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Leo New Moon, August ahead and the Leo Eclipse

I very much want to write about this coming Eclipse which I am already sensing, feeling, and experiencing.  How about you?  The fact that the Solar Eclipse is Total and will cross diagonally from the North Western corner of the United States to the Carolinas seems highly potent and significant for Americans, and perhaps the rest of the world considering the role this country plays on the world stage.  The ancients considered eclipses major harbingers of change, and modern-day mundane astrologers also see them as highly significant. The more total the eclipse, the stronger.   This August 21st Eclipse is part of the Saros series 145 and it will occur at 28+ Leo.

Here is NASA’s description of this particular series:

“What is a Saros series?

Because 223 synodic months is not identical to 239 anomalistic months or 242 draconic months, The 18-year saros periods do not endlessly repeat. Each series begins with the Moon’s shadow crossing Earth near the north or south pole, and subsequent events progress toward the other pole until the Moon’s shadow misses Earth and the series ends. A full series from start to finish lasts about 1,300 years. The August 21, 2017 eclipse is part of Saros Series 145 that includes 77 eclipses of which the August eclipse is number 22. All eclipses in this series occur at the ascending node of the lunar orbit. The series began with the partial solar eclipse of January 4, 1639 visible at the North Pole. The series will end with the partial solar eclipse of April 17, 3009 visible from the South Pole. The length of this series is 1,370 years. By the way, the total solar eclipse of August 21 is preceded two weeks earlier by a partial lunar eclipse on  August 7, 2017, which occurs during the same eclipse season when the sun is nearest this node.”

Please pay attention to where this Eclipse will fall in your natal map.  Will it conjoin or oppose any of your personal planets within 5 degrees?  Both the area and the planetary energy will take on heightened meaning and emphasis over the next 6 months to even a year.  Perhaps you already feel the ‘ringing’ of this particular note in your energy net-work.  

I will try to write more on these potential meanings as we get closer to the actual Total Eclipse, though the Full Moon Eclipse preceding it on August 7th is certainly a good time to work on releasing old patterns in preparation for the beginning of what the New Moon Eclipse portends.  If you have questions about these Eclipses, please write to me and I’ll try to include my answer in my next blog.

We know our President will feel the impact of this Eclipse whether he pays attention to astrology or not!  Take a look at the Eclipse wheel as it impacts his Mars/Ascendant.  Pow!!  What kind of action will this man take one wonders?  Mars rules his 9th house of foreign affairs for starters, as well as his world view.  His Sun is his ruling planet, chart-wise, so the Uranian nature of his approach gets hits with great strength.  Is he really a warrior?  His body tells us something has gone soft, though his inner spirit may still seek the upper hand.  I’m using him to illustrate how Eclipses work because we can all watch.  That being said, this is no time to be passive.  Leo is about what your heart is telling you to do.  It’s time to harness will with heart and it’s time to be courageous in taking a stand whatever your belief.

In this blog I”m including Kathy Rose’s New Moon video for the 23rd AND her August forecast.  Thank you Kathy!!

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