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October Forecast with Kathy Rose

Enjoy this forecast.  I’m now in splendid Dublin, Ireland and will share my experiences upon my return.



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September 29, 2013  1 Comment
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Learning to Make Friends with Saturn

 Old Codger

Making friends with some crusty old codger who seems bent on tormenting us and making our lives more miserable seems like the last thing we’d want to do, but I’ve decided to give you a few tips based on my own life experiences and the observations of many long years … [read more]

August 14, 2013  20 Comments
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Saturn in Scorpio: Teacher and Guide or Devilish Taskmaster?

With Saturn turning Retrograde on February 19th until July 8th it’s time to look again at what we can learn from this  planet’s passage through Scorpio.  On our earthly planet of choice we can view its influence according to our own inner attitude.  We can see it as a teacher … [read more]

February 20, 2013  5 Comments
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Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

On November 13th we experience another TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 21 degrees of Scorpio.  Try to set your intentions clearly as you work with this intensely powerful New Moon.  Watch Kathy’s video for some good information and ways to work with this time.


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November 10, 2012  2 Comments
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Relating to Scorpio


We are fortunate that most Scorpios are profoundly good people.  I know quite of few of them, starting with my dear husband of forty years! If you seek depth of emotion, strength of character, and you never want to be bored, go find a Scorpio.

Scorpio is a fixed water [read more]

November 3, 2012  4 Comments
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Autumn Equinox 2012: Where Much Hangs in the Balance

The day and night are equal in length this year on September 22nd.  This commences the final quarter before the Winter Solstice of 2012.  The chart for this moment in time shows a mixture of ease, opportunities, challenges, and polarities as we enter what appears to be a highly charged … [read more]

September 20, 2012  10 Comments
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