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Spotlight on Taurus as Uranus Enters This Sign for Seven Years

Seven years is a very long time and we are about to see major changes in the solid earth sign of Taurus as Uranus wakes and shakes things up. Taurus is usually where we all seek some type of stable reliability in life.  How will that change for each of us?   You’ll need to look at the house/region where Taurus dwells in your own chart to prepare yourself for whatever new and awakened shifts you’re meant to experience.  Any planets there?  Those energies are also going to get zapped.  This is not necessarily easy for those with the more fixed and stubborn qualities associated with Taurus,  If you are obstinate, immovable, and unyielding, watch out!  Upheaval is on the way.  If you are less attached and freer inside, like the Buddha you’ll experience true awakening.  The more resourceful you are, the more constructive the changes may become in your life.

We will have Uranus in Taurus starting on the 16th of May, 2018 pretty much through the end of April, 2026.  It will dip back into the last two degrees of Aries from early November, 2018 until early March of 2019 however.  So we are entering the foretaste of mega changes for the next six months.

What are some of the major themes to be impacted?  Keep in mind that I am stating only some of the possible themes at this preliminary stage:

MONEY:  It’s time to look anew at what exactly money is and to what is its purpose.  What is your relationship with money?  How do you earn or acquire it?  How do you use it once you have it?  Is there a spiritual purpose in all of this?  

Under this category come multiple sub-categories associated with Taurus such as POSSESSIONS, PHYSICAL COMFORTS, LUXERY, BEAUTY AND  APPEARANCES.  Money has a great deal to do with how much or little one indulges in these.

SEXUALITY AS A BASIC DRIVE:  Taurus is the sign of fertility.  It ‘rules’ propagation.  We have seen tremendous changes in sexual identity as Uranus moved through Aries in the past seven years.  How will the mores and values of sexuality change in the coming seven years?  What is your relationship to your body and your own basic needs sexually?  Like money, this is an enormous and fundamental theme in the world right now.  Will there be changes in fertility itself?  

EARTH’S RESOURCES:  Taurus rules mineral resources.  It also has a great deal to do with the fertility of the soil itself.  How will Uranus bring changes in both the mining and use of minerals, but also agriculture as the issue of  ‘the haves and the have nots’ becomes even more extreme and thus ‘who gets what’ becomes an even bigger issue where finite resources vs renewables are concerned.  Which leads us to the subject of CLIMATE CHANGE and how that impacts all of nature and the earth’s resources.  This is an enormous topic!  I feel it will ultimately over-shadow the former themes of money and sexuality.  If the destruction of the eco-systems on the planet is too great, it’s game over for all of us.  So there will be an increasing sense of urgency as Uranus awakens the masses.  There may be no denial or hiding allowed even if new and advanced technological inventions are created.  

I continue to go back to a book I read years and years ago entitled ‘Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future’.  Anthropologist and modern-day shaman, Dr. Hank Wesselman wrote the story of a man 5,000 years in the future who travels from what is now the Hawaiian Islands to the west coast of America, after earth’s devastation due to climate change and rising sea waters, where the metal kingdom and its technology has been demolished and is no more.  The artifacts he discovers as he wanders through the dense over-growth reveal an age long gone.  This is a visionary book of a possible future.

With Pluto still in Capricorn and Saturn creeping ever closer to Pluto over the next two years, there will be a deep emphasis on EARTH.  Neptune in Pisces will continue to dissolve away the residues of the ‘Age of Pisces’ with its sado-masochistic themes of dominance and subjugation, victim and savior.  The United States is commencing it’s Pluto Return over the next 10 years and is in the throes of some type of death and rebirth.  We know things are getting heavy and we need to work towards that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ as a collective and stop this nonsense that someone in the sky will ultimately rescue us from our own folly.  Earth energies demand mature practicality.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  This means our values have to change as Uranus plows us forward into Taurus.  What do we really value?  Can we foolishly afford to squander money and resources on endless forms of self-indulgence and escapism?  This may sound moralistic, but it comes closer to choosing life or death as I see it.

Yes, we can review the previous two cycles of Uranus in Taurus, but neither of these cycles had collective awareness of the limitations we all face now knowing there is no Planet B.  This is the game changer we are all facing.  But let’s review briefly what I’ve gleaned from Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas’ book ‘Astrology:  The Divine Science’ written in 1978.

