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FEEL The Currents as They Cycle Through Your Life

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Astrology, like many other disciplines and studies, can get so removed from our day-to-day life of feelings that we lose touch with something essential in the process. People come to astrologers often to know ‘what’s ahead’ and we do our best to forecast (a better word than ‘predict’) the trends and cycles we see coming that will impact their lives.

In this article I hope to give you a guideline to the planetary cycles in terms of what you may actually be feeling as certain planets touch your life. By connecting in this way you get real feedback as to the potency and actual reality of the ancient saying ‘As Above So Below’. We live in a Universe which is alive and vibrant. Our feelings inform us of this. They are truly our clues as to which planetary energies are impacting us the most.

What are the feelings connected with Pluto? Intense……Powerful…..Profound…….Deep….Volcanic……Compulsive……Sexual……Exalted…..Obsessed


Go back in time when you remember going through a particularly strong Pluto transit and reflect on what you felt. I remember vividly a time when transit Pluto was going through my 12th house opposing many of my planets in the 6th house. I was dealing with some very messy situations in both my daily and work life that forced me to get in touch with my deep and inner rage. I was never good at anger up to that point in time. I used to feel like a leaf blown in the wind, all trembly and unnerved when I would feel that emotion. No longer! I, at one point, unleashed a torrent of righteous rage in front of the entire staff at my place of work and I felt that energy go deep and run straight up my spine and out my mouth without any trouble whatsoever. So from then on I could handle anger. That’s Pluto at work.


The other extreme is also possible under a Pluto direct hit. You feel full of high exaltation and swept away with desire. So the key is intensity. If you enjoy feeling that kind of power, you’ll dance well with Pluto. If you don’t then you’ll learn a lot from the feelings that you can no longer control.

What are the feelings connected with Neptune? Dreamy….Blissful……Amorphous……Confusing……Ambivalent…….Compassionate…….Lost……Lethargic……Ecstatic….Entranced

Reflecting on a time when I was under a lot of Neptunian energy I found myself in a dream-like setting where every where I walked it was beautiful. I would often walk at night through a certain neighborhood near where we lived and it felt enchanted as the homes were something straight out of a movie set it seemed. I even felt like I was in the ‘Twilight Zone’ as there was a certain quality of unreality to the entire place. I’m sure you’re curious/ha. This place was St. Helena, CA in the heart of Wine Country where even old cottages were starting to sell for over a million. I was in Dionysian country all right!

Neptune can also elicit the most sensitive and compassionate of feelings for everyone! You connect and feel ‘at one’. Some of these feelings, however, may be deceptive and sooner or later you will awaken from your dream once the cycle ends.

What are the feelings connected with Uranus? Exciting…..Surprising……Shocking…..Upsetting…….Exhilarating……..Freeing……Unsettling……Rebellious…….

If you like to be free, and you enjoy change and action, Uranus feelings are great! If you don’t like disturbances that you can’t control, you’ll not have much fun when this cycle hits full-steam.

When cycles of Uranus hit me early in life I experienced a lot of movement and just loved it. Our family moved 14 times by the time I was 12 years of age, and each new place was a new adventure for me. Not so for my older brother who hated change. He had a lot more fixed energy than I did. His Taurus energy especially resisted such abrupt changes. So you Taurus folk out there need to become aware that Uranus is about to visit you big time!!! Get ready for change is all I can say, and test the waters now as to whether you choose to be exhilarated or upset in your feeling body by Uranus in Taurus hitting the deck by May of 2018. I’m saying this to give you ample heads up. For that is another one of the beauties of astrology. You get fair warning if you pay attention.

What are the feelings connected with Saturn? Serious/Sobering……Heavy…..Pressure……Responsible……Clear……Difficult…….Precise……Fear…….Complete…..Solid…..Disciplined

Again, no planetary cycle is BAD. Feelings are a real barometer telling you how the energy is experienced subjectively by you. Not everyone likes Saturn; especially Jupiter types. Saturn can impose restrictions that some enjoy because they like to get down to work and feel more disciplined when a Saturn cycles pays them a call. Everyone needs clarity at times, so a Saturn cycle can be a real antidote to a Neptune one where you may be swimming through murky waters. Saturn gets you back on dry, high ground.

