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Mars in Aquarius Dances with Gemini

Yes!  Right now we have a lovely Air Trine between Sun in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius.  This is great motivation to circulate and move both physically and mentally.  The Sun remains in Gemini until the Solstice on June 21st so I will feature some great Gemini people that I know in the second half of this article.  

Let’s first look at Mars in Aquarius where it stays for quite awhile due to its retrograde motion this year.  Mars is the basic energy of action, of drive, of libido.  In Aquarius Mars requires mentally dynamic fuel and will resist conformity.  Hmmm…  I wonder how the male athletes of the NFL will take to the new rules?  Aquarius seeks independence primarily.  We can watch and learn as the games heat up and the players choose where their allegiance lies.  

Science and technology will undoubtedly benefit from Mars in Aquarius, especially as it squares Uranus.  We need plenty of new innovations now to combat all the environmental woes of our times so I’m hoping that more and more inventive people will get the balls rolling for health and well-being with new discoveries and tools that we may all benefit from.  I would think that physics would be a field ripe for this dynamic duo (Uranus & Mars) to energize.  The danger, as always, is inventiveness without a conscience.  When that highly sensitive and cerebral physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer led the team who designed the atomic bomb during the WWII years of the ’40s little did he fully fathom the destructive power which would be unleashed on the world and is now one of the major threats we again face with Uranus back in Taurus where it was during the bulk of WWII.  If you look at his face as he aged you see a very gaunt and haunted man.  

That is a problem with this latest Uranus square Mars dance.  It is a problem with Gemini as well.  There is such a thing as amorality, and it goes with both signatures.  So inventiveness without clear consciousness may become highly dangerous and destructive.  We know that by now.  The world is full of far more threats globally today such as environmental toxins, nuclear bombs, and climate change.

 Humanitarian causes could also use a boost right now and we are certainly seeing this in the ‘Me Too’ movement as a great example of women challenging the status quo of powerful men in high positions exploiting them in the work world.  This is also part of Jupiter’s job in Scorpio of course; getting to the truth and exposing it.  There are many other human rights violations that need to be addressed as well involving children and child pornography, human trafficking of exploited refugees, and the on-going themes of domination/subjugation that this planet seems rife with.  Aquarius likes to see ‘the big picture’ and Mars can stir the pot tremendously to do so.

Gemini is ever the most inquisitive of all the signs and now with Mars in Aquarius it’s a good idea to channel that curiosity into what is really going on in the world today rather than endlessly moving off in tangents whenever titillation hits us through the onslaught of media and sales allures popping up on our iPhones and computer screens.  I suggest researching and searching for truth with the availability that we still have on the inter-net, even as the control tightens.  Yes, you can get lost in the endless maze of distractions, but you can also use your nose to track leads and follow your intuition towards a discovery of your own truths.  For example, I recently found a very clear and succinct explanation of what is really going on in the Middle East on an independent radio interview on YouTube by an Egyptian.  The man he interviewed is a man who has been endlessly researching and blood hounding it through the maze of deceits and distractions for decades and is a fairly clear voice of reason for our times.  He doesn’t mince words but he isn’t angry either. He clearly explains how the puppet masters pull the strings and play one side against the other for their own gain.  It’s all about divide and conquer or demonize so you can gain support to attack. He has a good Mars in Aquarius kind of mental fortitude and assertion that is needed right now.  He is an independent thinker.

 I like to follow the news sites of other countries and nations so I don’t get just ‘the party line’.  We all need to watch and read critically now.  I’m not here to tell you what to watch and read.  I’m here to say “Think for yourself and don’t be so gullible!!!!”  Propaganda abounds.  Just follow the BIG money and you’ll know where the bullshit lies.  The bigger the corporate-run show probably the more suspect.  Find the independent thinkers who are not paid by these corporate interests, then you might ferret out the truth for yourself, and make up your own mind by also listening to your heart.  

Many of you reading my blog are living in different parts of the globe. That is one of the great gifts of this inter-net invention we are using, so we all need each other now more than ever to communicate with and to see other’s points of view and then we can decide for ourselves what we resonate with.  That is the best of what Gemini with Mars in Aquarius can offer right now.  Be eclectic.  Synthesize.  Get the bigger picture.  By all means also get out and circulate!!!  Allow this time to awaken your senses and broaden your mind.

Please note the time frame for Mars in Aquarius over the next several months:

Mars entered Aquarius May 16th (right after Uranus entered Taurus on May 15th)

Mars turns Retrograde on June 27th at 9+Aquarius

Mars, still Retrograde, leaves Aquarius and backs into Capricorn on August 13th

Mars turns SD at 28+Capricorn on August 28th

Mars finally leaves Capricorn and re-enters Aquarius on September 11th

Mars leaves Aquarius on November 15th.

