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Microcosmos Melothesia by Benjamin A. Vierling

I’ve been a practicing professional astrologer now for the past 46 years. How do I use astrology in my daily life? Perhaps it is different than the ways you use it, but I have found these methods to work beautifully for me in navigating through the changes that life always brings, as well as understanding more deeply what I’m going through and, more importantly, what the lessons are for me as a living Soul.

With this larger platform for astrology now since the inception of the great ‘web’, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of sites and astrologers communicating through-out the world. You, as a reader, have a banquet feast to choose from. For this reason I am offering my own long experience in both practicing the craft, but also in what I deem its usefulness for me right now.

I’m adding this in as I just received an email from someone who can’t follow the ‘technical’ aspects of what I’m saying.  As a professional, I DO NOT USE THE LINGO WITH THE AVERAGE CLIENT.  But many of you interested now in astrology are trying to learn the techniques.  This is what I’m giving you below.

I start my year with my Birthday up-date and run my SOLAR RETURN chart for wherever I am when the Sun returns to where it was when I was born. I study that chart and compare it with last year’s SR, even going back to a series of them to see the trends. The SOLAR RETURN chart gives you a snapshot view of the year ahead especially looking at where the Sun falls and all of it’s aspects.

Then I move to my PROGRESSIONS for the year ahead. There are two methods I work with: SOLAR ARC and NAIBOD PROGRESSIONS. Solar Arc basically takes your birth chart and moves the entire chart one degree a year on and on for the rest of your life. This is how you see your purpose evolve through time. The Naibod Progressed chart is more Lunar oriented and moves the chart approximately one day per year starting with your birth date for the rest of your life.

From the Naibod Progressions I’m able to ascertain my PROGRESSED LUNAR CYCLE. This is a tremendous key to understanding my own evolution unfolding through time from birth to death starting with the phase of the Sun/Moon that I was born with. The Sun, remember, moves one degree a year, while the Moon moves one degree (approximately) per month. There are 16 Lunar Phases that I work with starting with New Moon to Full Moon and back to New Moon. These indicate the inner ebb and flow of my life rhythms irregardless of outer influences and patterns.

After a thorough study of those trends for the next year I move on to the TRANSITS. Transits are the planetary cycles of planets and asteroids as they move around our Star/Sun. This is what most astrologers discuss in articles written or recorded YouTube messages. These reports are similar to forecasts for all of us collectively. They may, or may not have bearing on us personally depending on our own unique pathway and blueprint. Sun-sign forecasts in the West are this way, but they never consider your entire chart. New Moon and Full Moon reports are interesting, but may have little bearing on one’s personal life unless they trigger certain natal patterns.

For myself, I run a data sheet from my program on ALL MAJOR TRANSITS for the next three years at least. This data includes the aspects of conjunctions, sextiles, squares, and oppositions only. This data will give me an over-view of major cycles I will be going through keeping in mind that the OUTER PLANETS are often felt 3 to 5 years in advance of when they ‘hit’ exactly. So looking three years ahead is a good idea!

From this broader view I know the BIG ONES are going to be transits to my Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, and major constellations. These are what I pay attention to.

Then I run data for just one year with aspects to all planets as well as the four asteroids, and I include in conjuncts, as a rule. I include Mars as a transit in this report. I include Naibod Progressed aspects as well. In other words, this data sheet gives me more DETAILS to pay attention to through-out the year ahead. I also plug in Eclipses, Stations, and new Sign entrances.

Once I have all of this information, I sit down and study the important features for the year ahead. I keep these graphs handy through-out the coming year to refer to as a move along.

I’ll give you an example: Right now I”m paying close attention to Mars in Virgo because it is activating certain configurations in my natal chart in a dynamic way which means both challenges and a need TO ACT. Mars is active and ‘hot’ for me right now. At other times it is subdued and calmer. I also see that Jupiter is highly active for me right now encouraging me to write after a fairly long hiatus where nothing seemed to want to come forth.

I am also aware right now that Uranus is an ever present energy impacting my personal life in various ways which are unpredictable, sometimes upsetting, but nevertheless moving me in new directions which bring aliveness and excitement into my life.

Am I writing about ‘fate’ here?  Perhaps.  Do I have any choices? Of course I do. These ‘weather patterns’ of the celestial sphere come and go in either supportive or challenging waves as I experience them. If you see a storm approaching, for example, you can’t necessarily prevent it from occurring, but you can prepare for it sensibly AND your response to it, once it is upon you, is YOUR CHOICE. Our mental attitudes are important in life. Our emotional response patterns are within our ability to be conscious of and may dictate how we respond to circumstances beyond our control. Life brings suffering and loss on this planet. This we know. We are finite beings in our bodies, but infinite in our potential consciousness. Joy and love are always possibilities for us to experience and exercise. Learning to be compassionate and even long-suffering in the face of challenges is always an option.

So now you know my methods for myself. I don’t read Full Moon/New Moon reports as a rule. I do pay attention to the long-range reports of trends however. I prefer to work with the long-arcs at this stage in my life because I’m getting close to the end of my journey in this incarnation. Astrology has taught me a great deal about archetypes, cycles, and learning to align myself with higher consciousness. That is all good. It’s been a great navigational tool.  

If you find this useful, please feel free to apply some of these methods.  You can always ask your own astrologer to give you this information as well.  This is what I do systematically for every one of my clients, especially when they ask for an up-date look at the year ahead!  Again, I DO NOT USE THIS TECHNICAL LINGO WITH CLIENTS WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!!!

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