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Tracking the Moon—Moving with Change

B.A. Vierling artist


Tracking the cycle of the Moon every month is basic astrology 101.  What could be easier than looking up into the night sky and seeing whether the Moon is shining up there or not?  When the Moon begins to approach fullness most people are aware, and when it is truly full there are often mass reactions such as more people in the ER.  It’s considered a ‘no no’ to schedule surgery on a full Moon because you may bleed more.  After all, we humans are composed of quite a bit of water and like the tides, we swell with the Moon in its waxing mode.  The Moon, as our satellite, does impact many subliminal levels in our consciousness whether we pay attention or not.

Why not become more aware of this major cycle?  It’s fairly simple to do and can help as an astrological guide once you correlate the Lunar phases with the signs the Sun and Moon are in.  Paying attention to what sign the Moon is in every 2.5 days can teach you a lot about your resonance with that sign and how best to utilize what that sign represents for you.  For example, I find that when the Moon is in Air signs, particularly Gemini, I can fritter away a lot of time just talking or I can get a lot of mental work done if I apply myself.  As I write the Moon is in Taurus.  I spent some of this morning calling business offices about medical bills and was able to get things straight and clear pronto.  

There may be some signs you don’t particularly feel comfortable with.  As the Moon moves through those signs pay attention and learn new strategies if you are trying to meet the challenges of people you find difficult in those signs, etc.  It’s a good exercise that teaches you a lot.  With some signs you’ll just feel good, and then you’ll know to track that every month and make the most of those days.  

There are calendars that track the Moon moving through signs and phases such as Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide, which is the one I like to use.  Find a good source and learn to work with it.

As for the cycle of the Moon itself, there are written and on-line calendars readily available to let you know when the New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter arrive in your time zone.  I post a good chart with key words for you to work with.  I also post in the Sidebar every month Kathy Rose’s New Moon Meditation.  She does an excellent job of tuning us all in to the meaning of the New Moon’s sign and the aspects coloring it each and every month.  

Every New Moon will also show you where the Sun is because the two are merged.  You can clock this cycle by noting WHERE in your chart it falls.  This gives you another key to working with the rhythms of the two most important ‘lights’ in our Solar System.  A New Moon is a new beginning.  It’s as simple as that.  Where is that new beginning taking place for you?  That’s the house where it falls and what that house represents.  The sign it falls in colors the quality of your experience.  If you have Gemini on the 11th house cusp of your natal chart and the New Moon falls in that house, you can note that group activity gets a new boost.  This could be your experiences with friends, colleagues, or larger collectives.  It could also be giving you the urge to set some long-range goals for yourself.  These are a few possible meanings for that realm.  Because the quality of energy is Gemini, it will involve a lot of communication, possible travel, and mental stimulation.

The next significant marker will be First Quarter a week later.  In this example, the Sun will still be in Gemini, but the Moon will now be in Virgo.  A First Quarter lunar phase is a time for taking action and giving the energy a push forward with the waxing momentum.  This combination says to buckle down and get things done quickly.

So by the Full Moon, when you’ll have the Sun in one sign, and the Moon in the opposite sign, you’ll see or feel some type of culmination with what began approximately two weeks ago.  In the case I’m illustrating with, the Moon will fall in the 5th house of ‘creative self-expression’ in the sign of Sagittarius since the entire cycle started with Sun/Moon in Gemini.  This could be a highly romantic/creative/or fun-filled Full Moon!  That would be it’s positive potential.  Of course it could be explosive and dramatically awful if the energies around both spheres of give and take became belligerent and judgmental.  (Sagittarius reacting to Gemini)

From here on the Moon is Waning and losing light in the night sky as it rises later and later.  Last Quarter phase is about one week after the Full Moon.  With a Gemini Sun we’d have a Pisces Moon.  The energy/momentum is dying so this is an excellent time to reflect and complete all the loose ends over the ensuing week before the next New Moon dawns.  Basically from Full Moon to New Moon is a time to release the energies that have been built in the cycle.  Last Quarter is actually a good time to teach, even hold a workshop as you can disseminate information well.

By the next New Moon probably the Sun has also moved into the next sign.  Check out how you like this sign for starters.  See what area of your life experience the new beginning will take place and use this knowledge to propel yourself through another month in the year.  With the example I have used, the New Moon would be in Cancer in the 12th house indicating perhaps a time of withdrawal or more retreat from the outer world, or perhaps focusing on some service to others that needs a fresh start.  Do you see how working with the Lunar phases you can flow more in harmony with a natural rhythm that moves you cyclically around your own chart year in and year out?  It’s a beautiful way to live!

Once you’ve mastered this basic cycle, you can apply it to yet bigger cycles in your life which encompass 29.5 years approximately.  This cycle is called Lunar Progressions.  It’s amazing how accurately they can show the waxing and waning periods of your life.  A professional astrologer can help you keep track of these long-term cycles.

One final suggestion:  make a note of all the New Moon beginnings for the rest of this year and see where they fall in your chart.  This gives you a bigger picture of how to strategize your monthly cycles and maximize your effectiveness in whatever projects you wish to pursue.  Where you see that New Moon falling is where best to begin something new.  

Here they are:

May 25th:  New Moon at 4+ Gemini

June 23rd:  New Moon at 2+ Cancer

August 21st:  New Moon at 28+ Leo.  Note that this is also a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!  

September 19th/20th:  New Moon at 27+Virgo

October 19th:  New Moon at 26+Libra

November 18th:  New Moon at 26+Scorpio

December 17th:  New Moon at 26+Sagittarius

You could mark the house position in your calendar for easy reference.  I’m including an easy visual aid for the meaning of the houses as well here.  Happy planning tracking your Moon cycle!


May 23, 2017  2 Comments
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1 Vanessa Couto { 06.01.17 at 9:11 am }

As always a great article. I have been working a lot with the moon and her phases. Using this in my life, my work and my creativity has been a huge boon! I even created a coloring book to help one learn about the moon as she moves into different signs – at least the New and Full to start. People have reported to me that they love it. For me working with the moon has been an eye opener to my own creative flow.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 06.01.17 at 11:13 am }

What a gift Vanessa! I hope readers will check it out. I would also think it’s a great tool for younger people to learn from.

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