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Follow the Sun, Follow the Solar Eclipses

sunearthWe’ve just experienced another Total Solar Eclipse which always brings awareness of just how important the Sun really is to those of us on planet Earth.  These Eclipses are important and bring awareness and emphasis to the collective and the personal, but do you also follow the Sun’s path as it traverses the Zodiac around the wheel of your own chart?

The Sun will light up your own natal chart pretty much the same period of time each year.  This means that the experiences symbolized by that arena in your chart get illuminated and it might be wise for you  to pay attention and learn from this great Solar clock that ticks away year after year.

We can start with the collective and look at the Sibley chart of the United States as an example:


Here we see that February and March are always the months when the Sun shines into America’s third house, and this last Solar Eclipse fell in this 3rd house to further emphasize it.  It was fairly close to an opposition with Neptune in the 9th as transit Jupiter and the North Node were also activating that planet.  Neptune can represent one’s vision; vision meaning an ideal that one is striving for.  What is happening to the vision of this nation as the confusion of 3rd house communications, mind-sets, attitudes is emphasized right now?  This is doubly-so with this Eclipse which basically says that nothing can move forward now until the past is dealt with.  That’s how I see Solar Eclipses.  Remember, the Moon is coming between our Earth and the Sun’s radiant energies implying that something lying in the collective unconscious must first be dealt with before that ‘vision’ can get clear.

The Presidential Debates have rather graphically and dramatically illustrated the collective chaos, craziness, and some glimmers of hope and vision going on recently, and continuing into the future of America.  America is said to be a melting pot.  Right now that melting pot is boiling I’d say.  Flint, Michigan is a great example.

In your personal chart you have probably checked out the area that this Solar Eclipse emphasized.  Here is where you also need to deal with the past before you can move forward in to the future.  This is worth pondering right now as Chiron and the South Node were also conjoining that Solar Eclipse at 18+ degrees of Pisces.

If this is in your 1st house, what in your own identity is calling for change and emphasis?  Do you need to complete or release aspects of your selfhood that are no longer valid?  If the emphasis fell in your 6th house which habits need to be released so greater wholeness can be embraced in your daily life?  If the emphasis fell in your 10th house what aspects of your public life and career now need to be dealt with, cleaned up or completed before you can really move ahead with your ambitions out in the world?  These are a few examples of how to look at this right now.

The Sun is lighting up the zodiac sign of Pisces right now.  It has a few more days to go before the Vernal Equinox when Aries gets lit up.  Where is this going on in your life?  Take a look and be aware this happens every single year!  If Pisces is an easy sign for you to handle that area is moving easily along and simply flowing.  If Pisces is a more difficult energy for you to handle there may be confusion, chaos, and all sorts of swings back and forth the way Pisces is wont to do!  Those two Fish do swim in different directions!  Pisces naturally likes to move back into the past before moving forward into the future.  It is the nature of this sign.

I’ll close with a couple marvelous short films created by Murat Sayginer who has graciously offered them for my use on this blog.  I feel he captures the vision of Pisces beautifully in the first one.  The second film enlarges our view of the entire Zodiac.  So enjoy!


I’m adding Kathy’s New Moon/Eclipse video in the Sidebar.  I was snowed in when she sent it to me, so it is now ‘after the fact’ but still full of good wisdom.

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1 Astro Jain { 03.18.16 at 6:08 pm }

Article is very informative. I have come up with a set of predictions for the last week of march 2016. Hope you find it useful and accurate. All The Best !

ARIES : Aries are usually aggressive and energetic and are constantly in the whirlpool of activity. While the aggressive kinds have majority stake under this zodiac sign, there are also the passive types who are usually quiet, observant and speak only when spoken to.

The Aries would be the first ones to start the festivities of Holi. They may shout aloud `Holi hai!’ and invite everyone to join them. As it is, they love to lead groups. So, on Holi also, they will not miss the chance to form a group and lead their friends through all the festivities.

TAURUS : A levelheaded person, who likes to think over everything before making a decision is your taurus friend. His calm and composed demeanor conceals a fertile and active mind. One of the most industrious of zodiac signs, a Taurus believes in himself and his ability to achieve everything with hard work.

The horoscope for these people says that they may properly use this holiday and may start Holi-day little late. However, they will love to play Holi with everyone very gracefully and use different colours. They may have more members of the opposite-sex in their friend circles who may love to accompany them on this day.

