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Uranus and Jupiter Enter Aries: There’s No Turning Back Now

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As the Full Moon rose big and bright on May 27th, the planet of radical change, Uranus, entered 0 degrees of Aries bringing a new possibility of exposing all that is secret and hidden into plain open view.  Jupiter enters Aries on June 5th and will … [read more]

June 2, 2010  7 Comments
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The Big Shifts Are Fast Approaching: Saturn Moves Forward into Libra as Uranus and Jupiter enter Aries

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How will we possibly stay in balance during the turbulent times ahead?  Saturn’s movement by transit through our birth wheel may provide some clues. Between the entrance of Uranus into Aries at the Full Moon on May 27th, and Jupiter’s entrance also into Aries on June … [read more]

May 21, 2010  8 Comments
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