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Get the Balance Right with Justice

Law 11 (Justice/Libra/Air): Take responsibility for your relationships with others; choose fair and equal partnerships

 Justice is represented by a formidable robed figure sitting authoritatively upon a throne with a sword held in her one hand and the scales in the other.  She can easily be compared to the Greek … [read more]

October 9, 2009  2 Comments
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Be Ready to Change Tracks with the Wheel of Fortune

Law 10/The Wheel of Fortune/All Elements:  You cannot control whom or what crosses your path, but how you respond to them can shape your destiny.

 The traditional versions of this Major Arcana include an image of a turning wheel surrounded by the four apocalyptic beasts, each of which represent a
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October 2, 2009  4 Comments
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Happy Birthday Libra!

2 DancersWhat lies ahead for Librans this year?  The big one is Pluto in Capricorn squaring Libra (and Aries), and this powerful force of transformation will either strip away all false veneers or further bring out the beauty and strength of this sign of right relationships.  Perhaps, like Innana, the ‘Queen … [read more]

September 27, 2009  1 Comment
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Libra’s Balancing Act

Libra Scales, illustration by B.A.Vierling

After the busy harvest season of Virgo, and before the intense descent into the darkness of winter with Scorpio, comes Libra making great effort to maintain a delicate balance. From September 22nd, the well-known Autumnal Equinox, until October 22nd we experience those golden days when nature seems to take a … [read more]

October 15, 2008  27 Comments
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