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On November 8th Jupiter enters the sign of Sagittarius leaving behind a year of Jupiter in Scorpio extremes and intensity.  These last few months with Jupiter in square to Mars we’ve witnessed incredible, horrific, and outrageous acts of violence that defy the notion that we live in a ‘civilized world’.  Will Jupiter in the sign of its Dignity lead us towards greater justice, and a saner more ethical world where moral values are honored?  One would hope.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is fiery and goal driven towards expansion in everything from sports to metaphysics.  In this sign the Zeus-like qualities of joviality, high-spirited yet an often reckless sense of adventure, and broad-mindedness may be encouraged.  Will the more noble-minded people of the world prevail?  One would hope.  

The down side will no doubt also be present with fanatical right-wingers, dogmatists, know-it-alls, and pompous asses going to excess.  The up-side is, unlike in Scorpio, things will become more visible for all to see.  Transparency.  That’s what is needed in this dark time of deceit and subterfuge.  What is also needed is optimism in life again, and Jupiter in Sagittarius often spawns great dreamers and visionaries who seek higher consciousness.  One would hope.

Where will this mighty force of expansion impact you?  You’ll need to have a fairly good grasp of your natal chart and the energies and patterns within it, or enlist the help of a good astrologer.  I can give you a few pointers in this article.  First, do you have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant in Sagittarius?  If it’s the Sun, this is your year to begin anew your sense of purpose and set goals for yourself.  If it’s your Moon you’ll find either protection and benevolence surrounding you, or overwhelm, or some of both.  If it’s your Mercury, you’ll want to expand your horizons in some new learning curve or exploration in the form of travel through inner (like meditation) or outer (like flying off to a new and exotic place).  If it’s your Ascendant; well you’re ready for an entirely new cycle of personal growth.

This leads us to take a fast tour of Jupiter through the houses, which I have covered in years past on this blog:

Transit Jupiter through your 1st House:  It’s time to start fresh with renewed confidence and optimism.  Explore yourself!  Gain new experiences which inform you of your own identity more fully.  This is considered a fortunate time in general.

Transit Jupiter through your 2nd House:  You could attract financial gain, but you could also spend more money.  The physical universe wants to bless you this year so that you feel more protected and secure.  It’s a good time to actualize what you truly value.

Transit Jupiter through your 3rd House:  Do you want to master a new skill?  Improve your relationships with siblings and neighbors?  Increase your contacts through all the modes of communication now available?  You’ll be very busy this year and mentally receptive to new ideas.

Transit Jupiter through your 4th House:  Home sweet home may get sweeter especially if you want to improve it.  Family life may grow and feel good.  Do you want to put down your roots somewhere new?  This is a good year for that.  And search for long-term security, or real estate investments can bring benefits.

Transit Jupiter through your 5th House:  This is another arena for gaining more confidence and really opening up your creative channels to express yourself through.  Do you have children?  This is a great year to improve their lives and your life with them.  Do you want to have more fun?  By all means, take advantage!

Transit Jupiter through your 6th House:  This is a good year to seek more fulfilling work, routines, and health and fitness regimens.  Anything you want to improve on can pay off if you jump in with enthusiasm.  Mastering something may be easier under Jupiter’s benevolent tutelage.

Transit Jupiter through your 7th House: High growth in partnership may open up for you.  If you are seeking professional assistance and guidance this is good timing, especially in legal matters.  You may be favored by others and meet all sorts of new and even exotic people from other lands and ethnicities.

Transit Jupiter through your 8th House:  Greater benefits from inheritances, joint finances, loans, stipends, and investments may unfold.  Your life with another in intimacy may expand.  Your ability to share, and share deeply is encouraged.  All journeys into the mysteries of life are supported and encouraged.  Do you want to heal and transform some aspect of your life?  It’s time.

Transit Jupiter through your 9th House:  If you actually have Sagittarius ruling this house and/or partially in it, this is THE YEAR for any form of expansion that you desire whether physical or spiritual, or both.  Your world-view may enlarge.  Do you want to get something published?  Finish that dissertation?  Teach?  Perfect time to do so.

Transit Jupiter through your 10th House:  You’re going to possibly get recognition for your achievements this year and step out onto the public stage with more confidence and enthusiasm.  New ventures or careers may flourish.  Family matters could also be emphasized.  If you’ve made your goals, this is a year to achieve them.

Transit Jupiter through your 11th House:  Success may be still high if you’ve achieved your goals.  Your social life will increase with possible new friendships and groups enlarging your circle.  The outer world will beckon you to participate and make your contribution to the whole.

