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MARS IN GEMINI: Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

In the early morning hours of August 20th, Mars enters Gemini in Washington DC just after the Moon in Gemini skims over it.  Truly a rocket launch of martial free-wheeling for the next seven months.  That’s right;  seven months until Mars finally enters Cancer on March 25, 2023.

I know a lot about Mars in this sign as I was born with it there a very, very long time ago.  Why I had moved 14 times by the time I was 12-years-old.  Every year I entered a new school and had to make new friends.  The changes and more changes that Mars in this sign puts one through.  Oi vey!  

How are you likely to experience it in this placement?  That depends on your natal chart.  If you have a lot of yang planets (Fire and Air) it will undoubtedly stimulate and energize them quite easily.  If your chart is made up of more yin energies (Earth and Water) it may prove disconcerting and even unnerving.

My main suggestion is to look at the house where it will be passing through and be prepared for change after change.  It will be here that you best stay flexible and versatile; two strong Gemini descriptions.  

The United States has a natal Mars in Gemini.  I’ve written about it in the past.  Air power.  Technical savvy.  The Communications industries. Endless wars that dissipate into the fog with that Mars square Neptune.  Thank goodness I wasn’t born with that aspect!

Here is the data to note:

Mars enters Gemini on August 20th.

Mars turns Retrograde on October 30, 2022 at 25+Gemini

Mars turns Direct on January 12, 2023 at 8+Gemini

Mars leaves Gemini by March 25, 2023

Please note that from 8 degrees Gemini to 25 degrees are emphasized three times during these next 7 months.  If you have planets at any of those degrees pay attention to how Mars will interact with them.

What can we expect from this coming period in a general sense?  The inception chart shows Mars moving into an easy relationship with Jupiter still in fiery Aries. This combination is considered highly enterprising and expansive.   Transportation and commerce/trade may go through sweeping changes that move rather quickly. For the past several weeks Mars was conjoining Uranus and the North Node in Taurus kicking off tremendous changes such as the Inflation Reduction Act.  During this Mid-term Election period endless talk and discussions will permeate the news. 

Mars will still flow outward from Pluto indicating powerful transformations that impacts everyone as the United States continues its difficult Pluto Return and grapples with the power issues of the past 248 years.  Mars in Gemini likes to talk (perhaps too glibly at times).  What secrets yet will be revealed?  What will emerge from the depth to get aired and discussed?  

Mars finishing a challenging aspect to the Sun in late Leo augurs further power issues and struggles, even more so since the Sun has been opposite Saturn.  Mars will eventually flow with Saturn in Aquarius helping to move forward  goals and prospects involving everyone and the bigger picture we all face now globally.  Mars/Saturn = hard work and accomplishments.  

Mars is also in a quintile (72 degrees) aspect to Venus in Leo indicating powerful creative or destructive forces at work through-out this time period.  

Note that this inception chart is made up of a lot of yang, out-going energies, yet Mars is still in a nice trine to Mercury in Virgo (yin) which encourages problem solving and technological advances involving Uranus in Taurus (more yin).  

There is a Grand Trine involving Pluto-Uranus/Mars-Mercury that might just give us some hope for mega-problem-solving people putting their heads together on the major issues of our time: climate change, the economy,  infrastructures, health issues, and endless hostilities and wars on the planet.  

Women’s Rights   Mars close to the Moon is moving midpoint between Jupiter and Venus.  Will women rally in a new rise of voice and action following the Scotus overturn of Roe on June 24th?    Back in the late ’60s, I was ‘date raped’.   I subsequently became one of thousands heading for the border, and the ghastly cloak and dagger intrigues we all had to face in places like El Paso to Juarez, Mexico just to say ‘No’ to unwanted pregnancies that would have ruined our lives.

Rape is a terrible way to start a new life!  Can you imagine being a embryo inside a womb where the mother doesn’t want you???  What does that do to the developing fetus?  If you’ve read this far, know that I have four very healthy, and extremely conscious adult children that I totally wanted, plus 7 very wanted and loved grandchildren.  That’s how it should be.   I am completely and utterly Free Choice.  Pregnancy should be desired and welcomed by the woman who must bear the fetus for nine long months, and give birth to the new baby.  It should be a woman’s right to choose for herself.  Mars-Moon-Venus.  Go. 

This will undoubtedly be a fast-moving and strongly voiced time ahead.  What will you say and do these next 7 months?  

I’ll close by sharing a link to a fantastic woman and her business who got this blog up and running again after lots of disruptions and road-blocks. You’ll be in good hands with Jill!!



August 15, 2022  2 Comments
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1 mei-ling albert { 08.17.22 at 4:08 pm }

There’s a lot going on! I’m already nervous about the election. How can Trump be allowed to run again when he actively did his best to overturn constitutional laws and procedures! SCOTUS is supposedly all about following the Constitution. When you mentioned Mars and Jupitar together I immediately thought That’s Trump! A fire bomb.

2 Genevieve A. Vierling { 08.18.22 at 5:08 pm }

Thanks for sharing Mei-ling. Yes, Trump’s chart will be highly activated with Mars going over his Uranus/NorthNode/Sun, and opposing his Moon three times in this next 7 month stint. He will be busting at the seams I imagine. However! Pluto isn’t quite done with him and he gets that energy through 2024 heavily and intensely.

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