, so it is very, very strong right now. Because Scorpio is a sign of extremes we can use it for the highest or the lowest, and we are probably seeing those extremes play out on the world stage as Phoenix, Eagle, Scorpion, and Reptilian energies. I’m sure you can all find examples to fit those archetypes. Just be aware of the play of energies around you and how you act either with the highest of motives or fall into the trap of your own shadow. Perhaps this is another reason why 2016 is such a pivotal year for humanity. Much is at stake right now and Mars in Scorpio doubly emphasizes that tempering. Think of what it takes to forge steel and you get a good image of Mars in Scorpio at work. Use it to create your own inner spiritual strength and you win irregardless of what unfolds around you.

Celtic Mars by B.A. Vierling

Celtic Mars by B.A. Vierling

Mars in Sagittarius is back into the nature of Fire, for Mars is truly the ruler of Aries, the first fire sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius is much more adventurous and impulsive than Scorpio; more free-ranging. It is a Jupiter ruled sign, so Mars may want to expand spontaneously once in this sign, and really cut loose after the depth charge of Scorpio. How noble minded are you? Will you use Mars as the courage to champion causes that are noble and inspired? Inspired action may speak louder than any words. Anger can forge the good fight for greater justice. What are some of the just causes that may rally your energy especially between March through May, and again in August and September? By that time the presidential election year in the United States will be in full swing. I’m sure Americans will also be exposed to further ‘holy wars’ where self-righteousness exaggerates large egos into further arrogance and bombast. This, too, will be visible on the world stage for Mars in Sagittarius is ‘the crusader’ with the desire of sweeping others along irregardless of differing mind-sets. It will be best to use this energy wisely and not fall into the trap of ‘I am always right, you are always wrong’ judgments.

What about sports? I have a couple cookbooks which give the following: Mars in Scorpio outlets for aggression are knife-throwing, archery, deep-sea diving, fishing with a harpoon, sex; Mars in Sagittarius outlets for aggression are hunting, riding, and golf. Hmmm! From my observation, people with Mars in Sagittarius really love sports where they are moving such as bicycling. I think Mars in either sign likes to win, but in different ways probably. This is a good year to look around you at those you know who may have Mars in either sign at birth and observe what they really enjoy doing with their energies.

Where will Mars catalyze energy for you? This is where you need to know what houses of your chart will be most energized for those 7-8 months when Mars travels through them. I look at this with all of my private clients to help them use the energy in these fields. If you have angles of your chart in either sign, Mars will possibly criss-cross back and forth over the angle. This further highlights that area of your life. For example, if you are Scorpio Rising Mars will help you instigate a forceful approach in life. If you are Sagittarius Rising, Mars will increase your impulse to expand your horizons either inwardly or outwardly depending on your inclination.

If Mars travels below your horizon axis it will energize your private, personal life. If Mars travels above your horizon it will charge you up for dealing with your more public or professional life. If Mars travels through the Eastern side of your chart, it will increase your self-motivation; if Mars travels through the Western side of your chart, it will increase activity in your relationships and how you respond to people who represent Mars.

Finally, what aspects will Mars make during this intense and expansive time period? As I mentioned earlier, if you have planets in Fixed signs between 23 and 29 degrees Mars will doubly emphasize what each of those planets represents. If you have planets in Mutable signs between 0 and 8 degrees, Mars will doubly emphasize those energies as well.

For those of you who have read to this point, I am now offering my Mars Transit Guide FREE. Just e-mail me c/o and I will send you a copy. ☺ It’s my gift towards helping you to have a positive experience with Mars as it aspects your own planets from Sun to Pluto. This guide includes buying cycles, legal matters, love, vacation times, and many other important life themes. I think you will find it most helpful in sorting out any difficult aspects Mars may present while in either Scorpio or Sagittarius for you personally.

January 26, 2016  5 Comments
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1 Kathryn { 01.26.16 at 8:21 pm }

Thank you for this informative post. Gives me a lot to think about. We better buckle up. Looks like a bumpy ride ahead. Thanks again for the heads up.

2 jamie { 01.27.16 at 11:55 am }

I would love to get a copy of the Mars 2016 guide and could not find your email address. Thanks in advance.

3 Genevieve Vierling { 01.27.16 at 12:21 pm }

Hi Jamie, Just go to the left-hand column and click on ‘Contact’. Then you can e-mail me directly. 🙂

4 Mei-ling { 01.28.16 at 11:47 pm }

Hi Genevieve, I had the impulse to check out Blue Light Lady tonight It might have been the ambient new age music on Pandora that has been on while I was reading spiritually inclined emails (some very lengthy!). I read the article on Scorpio and although I have some knowledge about it and its symbols, I was emotionally moved by some parts, esp. the desire to merge and the desire to separate,
I would say isolate, which I’ve always felt and sometimes feel pulling me to do something self destructive. You know me quite well and the challenges I have faced in becoming myself. I have been in some pretty destructive relationship, some forced on me and some I created for my partner. Right now I am in a five year plus relationship with someone entirely different. I’m learning how to love in a real way, because Ken is so loving and patient with me, but not to be taken for granted. I must reread the Mars transit in 2016 since I have Mars in Scorpio too. I have toelook at my degrees. And Ken’s fixed signs. He’s Aquarius. I thought it wouldn’t work but its been wonderful. A blessing showered on me. I would love to talk more. Love

5 Genevieve Vierling { 01.29.16 at 10:32 am }

Meiling—-Thank you for this thoughtful and candid sharing! Isolation is a good word to describe Scorpio’s behavior and challenge at times. Very insightful. It sounds as though you have gained consciousness and ‘progressed’ so that a rewarding relationship has been possible for you. Yes, we’ll talk privately more about this wonderful development in your life! Scorpio ‘progresses’ to Sagittarius (Fire), then Capricorn (Earth), and finally—if they live long enough or are born in late degrees of Scorpio—-to Aquarius (Air). You’ve done it, irregardless, through relationship! Aquarius is the sign of friendship and tolerance at its highest level.

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