Do you see what a long run we’ve got ahead of us with this energy wave?  Check it out in your own chart to see where you get catalyzed with energy for action.  Also note when Mars and Uranus form their exact squares to each other during this time.  These are hot spot times.  Pay attention to both the Korean situation and the Middle East and the gyrations of the political/military industries during those times.  General meanings of Mars square Uranus are irritability, impulsivity, nervous tension, accident proness, recklessness, disruptions, carelessness, erratic swings of energy, sexual excitement, aggressive eruptions (earthquakes), road rage.  If this energy is impacting you be aware and use it constructively, consciously. It is the ‘Fight for Freedom’ aspect.

First Mars square Uranus exact:  May 15th through the 18th

Second time:  July 31st through August 3rd

Third time:  September 16th through the 18th

Keep in mind that the days before and after are also ‘hot spots’ of unpredictability and instability.  The entire time from mid-May to mid-September is impacted.

Finally, bear in mind that the degrees from 28 Capricorn through 9 Aquarius activate those planets in those degrees in your chart.  I can’t cover every combination, so for example, if you have planets at the tail end of Capricorn or the first 9 degrees of Aquarius you are being activated mightily.  If you have Gemini or Libra planets in those early degrees the activation is easy and fluid.  If you have Scorpio, Leo, or Taurus planets in those degrees, however, the energy is highly challenging but dynamic.  

Mars moves on rapidly through the rest of Aquarius (9 degrees to 29 degrees) from October 10th through November 15th which forms the ‘last dance’ with both Gemini and Libra.


Here are some REAL, genuine Gemini people to celebrate!

John F. Barna, Jr. is a most amazing Gemini man whom I’ve known now for over 10 years.  His career path has involved transportation, a very Gemini thing!  When I met him he was the executive director of the California Transportation Commission, “an independent state commission responsible for programming and funding several billion dollars annually for transportation projects in partnership with regional transportation agencies and the California Department of Transportation.”  Other aspects of his work in government and the public sector have involved his dedicated effort to get high-speed rail projects off the ground in California and nationally.  We really need that!  My husband’s son (from his 1st marriage) lives in Beijing, China and he just sent us a photo of the high-speed rail that he and his wife travel on ALL OVER CHINA.  It goes 190 mph!!!  In this most populous and highly affluent state we can’t even get one from Los Angles to San Francisco!  Gemini—-where art thou?  Well John Barna has tried.  And he’s probably still trying from the private sector.  

He is now president of Anrab Associates, Inc.  His bio states that “He assists private-and public-sector clients to develop and pursue infrastructure initiatives, projects, and funding….”  

Not only is John a tireless worker for our public needs for transportation but he is a true metaphysician in his own right.  He has vast knowledge and experience with the more hidden realms of energy and—yes—magic.  He is no ordinary Gemini and that is why I admire him.  He has a lot of consciousness to go with his work in the mundane realm of every day life where we need to move to and fro with ease and mobility.  The psychopomp of Mercury is very strong in his chart for he has a Sun/Moon/Mercury triple conjunction in Gemini in his 8th house of both business and ‘the mysteries’, AND he has Uranus quite near the top of his birth map, AND he is the Jack of Diamonds in the Atlantean Oracle system.  It’s nice to know we have people like John working hard for the benefit of us all.


Jane Bell is another Gemini that I deeply admire; in fact I have trained under her tutelage for my Flower Essence work both in Fairbanks, Alaska and Sebastopol, California where she now lives.  Jane understands deeply the underlying world of energies that we call the devic kingdom and she is able translate to us that hidden world in a variety of ways.  She writes and speaks so eloquently, but she is also a alchemist and an artisan.  Her Mercury is in Taurus leading her Sun/Mars in Gemini.  This grounding aspect of her nature manifests clearly in everything she does which is both beautiful and profoundly intelligent.  Sitting at her feet and learning is a real pleasure, believe me!  

Jane helped develop the Alaskan Flower Essences with Steve Johnson, but she now has her own Hawaiian Essences under Jane Bell Essences which I encourage you to explore through her beautiful web site linked here.



Darice Conrad has the most delightful and endearing business up in Alberta, Canada.  She is a beautiful woman who evidently has multiple Gemini sponsored talents like singing, but her love of animals and these adorable PuppyLoveLabradoodles is where her business expertise lies.  She runs this business with multiple aspects to it from their family compound.  Her Mercury trails her Sun in Gemini in Cancer next to Saturn.  This is a woman who takes her responsibilities seriously and cares deeply for everything she nurtures.  Unless she sends me a photo of herself (she seems to be so modest!) you’ll just have to enjoy photos of these sweet creatures who make the best family pets and companions.



I have plenty of other Gemini people I’d like to feature but they don’t have web sites or public platforms to present to you.  My hairstylist, Ashley, is a versatile Gemini; my husband’s friend, lawyer, and tax man is a Gemini still consulting and solving problems at 89 years!  I could go on and on.  There’s a very dear friend, Jay Markel, who is an artist, designer, and landscape architect.  Such wonderful people—-all of them.