GEMINI : Flirtatious, reckless and restless largely depends on the age and social status of a Gemini person. Young Geminis tend to be more restless than more matured ones. And a true Gemini, no matter what his age, will be partial towards the company of the fairer gender. But this sociable being has amazing masculine grace and a head full of fantastic ideas.

In all likelihood, the Gemini may have more than one plan for the day as they usually have may have different groups. It is also possible that their groups have more number of members of the opposite-sex. They would love to use different colours, and their choice of colours would also be noticeable. However, what they like the most is getting their shirt or T-Shirt coloured with different shades. They will also play nice numbers on CD player besides playing Holi.

CANCER : With moods that swing like a pendulum, the Cancer guy can dip low and rise high in a matter of minutes. Sensitive to the core, a harsh word or a careless gesture is enough to hurt him.But he also comes armed with an easy going nature that appeals to all. He has a quirky sense of humour and being with a Cancer guy can be whole lot of fun.

The home-loving Cancer people would love to invite everyone at home and may have all necessary arrangements done well in advance. They love to play Holi more with coloured water than with plain, dry coloured powder. They would make the best host for the day and offer delicious food that everyone would enjoy having.

LEO : An odd mix of pride and friendliness, loyalty and coyness and passion and compassion, Leo is the one craving for spotlight. Every time a Leo enters a party scene, it is with much fanfare. He wants people to sit up and take notice, be courteous towards him and generally consider his presence a ‘huge favour’.

The charming and fun-loving Leo may have more than one invitation for the day. They may take decision after weighing all the pros and corns of joining a particular group. They will not like to play Holi for the entire day but you may find them in Cinema Hall watching some movie on that day, in all probabilities, with a dash of colour still on their faces.

VIRGO : Behind his serious expression is a mind that loves to laugh. Virgo likes intelligent humour and not slapstick comedy. He is knowledgeable and opinionated and shrewd enough not to let others, especially strangers, see the hand that is being dealt to him.

The disciplined Virgo may have a perfectly planned day. Holi might also be a day on which they may also do some Public Relation activity. It is highly likely that they will meet some old friends, acquaintances, whom they haven’t met for long. The Virgo will take this opportunity to refresh some old relations. As far as playing with colours is concerned, these cautious beings will not use very harsh colours and will ensure that the colours do not irritate their skin.

LIBRA : Librans are brisk, business-like and precise. They dislike dilly dallying and are rarely found to mince words. Librans are graceful and well poised to the point of perfection… as crisp as newly minted bank notes.

As much as they are intense, Libra is also emotional and sensitive. If you are friends with a typical Libran, you would know what a fantastic sense of humour they have got.

The Libra may need to find proper company to play Holi. However, they do get along well with any group. They will be able to have true fun on this day. If you have a Libra around, you will surely have also some peppy numbers playing at the party. They would prefer original Dhol – Baaja type of music over metallic or western music.

SCORPIO : Boundless energy is the term that comes to my mind when I think of a Scorpio. They are so full of life and vitality; it’s a surprise how they manage to do umpteen tasks in a day.

The Scorpio love to play Holi, but since they love to be in their comfort zone, you will have to make efforts to pull them out of their zone. Once they watch people playing Holi, they won’t be able to resist. It may actually depend a lot on their mood. They would love to sit in company of their beloved if they have one – instead of playing Holi.

SAGITTARIUS : Easy to talk to and easy to be with, Sagittarians takes mere social small talk to a new level of stimulating conversation. The typical Sagittarian will find smiles and laughter in every detail of life and will instantly spread the mirth with their powerful ‘word-of-mouth’. A chatter-box and impishly wicked, they can dare to do the unexpected and live on her own terms, no matter how unconventional.

Extrovert and enthusiastic, the Sagittarius love to celebrate Holi with various colours and people from various cultural backgrounds. They may be playing folk songs while everyone is enjoying Holi. If someone is not convinced to play Holi, ask a Sagittarius to convince him. The Sagittarius will surely motivate that person to play with colours and feel the joy!

JanmPatrika: Largest Astrology marketplace wishes all of you a very Happy Holi !

2 Genevieve Vierling { 03.18.16 at 8:22 pm }

OK JanmPatrika. Why not? All you Vedic followers take note!

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