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Jupiter in Scorpio: Entering the Depths Once Again

On October 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio for the next year.  After a run through Libra we will all experience a return to the depths in some way or another depending on its  personal journey through our birth chart as well as our interface with the collective where the entire globe is impacted.  Keep in mind that the function of Jupiter is to EXPAND.  Expansion can be good and expansion can have deleterious effects.  

I remember vividly my autumn walks with two of our beloved dogs, Wolf and Kita, through a path in the woods near my old home on Red Dog Road, in Nevada City, California.  It was late September/early October just as the golden leaves of the large-leafed maples were turning, and everything seemed bathed in a halo of light.  Wolf was aging and his hind legs were going.  I remember the last day we made it to a large oak deep in the woods, then turned around to head back.  I knew he would not come here again, and I was filled with such a wave of deep sadness.  And so we descended into the darkening time of Scorpio shortly thereafter and Wolf was laid to rest that winter.

Scorpio is a sign that signifies death and deep intensely emotional experiences.  These are part of the life cycle here on planet Earth.  We have learned, however, that with death comes rebirth and renewal eventually, so I am reminded that south of the equator they are experiencing the beginning of their ‘spring’.  I’ve pondered this often trying to make sense of all the meanings we give to Scorpio that seem to fit the Northern Hemispheres where much of astrology was first developed as a construct.  Today it is important to keep visualizing the more global perspective and see the cycle as a whole.  Scorpio, in its highest form, represents REGENERATION.  


If we first look at the ingress chart for Jupiter in Scorpio we see it rather isolated in the 12th house EDT. This is the house of completions, of hospitals, prisons, as well as ashrams, of places of deep retreat.  It is also a place where spiritual awakening may occur.  This chart is also Scorpio Rising.  The only aspect Jupiter seems to be making is that opposition to Uranus which epitomized shock-waves and upheavals of all kinds in the past 6 to 8 months.  Now Jupiter is separating from its wild dance with Uranus and eventually Saturn will edge into a more grounding cadence of harmony with Jupiter as it enters Capricorn in late December.  As I mentioned in my Equinox article, we are entering a time of greater Yin when preservation and conservation can more fully enter in to the mass consciousness.

Perhaps Jupiter in Scorpio will bring up and out more of what has been hidden or submerged in the collective unconscious.  Perhaps it will also represent even heavier propaganda used by the ‘deep state elite’ to suppress truth from the masses.  Scorpio is always guiding us to look at the extremes and we’ll see the highest and the lowest forms emerge I’m sure.

Looking at the Jupiter ingress chart with the natal chart of the United States we see that this transit is moving through the 11th house of the Sibley chart.  I’m learning that in mundane astrology (as taught by William Stickevers) this house represents our Congress as it enacts legislature, our foreign policy with the world, and our long-term national objectives and goals.  It also represents our participation in international events and initiatives like the Paris Agreement.  How will these areas change for the nation of America in the next year?  Since Jupiter in a nation’s chart is symbolic of its laws as well as its highest legal authority, such as the US Supreme Court, we’re sure to see pretty profound and deep changes taking place this coming year.

 We may see the further rise of the privileged 1% class, for Jupiter in Scorpio will bolster those with a drive for greater wealth and power. Monopolization and control of the world’s resources will undoubtedly expand through companies such as American Elements Inc., a privately held company controlling and marketing all the known elements in their various forms including nanoparticulates. Look them up to see for yourself!  They are an excellent example of a new form of globalization.  Of course there could be positive developments in the fields of science, engineering, and chemistry that benefit all of humankind with this Scorpio passage provided the powerful entrepreneurs and politicians of the world are humanitarian at heart.

