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January & February Eclipses 2009

Solar EclipseThe 1st Annular Solar Eclipse of 2009 recently occurred on January 26th at 6 degrees of Aquarius. How and where will this energy impact you? Eclipses are key pointers to where the events and changes of the year will occur in your life, so it makes good sense to pay … [read more]

January 28, 2009  2 Comments
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Full Moon Eclipse on August 16th

On August 16th at 2:18 pm PDT, 5:18 pm EDT, and 9:18 pm GMT a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will commence at 24 degrees, 21 minutes of Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. As I mentioned in my earliest article on Eclipses, if you are privileged enough to actually … [read more]

August 10, 2008  No Comments
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Woo Whee, A Total Lunar Eclipse!

Moon Eclipse ChartThe next Total Lunar Eclipse is set for February 20th. Here on the West Coast it will reach exactness at 7:32 pm, while on the East Coast it will be manifest at 10:32 pm. Try to get out there and see it because there won’t be another total one until … [read more]

February 17, 2008  No Comments
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Working Within the Shadow of an Eclipse

Solar EclipseWe are approaching an Annular Solar Eclipse on February 6th and 7th, depending on where you live on the planet.

In ancient times, Solar Eclipses created quite a stir amongst the people who viewed them. The Sun, gradually darkening in the sky until all was completely dark, brought a … [read more]

February 5, 2008  5 Comments
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