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Cancer Solstice…..Solar Eclipse, and The Power and Magic of Ritual

This year on June 21st we not only celebrate the Cancer Solstice, but an unusual Solar Eclipse will also take place at the ‘world point’ O+Cancer. Wherever this power point falls in your chart it’s time to pay attention over the next six months to a year to your own … [read more]

June 16, 2020  2 Comments
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Kathy’s June Forecast

May 30, 2015  No Comments
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Kathy Rose Forecast for July



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July 3, 2013  No Comments
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Solstice June 20/21st 2013


I’m not going to call this the ‘Summer Solstice’ because we now know that below the equator they are celebrating their beginning of winter.  We are increasingly conscious that we are One World.  We are part of one small ball in space experiencing the solar rays as waxing and waning … [read more]

June 14, 2013  7 Comments
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Relating to Cancer


Is it possible to read a Cancer type like an open book?  I don’t think so!  Like the element of water, they are one of the great shape shifters of the zodiac.  If today they are calm and placid, perhaps tomorrow they will be agitated, even turbulent.  Getting to know … [read more]

July 3, 2012  3 Comments
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Summer Solstice 2011

The first day of summer in our Northern Hemisphere is arriving on June 21st, The Summer Solstice. This marks the gateway for what transpires over the next three months as the Sun rides high in the sky with blazing warmth.  Of course in the Southern Hemisphere it is just the … [read more]

June 18, 2011  3 Comments
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The Ties That Bind

During this time of emphasis on the Cardinal signs and all that they mirror to us of relationships, I am drawn to this colloquial phrase ‘the ties that bind’.  August in the Northern Hemisphere is peak vacation time for families as a rule, and I have just come back from … [read more]

August 11, 2010  No Comments
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Cancer: Nurturing the Path Towards Soul Part II


This sign Cancer is so important right now.  I feel it is pivotal as we live through these turbulent times of dissolution and change to understand the deeper levels of just what it means to connect with Soul.  Cancer provides the archetypes for understanding this path in … [read more]

July 31, 2009  24 Comments
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Cancer: Nurturing the Path Towards Soul


The right beginning, the right kind of nurturing is crucial for anyone with strong Cancer signatures in their birth map (Sun, Ascendant, Moon, a strongly filled 4th house, or a stellium of planets in Cancer).  If there are gaps, missed steps, or abuse in the nascent stages of development, Cancer … [read more]

July 15, 2009  12 Comments
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