Transit Jupiter through your 12th House:  Allow the spiritual dimensions of your life to support you and nourish you now.  You may find a teacher or guide or play this role for others spiritually.  Commune with nature and while you’re at it, help her to thrive!  Completions, introspection, meditation, and intuition are all areas to more deeply explore.

I tried to take the high road with the above descriptions, but take note that Jupiter has its own shadow side which is always connected with excess.  Too much of anything can take us out of balance.  Losing a good sense of judgment can also be a Jupiter pitfall.  Be wary of anything ‘too good to be true’.  Use a healthy sense of skepticism to counter foolhardiness.  Avoid extremes.

Looking at this coming year’s journey it’s important to also note that Jupiter enters on November 8th and rushes all the way to the 24th+ degree of Sagittarius before finally stopping and turning retrograde on April 10th, 2019.  Then it will swing back to the 14th+ degree before stationing and turning direct once more on August 11th, 2019; that’s four months.  It moves ahead to that 24th degree by November 9th before finishing up the last 5 degrees of the sign by December 3rd, 2019 when it enters Capricorn.  This seems to be the pattern of Jupiter cycles of late.  It rushes all the way into the third decanate before turning back into the early second decanate.  

So pay attention!  If you have anything in the first 14 degrees of Sagittarius, Jupiter will only pass over them one time FAST.  If you have planets or points from 14+ to 24+ of Sagittarius, Jupiter will pass over them three times.  Those of you with anything in those last five degrees from 25 to 29 also only get one pass from Jupiter.  These are important points to note when planning for how to take advantage of this energy.

I found many examples of prominent people born with Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Those still living will experience their ‘Jupiter Return’ this coming year.  Those long departed may get some type of revival this year:

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

such as Vincent Van Gogh,

William Blake illustration

William Blake,

Antoine de Saint-Exupery,

Henry Thoreau

and Henry Thoreau.  They were all visionaries and exemplified the expansiveness of what Jupiter can mean in the consciousness of a soul incarnate.

In today’s world we still have Eckhart Tolle with us.  Where will he go with his consciousness this coming year?

Tony Robbins

 Or Tony Robbins with his motivational, human awareness outreach?

Robert Redford

 Even Robert Redford, the actor turned visionary environmentalist, may set some new goals beyond what he has already achieved.

I”m also wondering what will take place in the life of Edward Snowden that extraordinary man who sought transparency and paid a heavy price.  All of these above mentioned people enlarged our view in one form or another.  

On the political front we have Hillary Clinton,

Al Gore, Justin Trudeau, Charles, Prince of Wales, and

Kim Jong Un

—-yes!—-Kim Jong Un.  Quite a spectrum of beliefs and creeds here, but worth observing what will drive them as Jupiter returns to where it was when each was born.  

Gigi Hadid

And just for fun!  Gigi Hadid.  I”ll let you look them up on Astrodienst because I’m wanting to keep this short and sweet.

May the wind be at your back as you move forward with Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next year!!

November 6, 2018  5 Comments
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1 Shereen { 11.10.18 at 2:20 am }

Hello, I’m born in July 4th 1998 at Malang, Indonesia. I wonder what Jupiter in Sagittarius would mean to me? I’m going to be very happy to welcome change—to a better course—and am worried that I might miss my chance by doing something wrong. Thank you (:

2 Genevieve Vierling { 11.13.18 at 4:51 pm }

Dear Shereen, You are of a generation born with Pluto in Sagittarius. Transit Jupiter will go over your Pluto within this month only. So what is your passion? It’s a good time to launch it NOW. You have something to say, share, create it looks like. Give yourself a mighty push and get started! You don’t give your TIME of birth so I’m not sure which house/houses Transit Jupiter will go through.

3 Mei-ling { 11.13.18 at 3:57 pm }

Hi, the fires in Paradise and Thousand Oaks shows me that the Scorpio intensity is still present. What an unspeakable tragedy. On the positive side, I love that Stacy Abrams is not giving up and encouraged others to do the same, demanding fair treatment at the poles. Bet Trump is itching to sit more circuit judges who will decide in his favor. Genevieve will you please contact me. I lost all ways to contact you except through Blue Light Lady. Love M

4 Genevieve Vierling { 11.13.18 at 4:36 pm }

Thanks for your input Mei-ling. Yes! I’ll contact you privately. 🙂

5 Govinda Miller { 11.14.18 at 9:53 pm }

Genevieve, Thank you for your brilliant & enlightening article on Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius. I pray that foreign relations will be blessed by the positive and jovial qualities of this transit.
With Love & Appreciation,

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