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You and I have watched the world changing in revolutionary ways in the past few years.  We all feel the upheaval around us.

Shifts have left us wide-eyed, as epic events have unfolded.

So with this in mind…

Have you been wondering how to navigate the current circumstances of your life while existing in this changing world?

I want to let you know that what’s been happening globally is the result of some major planetary activity. (Yes, it can all be clearly explained!)

Top astrologers and psychologists discovered that the alignment of two planets has likely been responsible for this “shake up” and with that…a pattern has also emerged.

If you, or someone you know, experienced the 1960s – it was an astonishing time.

Movements, uprisings, social unrest… it all went on… and it changed the future in remarkable ways.

This period has something in common with what’s happening recently.

And the positions of planets are showing that the cause of global shifts in human behavior today (and during pockets of time spanning centuries), cause world-changing revolutions.

I’d love to invite you to learn more about this connection, because it will have an impact on your own personal fate as we move towards what’s coming next.  Finally someone has directed and produced a top quality film series inspired by the book Cosmos and Psyche, Intimations of a New World View by that great historian/astrologer, Richard Tarnas.  I have been referring to this book for years now.  

Go here to catch this brand-new documentary, Changing Of The Gods, that explores all this and more.


☝️ This is your personal invitation to watch online, for free, as world renowned experts, visionaries, psychologists, historians and even scientists share their wisdom and insights with you.


P.S. Revolution is in the air. Is this cyclical planetary alignment the cause of it all? Watch Changing Of The Gods for free to discover your answers – Episode #1 premieres live on Tuesday February 22nd. Be sure to get VIP access today so you don’t miss the exclusive previews released to the VIP guest list.


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