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Current Trends and Up-coming New Cycles

I’m going to extemporaneously explore a few on-going trends with you and also take a look at some new cycles about to begin.  

The hottest news trend centers around the floodgate of sexual harassment charges pouring in from women now brave enough to share publicly what may have happened years and years ago, or recently.  Many men are also sharing their tales of feeling violated unwillingly.  Jupiter in Scorpio this time around is symbolic of a tidal wave of accusations as it trines Neptune in Pisces.  Jupiter can imply history as well as moral codes of behavior.  The ease with which it flows with Neptune implies global implications, for no longer are the privileged protected by their status or power from public shaming instantly viewed via the inter-net which is also a Neptunian sea of connectedness now possible.

Hestia or Vesta


I’m also taking a look at the role a couple of the asteroids are playing in this.  Let’s start with Vesta in Scorpio.  She’s known as the ‘Goddess of the Hearth’ for her role as a guardian of family, home, and thus community.  Her more ancient roots go back to pre-Hellenistic times where she was considered a virgin priestess who had absolute control over her own body and gave herself to no man unless she wanted to.  Of course this right was later taken from her as a tight patriarchal system of control took over.

Jupiter conjoined Vesta not long ago and they are still within orb of each other in Scorpio.  We are in the midst of a new dedication (Vesta) in pursing the truth (Jupiter) relating to broad-scale issues which need greater light and justice shed upon them.  No one has the right to violate another’s boundaries without mutual consent.  Minors hardly are ready for such choices and they need extra protection from the adults around them.  That violation is especially grievous and should be punished under the law.  This is one of the meanings of this combination of energies in trine to Neptune right now.


Another ancient asteroid goddess, Athena, is bringing major awareness to the collective as well through the auspices of Uranus in Aries.  These two have been conjunct and in trine to Saturn with Mercury in Sagittarius.  This certainly mirrors the bravery and outspoken courage of women (and victimized men) coming forward through the media (Uranus trine Saturn) and seeking action to right the wrongs even if they are old ones.  Aries is a more militant sign and Athena there will seek action.  When combined with Uranus she will be revolutionized.  

There is actually a Cardinal T-square formed by Mars in Libra square Pluto/Juno/Moon in Capricorn, and that Uranus/Athena conjunction.  Pow!!  Even the symbolism of Juno/Hera in Capricorn which has been conjoining Pluto strikes of the level at which these taboo subjects are now being dredged up and exposed more publicly.  The Uranus/Pluto square is still at work through 2022 if you allow for a 15 degree orb.  All is being revealed, but how much radical and positive change will actually take place as the forces of repression continue their strong-arming tactics.  Tyrants don’t give up easily.

Nonetheless, something has been unleashed that will not go willingly back into silence or submission.  Yes, it has to do with female rights, but it’s more universal implication is respect for all life.  RESPECT FOR ALL LIFE.  That is really what is at stake here I feel.  Demeter/Ceres is also at play here.  She is in Leo conjoining the North Node right now.  Self-confidence and self-pride are needing more nurturance right now.  The LGBT community has often emphasized this theme of pride.  But every child deserves to develop their own sense of self-pride and self-esteem so that they grow in self-confidence to become strong adults some day without the pockets of shame that rule as shadow monsters and false ego.

Thank you Asteroid Goddesses, one and all, for bringing more awareness into this modern world yet so filled with shameful behavior and shame-riddled victims.  Neptune and Chiron are still mirroring the dissolution unraveling so much right now.  This is an enormous theme that I’ve covered many times and will probably return to again.

So now let’s look at some changes ahead that are worth paying attention to:

Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 20th.  I will write an entire article on this one, but be aware that with Pluto in Capricorn we are facing an enormous reality check very, very soon.  Capricorn is an Earth sign whose primary spiritual objective is responsibility.  That theme covers every ill of our modern times.  Where are our responsible leaders?  Where is responsibility of consequences being addressed?  What are each of us responsible for?  

Sustainability will be another enormous theme as we get closer and closer to that Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  How much longer can life be sustained during these precarious times?  Who is addressing sustainability that has real clout on the world stage?  All of these issues will need to be addressed and quickly.

Uranus will enter Taurus by mid-May of 2018.  More Earth.  Uranus awakens and shakes things up.  Taurus likes to remain solid and stable.  That seems like a fairly simple equation:  Uranus = instability.  And that theme will last a good long seven years.  More shaking of untenable systems I’m sure.

Let’s also keep our eye on Mars as it enters Scorpio by December 10th through January 26th of 2018.  Mars really likes Scorpio!  It is hard hitting and unstoppable there in its drive and level of determination.  It will conjoin Jupiter as well as Vesta during this time increasing the intensity and focus of both the issues I have written about but other issues not mentioned such as military acts of aggression and nuclear threats.  It’s a full plate folks!  We are moving through deep and sometimes treacherous waters—-yes—-but also with it is the drive to raise our consciousness to matters of ultimate concern:  RESPECT FOR ALL LIFE!  That is a teaching that should never be forgotten and it needs constant renewal from us all to create a life worth living here on planet Earth.  

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1 Karuna Hodgson { 11.25.17 at 9:41 am }

Nice to have some of the implications these asteroid goddesses add to the mix. They seem to be playing a starring role!

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