1850-early 1859:

1851 = Gold discovered in Australia led to the rapid development of that continent.

1851 = Singer’s sewing machine invented.  (Practical inventions)

1853 = A treaty, opening Japan to US ships, inaugurated a highly profitable era of Eastern Trade

1854 = The founding of the Republican Party in the US in response to disputes over slavery.  This party was born with Uranus in the $ sign, and as the years have passed has come to represent the interests of big business.

1854 = “Walden” is written by Henry David Thoreau (Nature awareness)

1855 = The Bicycle is invented (more practical inventions)

1855 = “The Song of Hiawatha” is written by Longfellow, as is “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman (more Nature awareness)

1857 = The US Supreme Court ruled that black slaves had NO RIGHTS as citizens.  “Since Uranus, planet of freedom, is in its fall in conservative Taurus, this was not the time to expect radical advances in the fight for human liberty.”  Is this hand-writing on the wall for all the immigration issues to come????  

1857 = Cattle disease (Taurus) is rampant through-out Europe

1858 = The rotary motion washing machine is invented.


1934-May 1942:

1935 = The “New Deal”.  Social Security legislation. “Taurus stands for money and comfort, and this legal enactment represented a major breakthrough (Uranus) in the effort to ensure a reasonable standard of material security for all citizens.  Certain Mundane astrologers are forecasting the downfall of pension funds by the end of this year in interesting contrast in this era of the .01% elite.

1935 = Widespread disputes over land (Taurus); Italy invades Ethiopia, the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s atrocities, dictatorships flourished in Latin America, the Sino-Japanes War continued in China, the forced collectivization of farms in Russia marked the spread of a totalitarian way of life.

1935-1942 = Hitler and Stalin dominated this era bringing drastic curtailments of human freedom.  Are we headed in that direction again with world leaders seeking life-time rule and dominance over the many?

1935 = The many practical inventions of radar, nylon, the ball-point pen, electronic computers, electron microscope, polyethylene, penicillin, and jet engines.

1939 = WWII ‘with its indiscriminate destruction of land and property is underway’.

1940 = Artificial insemination introduces a new era of livestock breeding with all of its profound human implications.

1942 = The V-2 rocket is invented.


Ah me!  This is not easy reading for it doesn’t bode well for what is to come given the stakes are much, much higher now, though we see glimmers of hope such as South and North Korea’s recent move towards peace, and Macron’s impassioned plea before Congress for acknowledgement of climate change and multi-unilateralism, as well as practically pleading for no war in the Middle East.

I still continue to see hope in the people who cross my path, and there are so many Taurus women I want to celebrate this month.  There is even one man who fits the bill, though to be truthful, he’s a Pisces with Mars in Taurus.  :). Here they are:

 Interior Design is a natural vocation for Venus ruled natives.  I’ve known Lisa for many, many years, and you won’t find a nicer, kinder, Taurus.  Her Venus is in Aries conjoining her Mercury so she’s always ahead of the pack and that fire keeps her moving as do other cardinal placements in her birth map.  She lived in London for many years developing international experience and expertise so that she is now a seasoned leader in her field.  That said, she IS a California native and the West Coast has always been on the cutting edge where innovation is concerned.  I’m sure that Lisa will become even more inventive with ecologically sound designs as Uranus enters her energy field.


Laurie with her early degree Sun in Taurus, also has Venus in Aries.  I have observed her journey from budding actress in New York City to a leader in her field in both healing work and mindfulness now based in Southern California, though she travels and conducts workshops all over.  Here is her web site:

Notice that she works with individuals, families, and children/youth, as well as those in recovery from addictions.  She will be co-facilitating a ‘Women’s Wilderness Hiking, Meditation, and Creativity Retreat in the Trinity Alps of Northern California from September 5th through the 9th, 2018.  Details are posted on her web site.  

Laurie is such a gracious and loving Taurus!  Her destiny has taken her out into the world with a loaded 10th house, but she is also a wonderful wife and mother with a rich inner life.  I find many Taureans drawn to the spiritual world thus fulfilling the higher goal of non-attachment that the Buddha, a Taurus, taught.


