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Saturn in Sagittarius; It’s Time to Refocus Our Aim


Saturn first entered the Tropical sign of Sagittarius just before Christmas 2014 and it won’t fully leave Jupiter’s natural realm until late December of 2017. It’s time to refocus our aim. Sagittarius is a sign which invites a quest, an adventure, and exploration. Where do you want to go next? … [read more]

January 13, 2015  2 Comments
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Temperance Blesses Those who Seek the Positive in Life

Law 14 (Temperance/Sagittarius/Fire):
For every difficult or traumatic experience we encounter, there is always a healing and a blessing to follow

(if we allow it)

As we approach  the Winter Solstice, when the longest darkest night of the year turns over to the expanding light that will follow, Temperance calls … [read more]

December 8, 2009  2 Comments
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Sagittarius Part II: Relationships & Profiles


“Don’t Fence Me In”, and “please don’t cling to me” do not have to mean that Sagittarius is the proverbial bachelor/bachelorette of the Zodiac. I have known many that remain in long-term marriages and relationships. The main requirement seems to be companionship, which is a relative term. The Sagittarian … [read more]

December 14, 2008  19 Comments
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Aspiring Sagittarius Part I

Sagittarius, illustration by B.A.Vierling

The Archer leaps into view each year between approximately November 23rd and December 23rd. The earliest known image of this sign was a stone carving in Babylon of a Centaur somewhere between 1600 and 1150 B.C. This mythic creature with the legs and lower body of a horse, and the … [read more]

December 3, 2008  17 Comments
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