I’ll end by celebrating Terrina Wong who was a techie in Silicon Valley before finding her real passion as a chef.  True to Gemini-fashion she is a Michelin-trained chef and culinary educator now at Sur La Table in Palo Alto.  Since becoming the mother of two she has created her own business called ‘dipnotics’.  Just look at the yummy dips on her delicious web site!  Terrina’s Mercury is conjunct her Gemini Sun and Venus.  This containment symbolizes artfulness and grace in communicating.  


Bravo to all our intelligent and beautiful Geminis!!

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1 Pam Gaynor { 05.27.18 at 2:19 pm }

Has anyone posted about how this will effect the Gemini-in-chief? If so, please provide a link! Thanks.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 05.27.18 at 5:25 pm }

Dear Pam, I don’t as yet know of any astrologer’s commenting on transit Mars with Trump, but I’ll take a look at the ones I like to read and try to post something. I’ve run his transit wheel, however, and here’s what I see: Transit Mars has entered his 6th house of work/health/problem-solving for pretty much the duration, finally leaving on November 10th. That’s a long stretch for someone who’s working style is highly Uranian. Will his health hold? His mind? Let’s look at all the aspects Mars will make to his other planetary energies, plus Ascendant, plus Nodes—-that’s 7 aspects in all repeating three times. Mars sesquisauare his Uranus and Sun will create further erratic and unexpected situations where inconsistencies may scatter his forces. He could get rash. He could get super angry. He could get impulsive. Maybe Mars in trine to his Neptune might help to smooth his feathers, but this aspect could also encourage him to take the path of least resistance. Transit Mars will also semi-square his Moon in Sagittarius which is an aspect of over-coming obstacles. This, again, probably is going to increase his edginess and mood shifts. It may also further exacerbate tensions with his wife, home, and family that are only visible to those who really see what’s going on under the surface. Remember, his Moon is simply NOT visible to the public. Mars will also be inconjunct his Mercury in Cancer. Ouch. He is not a ‘big picture’ type of human being. He is decidedly ethnocentric in his world views in my opinion. So plenty of adjustments will hound him daily and that is stressful and wearing. The sesquisquare to his North Node in Gemini and the in- conjunct to his Leo Ascendant round out a time frame that probably exacerbates his highly restless nature which isn’t too interested in doubling down and applying himself to hard, hard work. He likes to delegate that to others. He likes the grand stage, the media spotlight rather than the cloistered work room or the daily grind that real service to others requires.

Keep in mind also that this Mars transit is ever so close to an opposition with his hidden Pluto in the 12th house where it sits fairly unaspected. The puppet masters behind him are the ones pulling the real strings here. That energy intensifies by October and he is finally released to fast moving currents unleashed by the 20th of the month through early November. He is a soul who must eventually plunge into the abyss and face the personal limitations of his ego. Does he know who the ‘Source’ really is? Jeff Green speaks to the fantasies that 12th house individuals often harbor. To quote him, “An observer would be hard pressed to see or understand that these ‘realities’ are actually based on illusions and dreams because the individual has succeeded in actualizing them: they are living them out.” So will Mars opposite create any type of awareness for this man. Again, as Jeff Green states, “these individuals are learning lessons about reality as it is; to what they want to see, not what they blindly want to pretend is happening, not what they want to make reality into based on fantasy, delusions, or naivete…..”

The 6th house is Virgos home ground. This man has NOTHING in EARTH. But his wife does. So let’s watch her carefully over the next several months. What is really going on with her internalization of a reality primarily hidden from our view? Remember, tumors are frozen tears manifesting in the flesh, the cells of our body temples. The 6th house grinds away at other realities and they usually have nothing to do with fantasies.

3 Kate Beetle { 05.28.18 at 5:48 pm }

Could you give a link to the Egyptian gentleman whose Youtube interview you found enlightening? thanks! Always good to read your insights. Wait– reading your response to Pam’s question. He–Trump– could GET rash, impulsive, angry? Like, he’s not already there? Ummm…

4 Genevieve Vierling { 05.28.18 at 7:47 pm }

Dear Kate, The YouTube rendition of a BBI Radio interview is entitled The Middle East Explained: David Icke talks to BBI Radio Part One and Part Two. I’ve tracked David Icke for years and years and must admit much of what he goes into turned has me off, but he has become clearer and calmer now, and his research is sound I feel where it comes to what is really fueling the conflicts in the Middle East. He’s thorough and you might also want to read the viewers commentaries which are most interesting since so many come from people living in the Middle East. The interviewer did say he is Egyptian but I can’t find his name and I don’t believe he stated it.

Love your comments on Trump. With Mars right on his Ascendant in Leo he has always been brash, bold, and I’m sure blows up with great regularity. Also, it’s interesting to note that Mars goes through his 6th house every 2 years, but THIS TIME it will be about 7 months. It will be interesting to observe. It’s just hard for the average person to get their head around the fact that he’s just another puppet whether he views himself that way or not.

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