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It’s That Time, Folks, For Another Mercury Retrograde

What better sign than Leo to have Mercury retrograde in if you just want to have some fun?  Perhaps for many of you August is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and just enjoy life.  However, if you want to start a new creative venture or project it’s probably … [read more]

August 1, 2011  8 Comments
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Cycles, Spirals, and Waves That Move Us

You’ve probably already observed that nothing in nature moves in straight lines.  Everything moves in cycles, spirals, or wave motion.  The planetary bodies that move with us around our star/Sun are also cycling and spiraling as they move.  We astrologers who study the mirroring effect of these motions as they … [read more]

September 1, 2010  1 Comment
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Mercury Retrograde Once Again

Mercury, by B.A.VierlingHere we are folks! It’s another Mercury Retrograde period which lasts until May 30th. Mercury turned SR on May 6th and 7th, depending on where you are on the planet. It was at 1 degree of Gemini. It will quickly re-enter Taurus on the 14th and retrace it’s steps through … [read more]

May 8, 2009  1 Comment
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Handling Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, by B.A.Vierling

Here it is again, another Mercury Retrograde period is upon us. Mercury ‘turned tail’ on September 24th and will continue to move backwards through the sign of Libra until October 15th when it will turn Stationary Direct at approximately 7 degrees of Libra.

What is the best way to handle … [read more]

September 27, 2008  No Comments
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Jupiter and Pluto Moving Forward

Jupiter will be turning Direct on September 7th at 12 degrees 32 minutes of Capricorn. Pluto will turn Direct on September 8th at 28 degrees, 29 minutes of Sagittarius.

In astro-jargon Direct means moving ahead once again after a period of being Retrograde. Please see my article Mercury Appears To [read more]

September 3, 2008  2 Comments
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Mercury Appears To Be Flying Backwards

Mercury, by B.A.VierlingMercury, that Winged Messenger of the Gods, seemingly turns on its heels three times a year for a period of three weeks each time. What’s going on here, and what effect can this possibly have on us earthlings? We’re about to begin one of those ‘retrograde’ periods on January 28th.… [read more]

January 26, 2008  6 Comments
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