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The Richness of Virgo Encouraged by Uranus and Saturn

Virgo is often so self-effacing, even demure, when contrasted with the previous bold sign of Leo, that we tend not to sit up and notice as it travels on by.  But not this month!  While the Sun stands alone, without support from either Mercury nor Venus, right now we actually … [read more]

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Relating to Virgo

Let us take a moment in our busy day to think about all the Virgos we know, and while we’re at it to give thanks and show appreciation for all that they do to make our lives easier, smoother, and hassle-free.  They truly are the ones who diligently apply their … [read more]

September 12, 2012  8 Comments
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September Forecast with Kathy Rose

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Get Ready For 235 Days Of Mars in Virgo—-Woo-Hoo!

‘News You Can Use’

While a lot of attention is being focused on the ‘end of the Mayan Calendar’ and it’s unknown aftermath, as well as the 11.11.11 date, are we also ready for another Mars tour, and slow detour through a sign not exactly known for its Mars friendliness?  … [read more]

October 28, 2011  12 Comments
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Uranus Retrograde and the Uranus-Pluto Cycle: Navigating the Best of Times, the Worst of Times Part III

“News You Can Use”

Uranus, that great Promethean force, has turned retrograde as of July 9th. Where will the ‘Great Awakener’ now take us? This turning inward phase will last until December 10th when at 0 degrees it will once again begin to move forward in the sign of Aries.  … [read more]

July 13, 2011  12 Comments
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The Hermit Illuminates Our Innermost Gifts

Law 9 (The Hermit/Virgo/Earth ): Acknowledge your inner gifts; focus your attention on developing a more meaningful relationship with your self.

The classic depiction of the Hermit is of an elder figure shrouded in a long hooded robe, holding a staff planted in the earth in the one hand and … [read more]

September 9, 2009  1 Comment
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Happy Birthday Virgo!

Virgo, illustrated by B.A.VierlingHappy Birthday to all of you hard working Virgos born between approximately August 23rd and September 22nd.  May the year ahead be blessed with a bountiful harvest for you.  Those of you with strong placements in Virgo (Ascendant, Moon, or 1st house planets in Virgo) may also find something worthwhile … [read more]

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Virgo Perfecto

Virgo, illustrated by B.A.Vierling

What can Virgo do after ‘the glory of Leo’? Strive for perfection, that’s what. There is inherent in this Mutable Earth sign the desire and willingness to dedicate themselves to each task, no matter how humble, in order to arrive at a stage of self-mastery through disciplined hard work. This … [read more]

September 15, 2008  59 Comments
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