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Libra Equinox Balancing Yin and Yang

On September 22nd of 2017 we come, once again, to the balancing point of equal day and night.  It is a brief moment before the balance tips toward the lengthening of night in the northern hemispheres and we head toward the Capricorn Solstice on December 21st, and the longest night.  I find it most interesting this year that we are also right on the edge of the tipping of the astrological scales from predominately yang energies to yin.


What do I mean by this?  The concept of Yin/Yang is a very ancient cosmology arising from the Chinese.  According to their philosophy the Dao (the One) gives birth to the two alternating but complementary principles called Yin and Yang.  Examples of this polarity are:  Yang Heaven and Yin Earth

                         Yang Above and Yin Below

                         Yang Day and Yin Night

                         Yang Summer and Yin Winter

                         Yang Giving and Yin Receiving

                         Yang Action and Yin Nonaction

                         Yang Male and Yin Female

                         Yang Speech and Yin Silence

In astrology we divide this polarity into Yang Fire and Air signs, and Yin Water and Earth signs.  Fire/Air signs are considered active, extroverted, radiatory as they spread out and rise up, as well as highly self-expressive.  Water/Earth signs are considered introverted, living more within themselves, passive, receptive, self-repressive and gravity prone.

We’ve had quite a run of Yang energies especially this past year with Jupiter in Libra (Air), Saturn in Sagittarius (Fire), and Uranus in Aries (Fire).  All three of these planets are getting ready to enter Yin signs within the next 8 months, with the two ‘social planets’, Jupiter and Saturn entering quite soon.  Jupiter will move into Scorpio (Water) on October 10th/11th, and Saturn will enter Capricorn (Earth) just before the next Solstice, December 19th/20th.  We already have Pluto entering the last half of Capricorn (Earth) and both Neptune and Chiron still in Pisces (Water).  

So let’s all watch to see how the nature of Yin enters slowly but surely onto the global, national, and personal scene for all of us.


In this Equinox chart we already see a polarity strongly configured in the symbolism of all those Venus/Mars/Mercury in Virgo tasks necessary to tackle the deluge of Neptune/Chiron Piscean energies still unfolding in the hurricanes and flooding globally as well as recent earthquake activity with increased chaos and trauma for we humans.  Politically the clash of beliefs is still with us as Saturn in Sagittarius continues to square Chiron in Pisces and presently squares Mercury in Virgo and then Mars.  

Another polarity still with us, but beginning to separate, is the Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries.  Upheavals abound, and as with all things Jupiter, beliefs are often instrumental in the great divides that we see everywhere.  The Moon in Scorpio conjoining Jupiter is perhaps a foretaste of Jupiter in Scorpio to come.  This will deepen the intensity as well as expand upon all themes relating to Scorpio which may include core issues regarding money, power, and sexuality.  My next Jupiter article will try to address these themes as well as other more subtle ones. 

Finally, in this Equinox chart we see the Sun in Libra still opposite Chiron in late Pisces.  There is still a gaping wound where fairness and equality are concerned; righting that imbalance requires most of us to work at local levels unless we have access to global leaders who often seem removed from the troubles of the world.

Here’s a quick look at the Capricorn Solstice chart three months ahead.  Notice the Sun exactly conjunct Saturn.  Gravity will be upon all of us in some form by then.  We also see Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio triggering deep and powerful feelings yet in harmony with Neptune in Pisces.  It’s going to be interesting to watch the changes unfolding as both Jupiter and Saturn leave Yang signs and enter Yin.

Coming back to this Yin/Yang theme:  take a look at your own chart and sum up where you are Yin and where you are Yang.  A good astrologer can calculate this numerically, but you can estimate by looking to see which of your planets are in Fire and Air signs, and which are in Water and Earth.  Is there a balance?  If you are more Yang you’ll probably be challenged as we enter Yin in the months ahead.  If you are more Yin, you may feel more in tune with the energetic cycles.

I’ll use a prominent couple to illustrate this dance of Yin and Yang for you:  President Trump and First Lady Melania are a striking example of  the male as Yang and the female as Yin.

 Looking at President Trump’s chart we see his decidedly Yang Mars in Leo rising, and his equally Yang Sun in Gemini conjunct his North Node in Gemini as well as Uranus.  Here is boldness, even brazenness combined with a penchant for verbal expression that is extroverted and uninhibited. He will not be silenced!  His Moon is also in a Fire sign (Sagittarius) creating more extroversion and a need for space and freedom without constraints.  Mars is trine his Moon exciting his brash need to conquer.  His social propensities are immense with a grouping of Neptune and Jupiter in Libra, along with the asteroid Juno and the planetoid Chiron.  The only Yin energies present are hidden in his intercepted eleventh house in the sign of Cancer:  Mercury, Saturn, and Venus.  Here-in lies his vulnerability which I have written about before, but which lies hidden under the sign of Gemini ruling his eleventh.  

Now let’s look at Melania by contrast. (Keep in mind that her birth TIME is unknown; therefore this is a ‘natural’ chart with Aries rising.) Her chart consists of SIX planets in Earth signs.  She is primarily a Taurus Earth goddess with pragmatic Moon in Capricorn.  With Mercury/Venus also in Taurus she prefers to be seen rather than to speak, but when she does it is with softness and a quiet reserve.  There is strong ambition in this woman, however, as seen by Sun/Saturn conjunct and a dominant Moon aided by the strength of Jupiter in Scorpio (more Yin).  She has hitched herself to wealth and power and status in this life and she may yet show other elements of her more hidden strengths.  Her time is coming as she experiences soon her Jupiter Return and transit Saturn begins to move over her Moon.  Earth energies are strong and sustained.  They seek stability and have a strong sense of boundaries.  

When you look at her impact on the President there is more than meets the eye superficially.  Her stellium in Taurus influences him strongly in his ninth house of world views, and her Mercury/Venus conjoins his Midheaven boosting his public life and image.  She is the Earth that he lacks and she grounds his hyperbolic temperament with calm fixedness.  And he, in turn, brings the Fire that she lacks but idealizes. (Neptune in Sagittarius; her only Fire planet).  Her Moon in Capricorn reflects his theme of Venus/Saturn for he needs her composure and delft touch as well as her glamour and exotic foreign beauty (his Moon in Sagittarius).  

So how will the coming Yin energies impact these two?  Jupiter in Scorpio will be both a boon and challenge for them both.  Saturn in Capricorn will help to bring Melania’s ambition more center-stage, while President Trump will continue to be challenged by both Pluto and Saturn in that very Earthy sign.  Finally, Uranus in Taurus will ignite, arouse, and awaken the seeming calm placidity of all of Melania’s Taurus planets for seven long years.  For President Trump the rocket ship of Uranus in Aries will sputter out, though his Cancer planets may still continue to reach some level of opportunity that benefits his Trump clan.

This gives you an idea of how interesting the study of Yin and Yang can be when it comes to astrology.  May we all strive for BALANCE in the coming months.  It is always a goal to strive for, is it not?

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