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Category — Dream Interpretation

The Mutable Dilemma Returns: Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter/Mars in Virgo



Finding our way through the plethora of opinions, attitudes, and beliefs is the labyrinth we will be traversing in the many months ahead. How we determine for ourselves what to think about and what to base our beliefs on will be critical.

Neptune in Pisces brings us an ocean of [read more]

October 8, 2015  5 Comments
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When We Look to the Moon, We Can Flow through Life

Law 18 (The Moon/Pisces/Water):  When you get into rhythm with the natural cycles of the Moon, allowing yourself to flow with Nature, everything else in life can flow more easily for you.

Honor the different  phases of  Nature, the seasons, the generations, and your own life.  Witness the cycles of … [read more]

April 2, 2010  1 Comment
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