I am, however, just learning how to interpret the charts of nations and principalities which have defined rules quite different from personal charts.  You and I need to look at where and how Jupiter in Scorpio will impact us in our personal lives for the next year.  Where will we go through some time of intense emotional experience?  Where will we seek greater growth and improvement through a deeper connection with our own faith and a greater need to trust in the peak experiences that sometimes come to us from the Divine?  Magic and the occult are areas where Jupiter in Scorpio is at home.  The drive to connect with the invisible world of power can be expanded upon for either good or ill.  I read a good quote from Marcus Aurelius, born with Jupiter in Scorpio, which Stephen Arroyo had found for his book EXPLORING JUPITER:  “Dig within.  Within is the foundation of good, and it will even bubble up, if you will ever dig.”

So go ahead and dig deeply into the hidden areas that interest you whether they be psychological, metaphysical, sexual, related to death and dying, or perhaps connected with natural laws, business and finance, engineering, or even pollution control.  Remember that Scorpio is both Pluto and Mars ruled.  Investigating criminal behavior and military strategies may also be emphasized.

What I’ve done for myself is to go back through my many years in this body and take note of when Jupiter was in Scorpio. Remember, we’re looking at every 12 years.  For example, the last time both Jupiter was in Scorpio and Saturn was also in late Sagittarius and early Capricorn was September, 1958 through October, 1959.  I lost my beloved brother that year and went into deep grief.  His death was highly tragic and thus his funeral was a public event attended by well over 3,000 people, so Jupiter transiting my 10th house had a public over-tone to it at that young age.  Saturn, however, was moving through my 12th house and over my Ascendant, so I felt isolated and withdrawn for awhile and had to grow up fast as I entered my 15th year of life.  This gives you an idea of how to reflect and then anticipate what this next cycle may involve knowing, of course, that nothing every completely duplicates itself again in life.

Here are some well known people born with Jupiter in Scorpio:  Elvis Presley (passion with pelvic emphasis!), Alfred Hitchcock (ever the master of the macabre with tongue in cheek humor in his TV introductions), August Rodin (the sculptor whose talented wife he betrayed), Tennessee Williams (the writer of epic emotionally charged dramas), Mata Hari (the Leo exotic dancer who was betrayed and executed as a spy), Aleister Crowley (the occultist who gave us the masterful Crowley Deck), Ernest Hemingway (the gifted writer whose suicidal death is still disputed), Jean Harlow (Hollywoods original sex goddess), Ronald Reagan (the popular Aquarian president whose policies involved the Iran-Contra scandal), Napoleon (the great French General/leader also eventually betrayed, abandoned, and isolated), Leo Tolstoi (the great Russian writer of ‘War and Peace’), Ravel, Tchaikovsky, and Richard Strauss (all great composers of grand, lavish, and deeply emotional music).

I’ll be interviewing a young contemporary in my next article born with Jupiter in Scorpio.  This man is a designer of great games!  Look for it soon.

Finally, make a note of all the ins and outs of this next Jupiter in Scorpio cycle:

Enters on October 10th, 2017

Goes all the way to the 23rd+ degree before turning Retrograde on March 9, 2018

Finally turns Direct at 13+ Scorpio on July 10, 2018

Leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on November 9, 2018

October 8, 2017  2 Comments
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1 Donna Fisher-Jackson { 10.08.17 at 4:59 pm }

Genevieve, thanks for another insightful blog. I am currently reading a novel based on Mata Hari’s life by Michelle Moran, and read elsewhere that the French were going to declassify official papers about her case this October, 2017 – 100 years since she was executed for being a spy. It will be interesting to see what comes to light as Jupiter delves deep into the sign of Scorpio – the same as when she was born. The truth could finally come to light, and she could be vindicated. I am wondering what other truths will be brought to light during this coming year. It could be a time for some amazing discoveries, and some unsolved criminal cases finally resolved.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 10.09.17 at 7:01 pm }

Dear Donna, Thank you for pointing this important information out and shedding more light on Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio. You and other readers might be interested in a documentary that our ex-daughter-in-law, Susan Wolf Becker co-directed and produced: You can check it out on Facebook. It’s so beautifully done! And—yes—-they researched archives and interviewed a lot of people in the Netherlands, France, etc. and have come up with some amazing new information on her glorious and tragic life. I believe the film is called ‘Mata Hari, The Naked Spy’

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