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Test the Water; Get Your Feet Wet as Jupiter Wades into Pisces

Every 11.8 years Jupiter moves into a new sign. On May 14th it entered Pisces, a sign it is quite comfortable in. It’s time to test these waters and get your feet metaphorically wet until it re-enters Aquarius on July 28th for its final run through that sign until it re-enters Pisces on December 30th for its longest run.

I could feel the energies shift almost immediately and my dream life reflected this beautifully. What about you? Did you sense or feel a shift? This has been a time of more water joining the 14-year cycle of Neptune in Pisces. Mars has been in Cancer since April 24th, and won’t enter fiery Leo until June 12th. With three planets in water there has been an activation of this element which hasn’t been there in a very long while. 2020 was a LOT of earth!

Pisces is a sign which moves both backwards and forwards transitioning us from one phase to another. Reflection and review are necessary in Pisces, and thus it’s a good time to sort, and purge what now is ready to be cleared out to move us forward in our quest for emotional well-being. I have been finding more boxes of memorabilia in our storage unit and immersing myself in old memories as I let go of what I deem no longer matters.

One dream that came almost immediately after Jupiter entered Pisces was where I’m trying to do laundry in some sort of laundro-mat, but all the machines still have other people’s laundry sitting in them, as well as dirty laundry piled on top of the machines. Sure enough; going into our storage unit I realized I needed to clear, and clean up ‘other’ people’s stuff before I could finish my own. This is a good time to clean up the past in whatever form you find it in.

It’s also a great time to get in touch with your own emotional life and feel what you need to feel like flowing water. Express these emotions and share them if you are so inclined. I’ve noticed being interested in a lot of movies being shown on various outlets that are emotionally riveting or deep, for example. Watch what you find yourself drawn to now in literature, film, and music. Can you see any connection with Pisces there? Is there now a path towards emotional self-expression that you’d like to begin?  You’ll be able to continue on with this path in 2022 while Jupiter completes its own journey through Pisces.

It may also be time to develop or refine your intuitive senses. Jupiter invites us to explore that realm on its many levels, thus I’m including one of Danielle’s video teachings from her YouTube site: “The Ups and Downs of Intuitive Development”.

Finally, what about WATER itself? This may become a larger-than-life subject for many of us. Here in Northern California, where I live, we are enduring another draught year with the fearful specter of fire breathing hot ahead. We had a final few droplets, and even a slight bit of hail right after Jupiter entered, but not enough to really matter.

What is water like where you live? Do you get to enjoy it, immerse yourself in it? I miss living near the coast with its cooling fog and ocean views. Even so, we have a creek running through our property which was still magical a little while ago. Sadly it probably will dry up once Jupiter re-enters Aquarius.

This is a planet of waters so Jupiter may inspire us to protect our waterways, our oceans, and our drinking sources. What can water teach us about life on this fragile planet in space? It may be a good time to learn more. I refer you to the work of Viktor Schauberger’s The Water Wizard, The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water. No one has ever understood the nature of water better than this genius.

Look to see where in your birth chart you have the sign of Pisces. This is where Jupiter will now expand and enlarge the scope of your life.  What planets will Jupiter be aspecting along the way?  Will you feel the flow and more surge with these energies?

Here is the outline of Jupiter’s path for the rest of the year. I”m also including the time-lines of Saturn’s Retrograde, and Mercury’s Retrograde because Jupiter’s energies will deepen during some of those time periods.

May 14th: Jupiter enters Pisces

May 23rd: Saturn turns Retrograde at 13+Aquarius

May 29th: Mercury turns Retrograde at 24+Gemini

June 20th: Jupiter turns Retrograde at 2+ Pisces

June 22nd: Mercury turns Direct at 16+Gemini

July 28th: Jupiter re-enters Aquarius until December 30th.

October 11th: Saturn turns Direct at 6+ Aquarius


Finally, here’s that Video where Danielle candidly discusses what Jupiter can help teach us in the realm of Intuition:




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