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Cancer Solstice 2021: Water, Feelings, and Nurturance

Surrounded by WATER!

This Solstice, whether above the equator or below, initiates us into a LOT of water!  

A beautiful Grand Trine with Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, and Jupiter inPisces channels our emotional life into both new and old territories.  Depending on where you are in life, and at what stage you are in, you can either move forward into uncharted waters of emotional experience, or go back into memories, dreams, and reflections.  You can also do both!

Notice how Neptune repeats these themes in Pisces as Venus moves away in Cancer, yet opposes Pluto in Capricorn, which in turn forms a sextile to Neptune. Depth is written here in ‘the stars’ is it not? Love and mystery continue in their eternal dance. The Moon in Scorpio wants and needs intensity in some form and perhaps the struggle is mighty as Mars moves into Leo with strong desires. We see forming a Grand Fixed Cross with Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars. This may strike yet another chord on the world stage of complexity in a time of deepening crisis regarding how humankind will survive in the years to come considering the new and growing threats of climate change, world hunger, viruses, and cyber-hacking, to name but a few.

For the moment, however, let us breath anew the world of water and feelings that are available to us.

What kind of water do you enjoy?  Is it the safety of a small, personal contained water like a bathtub, Jacuzzi, or hot tub?

In the pool

Is it a lovely swimming pool in your own backyard, or a friend’s?

Packer Lake, California

Is it a quiet pond or small lake, like the one we used to enjoy every single summer up in the High Sierras shortly after the Solstice and moving into July? 

What about rivers?  Here in Nevada County we have the wild and free Yuba River.

Ocean pleasure

Then there are oceans out there!  Yes!  Glorious and vast oceans.  Our California coast affords endless places to go to, whether bays or long stretches of beach.  Ireland, where I’ve been many, many times, is completely surrounded by both The Atlantic ocean and the North Sea with cliffs to climb and beaches to enjoy.  Even the rocky crags of Scotland lured me to the sea many years ago.

Orkney Ring of Brodgar

Which bring to mind RITUAL. While there we did a powerful ritual in the middle of a stone circle on one of the Orkney Islands. Solstice and Equinox times of the year are good for working with the unseen realms for they bring a renewed power to intentions and prayer. At the end of this write-up is another one of Danielle’s excellent shares on ritual.

These images of water may also reflect emotional moments in life.  This past year changed our emotional lives depending on how we experienced COVID-19. So many of the introverts I know enjoyed the seclusion and privacy, while for extroverts and the younger generations it was often stifling and very hard I’m sure.  Going to school on Zoom sucked for most.

Irish Coast

Here’s a photo of our granddaughter with a good friend in Ireland enjoying an outing together finally. Ireland has had once of the longest and strictness of lock-downs. How was it where you live?

So what is Cancer good for besides water and emotions? Cancer nurtures and preserves. It needs the polarity of earth sign Capricorn to help keep it safe while doing so. Think about the body and it’s correlation with these two signs. Cancer is all the soft cavities of the body; the stomach, the breasts, the womb……Capricorn is both the skeletal structure as well as the skin. Capricorn gives form where Cancer provides inner substance.

What nurtures you the most right now? Make your list and try to make sure you obtain as much as you can. What feeds your body? Your feelings? Your soul? Take care of those aspects in your life.

What do you most want to preserve? I didn’t say hoard!!!! There’s quite a difference, and this Solstice, with its Scorpio/Pluto themes eludes to a continuation of purging what is unnecessary. Memories are worth preserving for many of us. But all the stuff accumulated with those memories sometimes needs a good earthy sorting, organizing, and condensing.


The older we are, the more stuff we have accumulated. I’ve been using this past Mercury Retrograde in Gemini to sort, organize, and purge unnecessary old letters, momentos, and photographs. An easy way to preserve those photos is to invest in a good scanner, like a Plustek, and then organize them in files in your iCloud photos. Fast and simple. Then you can throw away all the excess. You can do the same with old letters that take up a lot of room.

Magazines, another Gemini product, got purged by tearing out all the articles I really want to file and save, or immediately read. Viola! Huge piles gone.

Books? I sell all my old ones on Amazon, and have for the past 20+ years, making thousands compared to what a dealer would give me for them. While I’m not a big fan of the monopolization of Amazon now, in the beginning it was just books. Any of you remember that??? We had thousands of books, so it served us well and still does though the logistics have changed for small individuals.

I’m just giving suggestions for what Cancer can over indulge in, which is nostalgia and hoarding. Got it? Capricorn can help with its no nonsense and less emotional approach.

Finally, the theme of FAMILY! What has COVID done to our families? For some it has been an absolute blessing in bringing them together as a unit, for others it has caused pain, suffering, loss of loved ones, loss of financial support, and deep-seated rifts around the issues of health and preservation of it. I know so many families divided over the issue of whether to vaccinate or not. This, in turn, leads to all sorts of other issues around TRUST. The Pluto in Capricorn pressure of the past many years symbolizes the growing distrust of large organizations and governments. It brought to the surface the deep-seated issues of ‘the haves and the have nots’ as well as the even bigger issues in America of race and racial inequalities. Cancer ‘rules’ all areas of insurance, and in America the medical establishment is run by the insurance companies. Here, too, an erosion of trust has taken place.

Cancer needs to feel SAFE AND SECURE. CANCER FEELS VULNERABLE when those needs are not met. These are now enormous issues facing the populations all over the planet, not just in one country alone.

I’ll end with an illustrative story: our grandson is now five years old. You see him photographed above in a boat out in the San Francisco Bay where HE JUMPED IN! Yep, he wasn’t a bit afraid I’ve been told. Why? He felt safe and he trusted the family and friends he was with. The owner of the boat was experienced, and also had young children aboard. Our grandson had a life jacket on (CANCER/CAPRICORN!) and additionally a rope was attached. The water felt good to him! Yay!!!!

My Solstice wish for each of you is to feel SAFE AND LOVED in all the nurturing ways you need most.

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