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Is There A Meaning To This Total Eclipse in August?

As I write this latest post the Eclipse is but a day away.  Even so, it’s important to realize that if we are to give any meaning to such an event the impact and effects will be experienced for months to come.  The actual day of the Eclipse is but the beginning.

Path of 2017 Eclipse

I do not profess to fully understand the import of this celestial event so I have gleaned some of the best articles from the astrological community should you be interested in furthering your own comprehension of what this portends.  There are now an enormous number of fine astrologers out there who are true scholars.  Here are a few links:  Wade Caves is part of a new breed of younger astrologers who are returning to more traditional roots of Hellenistic astrology when it was revered and practiced by great men (No women in those days!  Thankfully that has changed.)  I give you some quotes from his 29 page article:  “The complexities in working with mundane techniques are enormous……….Falling back on the eclipse chart alone to predict Trump’s removal from office is, simply put, lazy astrology.  There are layers upon layers already visible to us, charts and mundane cycles that we ought to examine and meditate on……..what covered here marks the tip of what must be a massive iceberg.  What’s beneath the waters, most of us will never have access to. This is precisely why prediction is difficult…………We talk about individual free will, but we also must account for collective free will, a beast too wild to tame………”

“What we can say with reasonable assurance is that these charts, when properly considered, make it difficult to imagine Trump has smooth sailing ahead.  Personally, I don’t see Trump in office by next time this year……”

Eric Francis of Planet Waves great article: The Fulcrum, the Venturi, and the Cycle of Fire.

I am also now studying with William Stickevers who has a Webinar on this Solar Eclipse.  I believe you can still get it by going to

There are also good explanations in The Mountain Astrologer’s August/September 2017 issue.

Finally, I have included Kathy Rose’s video on this particular New Moon in Leo Eclipse: 

So what are some of my thoughts and suggestions for you personally?  

The Mermaid by Howard Pyle

Take note of the Sabian Symbol for this degree of the Eclipse.  There are 360 possible points that an Eclipse can fall on.  What might we glean from the meaning of the 29th degree of Leo—the last degree?  “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.”  According to Dane Rudyhar’s interpretation of this image “….an intense feeling-intuition rising from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought.”  The Collective Unconscious is a powerful force within humanity.  We certainly see vividly right now how it is manipulated on every level by the media, spinmeisters of every form, and power-structure propagandas.  Look at how the masses are swarming like the proverbial lemmings to simply witness the phenomena of this eclipse rather than going within to try and understand what it actually means for them in their lives?  The image of blindness comes to mind as part of this scenario.  What does it take to truly awaken and actually SEE with clarity what is not necessarily visible to the physical eye?  This is what spiritual seekers are after.  This Eclipse suggests that it is time for humanity to emerge into greater consciousness I feel, and each one of us has that opportunity wherever the Eclipse falls in our own natal maps.  To be human requires both intelligence and love if there is to be any meaning to ‘being born’.  Intelligence is needed to individuate and reason clearly.  Love is needed to be in harmonious relationship with all other life forms.  Humanity is at a critical juncture now and this major Eclipse, falling as it does on the most powerful country in the world, heralds a re-set of just how conscious is this nation of it’s responsibility in using this power.  


For me, Trump is but a mirror of what America has become.  He is a World Leader representing a nation of people’s.  Where is the consciousness going here?  These are deep questions to ponder and discuss.  Eclipses provide a punctuation point where the light is temporarily withdrawn as the Moon (the unconscious) blots out the light and we have an opportunity to experience the darkness, or perhaps our ‘collective shadow’.  It is also an opportunity to re-set following what has been eclipsed.  What is the meaning of the word eclipse?  One celestial body is OBSCURING another.  In this case, the illumination of the Sun is being obscured.  

This is a theme that fully needs to be examined in our personal lives and in the collective for both the remainder of this year into next.  What has blotted out our illumination of consciousness to the point that we aren’t clearly seeing?  We can re-set our position on this if we want to.  In order to do so, however, we will need to work hard in the arena where the Eclipse falls (the house) and the energy it impacts within a 5 degree orb on either side (24 Leo to 3 Virgo).  Will it be your Values  (2nd house/Venus)?    Will it be your basic purpose in life (5th house/Sun)?  Will it be how you think and communicate (3rd/6th houses/Mercury)?  Look at both house and planet if impacted and figure it out for yourself.  Do the conscious work.

As I mentioned in the previous article, we have a vivid example to watch in the figure of Donald Trump.  Adrian Duncan gives a powerful interpretation of this Eclipse with POTUS 45 noting that ‘the Eclipse on Regulus (the royal star) indicates the fall of a prominent leader, and this Eclipse triggers not just his Ascendant, but also his Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, plus the fact that transit Saturn is exactly on his Moon and he was born on a Lunar Eclipse ‘reflecting his deep-seated anxiety about how people see him.’   “The Eclipse will be an intensely personal experience for him due to the above.”

One other quote from his excellent article:  “This eclipse which so exactly replicates Trump’s chart, and which casts a shadow over the whole of the USA, was a clear, unequivocal indication he would win….but now the eclipse darkens his chart, and the USA……will this be good or bad?”  I say it’s now time for America to face its own shadow.

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