So do you want to feel more grounded, more disciplined, more realistic? Welcome Saturn when it comes around.

Since Saturn is a short cycle compared with the outer planets, it connects in our lives quite frequently. Some years show hard-angle Saturn challenges, while other years show easier Saturn energies that can be handled without spending too much time feeling the challenges. The key is not to give in to fear and trepidation when you see a difficult one approaching but to prepare to be patient and buck up knowing you’ve got some hard work ahead.
What are the feelings connected with Jupiter? Expansive….Buoyant……Happy……Overwhelmed…….Hyper………Confident……..Overly confident……..Cocky…….Infallible

Right now I’m feeling some nice expansive feelings with a few smooth Jupiter cycles coming my way. These same Jupiter movements for others of you may feel like overwhelm with too many balls to juggle all at once. Different strokes for different folks. Our unique individuality is either in harmony with something as big and boisterous as Jupiter or we feel like it’s all just too much. Not everyone likes to eat from a huge buffet of endless variety and abundance.

A Jupiter cycle can feel stressful because it may overload your circuitry. Again, even the cycle of our jovial Zeus isn’t necessarily all GOOD. The qualities that these planets seem to radiate are reflected in our lives quite graphically by how we experience them. So check your feelings here and learn. Is the energy feeling buoyant or exhausting right now? Are you feeling pleasantly full or completely stuffed?

I hope this spin through the five major planetary cycles has brought you a different slant on their meaning. I haven’t included the faster moving energies nor Chiron.

Take a look at the current pattern in the sky. Pluto is still inching its way through Earthy Capricorn and in a fairly solid square with Jupiter in Airy Libra. Jupiter is amplifying Pluto as we witness people in power changing rules, laws, and policies. Does this configuration impact you? Look to your Cardinal planets in those degrees especially between 16 and 19 degrees. Combine the feelings of Pluto with Jupiter here. Are you feeling especially exalted and powerfully emotional right now, or are you feeling enraged and powerfully emotional right now? I’m just giving two examples of the extremes many are feeling.

On the other hand, we have Uranus in Fiery Aries in a nice and easy trine with Saturn in Fiery Sagittarius. If you have planets in those degrees in Fire Signs (24 to 28 degrees) or planets in Cardinal or Mutable signs in those degrees you’ll be experiencing this energy. One actually balances the other; meaning that both tests of discipline and exciting change are both possible.  Let’s say you have planets in those degrees in Gemini.  Saturn represents challenges coming through your relationships with others, but Uranus brings opportunities nonetheless.  If you have planets in those degrees in Libra, Uranus represents unpredictable changes coming through certain relationships while Saturn brings opportunities for stabilization.  

I’ll just mention a couple other points here:  Saturn in Sagittarius is in square to Chiron in Pisces.  This is a challenge to stay grounded in the face of on-going chaos.  A lot of dogma is floating out there which exacerbates the chaos.  It’s time to deeply question our beliefs and curb our judgments of others for fear they cause more harm than good.  

We have Mars now entering Gemini for approximately two months.  This means that the Mutable signs will get activated and that square between Saturn and Chiron will be impacted strongly.  Beliefs, if carried to an extreme, can cause more harm than good!!  We are entering a volatile and dangerous time.  If patience is not exercised further chaos will be triggered.

Finally, there’s that Mercury retrograde coming back to Uranus.  Inventiveness—-yes!  Hotheaded reactions—-please no! The greater good of all is a creed that needs more reinforcement as we are all in this together on ONE planet.  This is what we all need to intensely require of all leadership—–Pluto in Capricorn—-whether visible or invisible.  I am referring to nuclear energy and Pluto IS still in square to Jupiter.  Jupiter will also eventually oppose Uranus once it turns direct in early June.  Extremes are present and we each are called to stay conscious and to do our best to walk in balance.  Enough said.

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