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Cancer Solstice…..Solar Eclipse, and The Power and Magic of Ritual

This year on June 21st we not only celebrate the Cancer Solstice, but an unusual Solar Eclipse will also take place at the ‘world point’ O+Cancer. Wherever this power point falls in your chart it’s time to pay attention over the next six months to a year to your own themes of nurturance. What in you needs nurturing? How do you nurture others?

In the wake of COVID-19 and the tremendous uprising of Black Lives Matter we are made acutely aware of both health and social justice themes; taking care of self and others.

Benjamin A. Vierling Artist


I recently read something quite profound in a reference book I have by astrologer Stephanie Jean Clement. She is discussing the sign of Cancer and its symbol, the Crab. She writes about how the crab has this very hard shell which protects its inner softness. I knew that. But what brought greater awareness in me was the fact that, once in the water, the crab no longer has control of the currents which may carry it far from shore and buffet it with sand, seaweed, and whatever flotsam slams into it. Nonetheless, the hard shell helps retain an inner integrity. Thus the currents of life need not destroy ones inner core of independence wherever we find our own Cancer placement.

Given this teaching, trust your inner strength as the world changes around you right now. Also keep your internal sense of thrift and simplicity no matter the tides of economic uncertainty. Be a survivor and help others to survive.

Remember, too, Cancer knows how to stay SAFE!

The rest of this offering I give over to my marvelous daughter, Danielle. She is a Cancer Rising Soul, and she has always had a 6th sense of the unseen realms. This ‘shelter-in-place’ time has allowed her to develop a new platform for sharing her own wisdom, and I am so pleased to present her teachings on Ritual and Magic, for the Solstice is a perfect time to practice these ancient arts in modern times. So, ENJOY!


June 16, 2020  2 Comments
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1 sheisavirgo { 09.05.20 at 5:18 pm }

AWESOME! My moon is in Aquarius in the 4th house. Cancer is in my 9th house…..any advice. i have had a lot of anxiety with these uncertainties.

2 Genevieve A. Vierling { 09.19.20 at 1:43 pm }

Dear ‘sheisavirgo’—-love that! Nice combination with your Virgo Sun/Scorpio Asc. and Moon in Aquarius. You can be both highly detailed and discriminating as well as having an inner ‘big picture’ sensibility that allows you to soar when you need to. Perhaps you might want to join Danielle’s groups on-line. She’s a Taurus, Cancer Ascendant, with a lot of planets in Pisces in her 9th house. She’d be a good teacher for you I dare say! She has an innate ability to instill confidence in her students.

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