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One Hour Astrology Session – $200

A one-hour session via phone, SKYPE, FaceTime, or in person. Includes an MP3 recording of the session, plus charts (JPEG format) sent via e-mail.

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90 Minute Astrological Session – $250

A 90-minute session via phone, SKYPE, FaceTime or in person. Includes an MP3 of the session, plus charts (JPEG format) sent via e-mail. This gives more time for in-depth or details to be given.

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Relationship Special – $385

HoroscopeA great way to get understanding of your relationship for a reasonable price! A two-hour recorded reading that discusses your horoscope compatibility with that of a married partner, lover, friend, parent or business partner. Gain an objective understanding of your relationship dynamics. Either a Synastry or Composite Chart reading can be arranged.

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Comprehensive In-Depth Spiritual Session – $285

This 2-hour session focuses on major Soul themes and the Spiritual path shown by your birth map.  It also includes a look at the cycles ahead in terms of how to best actualize your Spiritual potential.

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One Hour Intuitive with Chart – $165

This session allows me to work with you intuitively from your birth map. I work with a number of inner guides as I basically open to ‘spirit’. Both images and information come through as my left brain gets out of the way!

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One Hour Counseling – $150

This is for established clients who want to work on a specific issue in the session. It does not include transits and progressions unless they are specific to the issue being addressed.

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Electional – $100per hour

Many clients seek guidance in choosing a good date for a marriage, a business start-up, incorporation, LLC, etc. as well as good surgery dates. I am happy to help with any of these auspicious new beginnings. My fee is based on how much time it takes me to prepare and consult with you; anywhere from one-hour to four hours depending on the complexity of your request.

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Adding more people to the mix! – $35 per person

Often in a one-hour or 90-minute session you want to add in other people that you are in relationship with. This fee pays for the added work it takes to do this. It is not meant to substitute for the ‘Relationship Special’ which is always in-depth work.