Image result for Mari Aaronsouth


Mari and I have been friends for umpteen years since she lived  in Nevada County.  Now she resides in the Bay Area and has built a solid foundation as a recognized artist in her field.  In one system I work with she was born under ‘The Way of Experience—Redefining Who You Are’.  I would say that is true of Mari who is also a gifted hypno-therapist and master metaphysician.  Art, however, is her true love and calling for she is born with Venus also in Taurus.  

Take a look at her web site and her dazzling array of photographs of her many paintings and drawings.  She moves between the realms of figure drawing and the abstract painting, and is now melding the two in a variety of palettes.  Her love of color is vibrant and ever changing.  I include two sites for you to explore:



Image result for Danielle Vierling


I have to include our eldest daughter, Danielle!  It is actually her birthday today as I write this, and I certainly bless the day she was born!  She has Venus in Pisces and a Mars/Sun conjunction in Taurus.  She was always drawn to metaphysics as a child and showed remarkable gifts psychically, but also alchemically. She was also gifted in dance studying ballet with the SF Ballet until we moved away from that city. As a teenager she needed to eschew much of this for a more conservative value system which led to a Master’s Degree in International Relations and a career that seemed destined for the more practical world as she began working for a very large engineering firm in Dublin.  She had, however, picked up her love of tarot along the way, as well as certification in Synergy Dance, made famous by Charmaine Lee in Washington DC.  She moonlighted these talents until finally she took the leap of faith and quit her conventional work for full-time healing and intuitive work.  With Jupiter in Gemini she is super versatile and now practices multiple services as an intuitive/tarot/astrological reader, polarity-therapist, and lomi-lomi practitioner, as well as leading groups and teaching meditation, yoga, astrology, tarot, and synergy-dance.  

If you are interested in Tarot, you might enjoy her articles posted on this site of all the Major Arcana.

Here are links to her web sites: and

I love her opening statement on her site, “Supporting All That We Need in Our Hearts and Souls……Yoga/Dance, Healing & Intuitive Sessions to Encourage the Heart & Inspire a Beautiful Life.”

Last, but not least, I want to include this man: 

Image result for abeer desai
Abeer contacted me way back in February to collaborate on an article together, but circumstances prevented me from doing so at that time.  Hopefully we can get a more in-depth article out in the future because Abeer, an artist, has been studying archetypal astrology through the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and is melding this knowledge with fashion through his company Mother Earth Worldwide.  He and a co-designer are creating sporty, trendy, fashions with archetypal astrological themes.  This would truly be a Uranus in Taurus new look!  Abeer, a Pisces, has Mars in Taurus with Vesta (dedication and focus) near the top of his chart.  I wish him well in his new enterprise and hope to feature it later this year.  
May the Beautiful Life continue to thrive for all of us as Uranus stirs the pot and awakens new consciousness in this most earthy of all the signs—–Taurus.


April 29, 2018  5 Comments
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1 Ana Marie Gravatt { 04.30.18 at 5:08 pm }

Dear One ..

Your article is thrilling and accurate .. Iam doing readings and healings

Nearly every client , friends and family are being awaken to these issues .,
I have have been incubating a seed of hope. I am feeling encouraged and enthusiastic with your words ..

Always Loving You 💚

2 Genevieve Vierling { 04.30.18 at 9:09 pm }

Blessings in your sacred work Ana Marie. I do believe there will be an enormous awakening soon.

3 Mari Aaronsouth { 04.30.18 at 8:27 pm }

Thank you so much Genevieve for the lovely write up!! I so enjoyed your article on Uranus in Taurus…still digesting it. These are indeed highly charged, changing times we are living in. May health and balance for ourselves and the planet be our guides!

4 Mari Aaronsouth { 04.30.18 at 8:29 pm }

Mari Aaronsouth { 04.30.18 at 8:27 pm }
Thank you so much Genevieve for the lovely write up!! I so enjoyed your article on Uranus in Taurus…still digesting it. These are indeed highly charged, changing times we are living in. May health and balance for ourselves and the planet be our guides!

5 Genevieve Vierling { 04.30.18 at 9:08 pm }

You are so welcome Mari! You are a great example of a true spiritually-oriented Taurus!

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