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Navigating The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times: Part 2

‘News You Can Use’

How have you been experiencing the new waves of energy these past two months symbolized by Chiron conjoining Neptune in Pisces?  Are you opening yourself to this new vibration impacting the billions of humans on planet earth, or are you fearful of the unknown that … [read more]

May 28, 2011  6 Comments
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The Awakening People of Dublin

Jupiter in Aries, soon to be followed by Uranus come April, are mirroring the amazing uprisings and cries for freedom spreading like wildfires now here, there, and soon everywhere around the globe.  There is much to witness and write about, but I’d like to pause and give homage to the … [read more]

March 5, 2011  4 Comments
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Uranus in Aries Awakens our Inner Strength and Courage

‘News You Can Use’

I’m so happy that Uranus has entered Aries at this great time of crisis on our planet.  We need plenty of inner strength and courage now and Uranus can awaken those qualities in us if we open ourselves to such a possibility.  We’ll have seven years … [read more]

June 28, 2010  3 Comments
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Chiron in Pisces: An Interview with Harriet Diamond

‘News You Can Use’

Chiron moved into the sign of Pisces on April 20th and will stay there for just a brief spell before moving back into Aquarius for the rest of this year, but by March of 2011 Chiron will continue through Pisces for nine years.  Who embodies this … [read more]

May 8, 2010  3 Comments
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Berlin Exhibition

Special Announcement!

Strychnin Gallery

Our blog artist B. A. Vierling’s work will be on display in Berlin, Germany at the Strychnin Gallery as part of the Magistrates group show. The show opens this Friday, November 13th, and runs through until December 6th. The opening party will also feature an exclusive Mark Ryden … [read more]

November 13, 2009  No Comments
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The Wonder and Woe of Michael Jackson, Virgo


Should Michael Jackson have asked any astrologer worth their salt, they could have warned him that he was in a potentially challenging and dangerous period leading up to his untimely death on June 25th, 2009 when Moon in Leo activated his own dynamic and potent T-square with Mars at the … [read more]

September 16, 2009  4 Comments
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Solar Twins: Marilyn Monroe and Heidi Klum

‘Personality Profiles’

marilyn_monroe_long_island_1956_s_2Two luminous beauties were born on June 1st.  One, who died tragically at the young age of 36 (’62), continues to live on with legendary fame; the other, who has just turned 36, continues to expand her sphere of public influence and popularity.  Both give added meaning to … [read more]

June 7, 2009  1 Comment
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A Brave, Strong, Devoted Woman

There is much heroism in life that is never known by the majority of us. It is inspiring, however, to encounter such acts of courage and love in people we cross paths with, for in those deeds are the seeds of a better humanity. I wanted to write this article … [read more]

May 25, 2008  3 Comments
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An American in Dublin

I am truly an American in Dublin, but no longer feel myself to be a stranger here. I’ve been coming for over ten years now for up to a month at a time. I find most Dubliners to be quite hospitable and ready for a friendly chat. This is a … [read more]

April 14, 2008  No Comments
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Jack London’s Mystical Side

Jack LondonJack London is considered one of the great writers and storytellers of the 20th Century. Who hasn’t heard of The Call Of The Wild, or White Fang, or The Sea Wolf? Did you know, however, that he wrote an amazing book on reincarnation? Did you know that … [read more]

March 9, 2008  3 Comments
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