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Taurus and Abundance

B.A. Vierling artist

I love the sign of Taurus whose theme is about the joy of pleasure and the reaching for abundance in life.  It’s the sign which most wants to create the ‘Garden of Eden’ on Earth.  Now with Uranus in Taurus for almost 5 more years, it’s time to awaken to where in your chart you value what you wish to manifest as abundance.  

I’m sure to be writing more about Uranus in this sign in the months to come after a year-long hiatus during COVID.

Today I am proud to present our Taurus daughter, Danielle, who shares a wealth of insights and wisdom in her metaphysical work ‘Soul Truth Support’. She started this path as a small child with strong intuitive abilities, but has always also had a delight in the joy of the natural world. I remember vividly taking her into the ocean for the first time as a baby. A wave swept up and over us both quite suddenly and she came up laughing! Today she swims in the Irish Sea, and she’s still in love with this magical Earth we all need to cherish.

Here’s one of her guided meditations on Abundance. Please enjoy!

May 4, 2021  2 Comments
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1 Jane { 05.05.21 at 3:00 pm }

How wonderful and synchronistic to receive this today after resigning from a career of 26 years that no longer fed my soul, just trusting my gut and knowing that my glorious universe will provide. Thank you, Danielle and Genevieve, I am accepting all the abundance I know awaits me! Life is good.

2 Gopi0101 { 05.12.21 at 11:28 pm }

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