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Deeper Levels of Understanding May Come with Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn has barely entered the sign of Aquarius now with COVID-19 in full swing around the globe. We haven’t had any planets in Air signs for quite some time, and Saturn in Aquarius just might help to give us a greater perspective in the sign that it is exalted in. I will certainly be writing more in-depth about the astrological significance of it later, but for now I submit that SATURN RULES GRIEF, among many of its meanings.

Below is something our daughter, Danielle, wrote up about insights she gained while leading a group meditation in Dublin, Ireland which will continue on-line each week. I find her perspective both enlightening and comforting. It is written out here below:

🍀💚🍀 Tonight I held a private on-line Soul Truth Support meditation for a small group of my regular attendees from over the years and some powerful messages channelled in that are relevant for what’s happening with Covid-19. These messages are not to be seen as dismissive of any expert health advice or practical directives in respect to staying safe, healthy ,and socially responsible during this collective crisis. 

As an asthmatic since I was 5 years old (that’s for 49 years), I am acutely aware of what it is like to struggle for a Breath and Life.  I have great empathy for the people suffering with Covid-19 now and am “considered high risk” too. Over my years, I have sought many natural remedies (including homeopathy, acupuncture , herbal, nutritional, and energetic bodywork of all sorts) as well as other healthy practices to alleviate my symptoms, and have managed to control the asthma with both these practices and with pharmaceuticals when necessary, but still have been to the emergency room for immediate life-saving care many times (hands down to the amazing medical staff who helped me and who are helping Covid-19 patients live now). 

The messages that have come thru tonight are for all of Us, but also from my experience as an asthmatic, coming to acknowledge that the struggle to breathe comes from a deep deep repressed, unacknowledged and unexpressed grief. For an individual this grief may be associated with the loss, emotional abandonment, or separation from somebody very dear to them.  I experienced this in my early childhood. 

For us as a collective, it is the deep grief of separation from what really matters in our hearts, bodies & souls. It is a grief of separation from Real meaningful connection with ourselves, each other, and our humanity, our Earth, and our divinity.  
It is a grief for the loss of our healthy humanity and our Earth’s healthy ecosystem. 

Covid-19 is forcing us to acknowledge this grief and come back into connection with what really matters. Now is the time to acknowledge our collective grief and to air it.  As we do so , we will not need this external nightmarish global drama to alarm/wake us up to these matters. We can own our own part in it and take Response (Respiratory) -Ability for our Lives … our interconnected lives. 

We can hold a healing space for our collective loss and grief of interconnectivity; hold it in grace, and in compassion, as something we need to acknowledge with forgiveness and care, for all involved. We’re all in it together… If some suffer and go down, we all go down. If others rise up and connect, we all improve and arise. Every person, no matter what, is an essential part of the Whole of all that is. We are all holy no matter what.

We must also acknowledge that this grief is for our struggling Planet Earth too.  The lungs of Planet Earth are the trees… consider the veins as the branches… creating the oxygen for the planet. There is unexpressed suppressed grief for the loss of trees on the planet, for the destruction caused by “progress”, human civilisation projects, the burning of Amazon forest, etc. 

Right now with Covid/19, each of us is individually impacted with loss mirroring also what our Earth has been feeling for awhile. We humans also grieve the loss of old ways of being, our loss of money/work/income, loss of health, and connection and well-being with our meaningful social circles, Lifeforce & planet. What matters right now.? We need to stay healthy and safe and more connected with what matters in our intimate and collective lives more than ever! 

Consider: Dedicating this time of isolation under lockdowns and shutdowns to the grieving that is there… if you ignore your grief, it will subconsciously stagnant within you and create congested energies... allow it to be acknowledged and expectorated, to get it out with sighs, good cries, shouts, songs, and whatever other healthy, creative ways you can. We can clear this!!!

Grief comes from disconnection, abandonment, loss, separation.  When aligned, with what really matters, we keep connected with our feelings, express them freely and in more healthy ways.  We feel better and are better. We Live! Let’s Live! 

Please note all said above does not suggest we abandon any healthy measures or practices set out by Covid-19 health experts, but only to consider this calling to Also open ourselves up to more meaningful connection with Life! 

With all
my Heart Open to Life with you All, 

March 26, 2020  5 Comments
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1 timothy jerzyk { 03.26.20 at 6:28 pm }

Very thoughtful, very well said.

Thank you

2 Karuna { 03.26.20 at 6:37 pm }

Thank you for sharing Danielle’s message Genevieve. It’s an important one. As we all attempt to adjust to the new world of isolation, and move through the shock of it all, this is a perfect time to dedicate a little time towards deeper reflection and meditation. There are so many levels of emotions to come to terms with. Thank you for the light you hold up to help us find our way. Your offerings always help me to take a much needed breath.

3 SuSan { 03.27.20 at 10:26 am }

Wow Genevieve. What profound insight she has on so many levels. My Lily has asthma & this applies amazingly (esp. considering her background, you know). Gratitude for all you give of what is perceived beyond “the veil”. Love & protection to you & all your lovely family.

4 Wrozka Ewa { 03.30.20 at 3:12 am }

Thank you for very interesting post.

5 Emma { 08.27.20 at 8:11 pm }

I’m really happy to say that your article has been very helpful to me. I am studying astrology from and it is indeed a very Saturn time now, and yet I feel that we all need a reboot … due to the fact that we are forced to go inward … to really think about a lot. Having reached the understanding of many of the many, one can hope for what really matters NOW.

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