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Important Astrological Changes Ahead

monkey mind

Between now and mid-September there are several astrological changes to be mindful of:

August 30th Mercury turns Stationary Retrograde at 29+ Virgo

September 1st there will be an Annular Solar Eclipse at 9+ Virgo

September 9th Jupiter enters Libra

September 16th there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 24+Pisces/24+Virgo

I will be writing a full article on Jupiter in Libra next and I’m also including Kathy Rose’s New Moon video at the end of this post which includes her interpretation of the Solar Eclipse.

Notice that the entire sign of Virgo is strongly emphasized by all of this activity, even as Jupiter is leaving the sign.  Virgo is a sign characterized by effort in mastering or completing a process of personal growth before the sign Libra initiates social growth.  Virgo demands that we show up and BE HERE NOW.  It is a Mutable Earth sign that alternates between the glorification of individuality in Leo and the social embrace of Libra.  In order to move from Leo to Libra one must gain a strong sense of self-mastery that often involves painstaking analysis and a willingness to humble oneself as one learns to correct the imperfections that deter one from full accomplishment.  Having a can-do attitude is so important in this sign.  We’ve now had a year of amplification of this energy as Jupiter moved through it.  This final ‘hurrah’ is further punctuated by Mercury turning back into the sign right as it is about to leave, and the Solar Eclipse which will continue to emphasize this energy wherever it falls in your chart for the next six months to a year.  So keep breathing and taking it one step at a time.  Develop your methods, your techniques, and correct your errors and mistakes awhile longer.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHERE VIRGO IS PLACED IN YOUR CHART.  What are the houses? These are the areas of your life where there is a strong emphasis on all issues involving Virgo.

Do you have planets in the sign? These are your energies most impacted by the transiting energies in Virgo.

Monkey Mind 2

Do you have planets opposite, in square to those planets?  We have a lot of Mutable energy still in force that keep things stirred up especially in the ‘monkey mind’.  By this I mean the repetitious and compulsive aspects of the lower mind that many are experiencing as acute anxiety.  What is the definition of anxiety?  It is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”  (on-line search)  Have you been experiencing any of this?  Do you know others who are?

In order to anti-dote this type of free-floating fear we need the structure of Saturn in Sagittarius facts, and the spiritual guidance of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  I’ll give you an example:  with these energies closely aspecting my Sun in Pisces I’ve been placing myself in the hands of a competent internist who has been administering all sorts of diagnostic tests to determine exactly what the condition of my body is right now.  Now I have the facts to work with.  This is the Saturn component.  The Neptune/Chiron factor is more subtle.  I am working with my inner guidance on that level.  I get awakened sometimes in the middle of the night with messages and I write them down.  I also keep seeing 11:11 or 222 or 333 in sequence in various ways.  Especially when I see that 11:11 I ‘tune in’ and ask, “What message do you have for me?”

Golden Light Stage 7

Here’s a message I”m passing on to you readers:  when feeling fear BATHE THAT THOUGHT IN GOLD LIGHT; when feeling frustrations and/or anger BATHE YOURSELF OR OTHERS IN WHITE LIGHT; when experiencing anxiety, or fear for your children and/or grandchildren BATHE THEM ALL IN PINK, GOLD, AND WHITE LIGHT.  This is simple to do.  It elevates the monkey mind to the higher mind automatically.  I find that it works beautifully.  Perhaps you have other messages that help you deal with these times we are in.  Let the readers know!  We need to share!  This will only get stronger as Jupiter moves into Libra.

Let’s now look at each astrological change in a bit more detail:

Mercury will be Retrograde in Virgo from August 30th to September 22nd, moving from 29 degrees back to 14 degrees of the sign.  The above practice may come in handy as Virgo gets all the ‘RE’ words and compulsivity and anxiety get even stronger in those with that propensity.  As you review, re-enter, revamp, return, restate, restart, re-do, etc. please by-pass all your regrets and take a can-do approach and correct anything and everything that needs your attention.  If traveling, relax!  Don’t get caught up in the frustrations in delays, lost luggage, changes of schedules, etc.  Of course, it’s good to plan ahead for contingencies knowing this information.  Right?  Try to stay in one place long enough to absorb and relish the moment.


The annular Solar Eclipse on September 1st repeats the Saros cycle of the past 19 years in early Virgo degrees.  1997 was when 9 degrees of Virgo was emphasized.  You may see parallels; then, again, you may not.  The fine point of 9+ Virgo is seen in its Sabian Symbol which is “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows”.  Dane Rudyhar called this degree the ability to self-transcend the activity of the mind.  That monkey mind theme is repeated, is it not?  In Lynda Hill’s book she mentions cautions such as ‘confusion of duality of thought, failing to see the integration and cohesion of more than one perspective, fear freezing up positive attitudes, debates, stalemates, making assumptions without relevant information, quarreling, not seeing the light, inability to agree, bickering with others or with one’s self.’  That’s a good one!  We probably need to stop that inner guessing game that sabotages our affirmative actions.  So with this Eclipse emphasis in your chart try to look beyond the shadows into the light.


Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th, ‘The Day of Difficult Demand’ according to Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers in their seminal book “The Secret Language of Birthdays”.  Somewhere hidden in the symbolism of this day is the challenge that Jupiter will have as the higher road of justice, equal rights for all, and the peacefulness and balance that Libra strives for are correlated with today’s world of climate change, multiple geo-political conflicts, racial and gender inequality, and warmongering.  Wherever Jupiter is going in your own chart, however, is the key to your willingness to be more cooperative, peaceful, and just in your social interactions with others, especially those engaging you with one-to-one relationships.  I will certainly address these and other themes in depth in my next article on Jupiter.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16th, “The Day of Spirited Energies” will be at 24+Pisces/Virgo.  Like all Lunar Eclipses it’s a good time to release the past so you can move forward into the future more easily.  Do your ritual or ceremony and confirm your ‘can-do’ approach.  This day ‘does not recognize defeat or boundaries’.  Affirm that!  A lot of powerful people were born on this day including Hildegard von Bingen and B.B. King—-quite a range there.  The affirmation for this day is “A dragon does not always have to be slain.  It can sometimes be befriended.’  Befriend your inner dragons so you can better meet those outer ones.  Let this Full Moon Eclipse both flood you with awareness and release the constraints that bind you or hold you back.

And here’s Kathy’s latest video:

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